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Honkai Star Rail: Boulder Town Super League Event Guide

Battle the Divisions of the Super League!

The Boulder Town Super League is the first Global in-game event of HoYoverse’s new hit game Honkai: Star Rail. The gameplay features a sparring type of battle where players get to fight random enemies within different rounds. Players have to reach certain objectives in order to obtain greater rewards during the event. The Honkai Star Rail: Boulder Town Super League will last from May 19, 2023, up to July 6, 2023. In this guide, players will know the important things about the event.

Boulder Town Super League Gameplay

Boulder Town Super League is an event designed as a tournament, where players engage in battles against enemy NPCs in each round. The objective is to assemble a team capable of successfully defeating opponents in every Division of the tournament. The event features various divisions that will open from the first day of the event’s release up to 5 days.

Honkai Star Rail Boulder Town Super League Randomizer
Image via HoYoverse

Players will fight random enemies for each round from the event’s enemy randomizer. These enemies will have varying element weaknesses and will be randomized each round after defeating a certain enemy.


The event features different difficulties and is similar to a boxing division’s category. These divisions are the Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight, and lastly, the Heavyweight. Players need to obtain different objectives per division in order to get all the rewards needed.


The game also features a buff for each round that players will obtain after finishing a round. These are random and provide really good damage additions as well as weakness break support. New buffs are expected to be released on further divisions.

Honkai Star Rail Boulder Town Super League Buffs
Image via HoYoverse

Trial Character

The new event also features a character trial for Jing Yuan during the first day, players are expecting to have more trial characters soon as they progress in the event for the next few days.

Event Location

The event is found on the Jarilo-VI Map under Boulder Town. Once you have fulfilled the required Adventure Missions, enter the Fight Club and initiate the event by speaking with Dr. Dig.

Image via HoYoverse

Honkai Star Rail: Boulder Town Super League Event Gameplay Tips

Bring at least 2 DPS with Different Elements

The enemies that players will encounter could be random, and their weaknesses will vary based on what the randomizer will choose. It is better to always bring a substitute element that can take care of the enemy’s weakness when in battle.

Bring a Shielder and a Healer

These characters will be useful for the event as players get to fight stronger enemies later on in the later rounds. Keeping your team alive is very important.

Maximize the rewards

Players should always read the objective description for each division so that they have an idea about what’s the best thing to do in order to gain all the rewards in small repetitions. This can save the players some time to not repeat the same battle again.

Honkai Star Rail: Boulder Town Super League Event Rules and Requirements

There will be a total of five battle categories, each consisting of four rounds. At the beginning of each round, participants will be assigned random opponents and buffs. As the rounds progress, each victory will grant an additional buff, accumulating throughout the battles. Once a team is selected, it cannot be changed during the combat phase. At the start of each battle, all characters’ health points (HP) and energy will be reset.

Participation Requirements

  • Trailblaze Level 21 or above.
  • Complete the Adventure Missions Ring and Stage I, Ring and Stage II, and Gladiator.
Honkai Star Rail Boulder Town Super League gameplay
Image via HoYoverse

Event Rewards

Players can obtain the following rewards for the whole content of the time-limited event:

  • 600x Stellar Jade
  • 42x Character EXP Materials
  • 44x Light Cone EXP Materials
  • 29x Lost Gold Fragments
  • 150,000 Credits
  • 1x Tracks of Destiny

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