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Honkai Star Rail guide: How to beat Simulated Universe World 4

Are Robots this strong?!

Honkai: Star Rail Players have started to encounter stronger challenges in one of the game’s endgame content, the Simulated Universe. World 4 features a strong set of domains with tough Elite opponents as well as the challenging boss Svarog. In this guide, players will know the best strategies to use in order to finish the Simulated Universe World 4.

Honkai Star Rail Svarog
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He is a robot and dormant relic from an ancient civilization who was inadvertently reactivated by Clara, a playable 5-star Character. Svarog also appears to serve a leadership role in the Vagrants.

Svarog Boss stats

It is important to know the strengths of your opponent and take advantage of its weaknesses. The stats of the World 4 Boss is well-rounded. Svarog has a 20% Resistance to Physical, Ice, Quantum, and Imaginary Elements. He also has a 50% Control Effect Resistance.

Honkai Star Rail Svarog Damage RES
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Honkai Star Rail Svarog Debuff RES
Image via Honkai Star Rail Wiki

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 4 Best Characters

In order to take advantage of the World 4 shield weaknesses, players must bring Fire. Wind, and Lightning-type characters. They can easily change the pace of the fight as they can take advantage of the Weakness break against most opponents in World 4.

Dan Heng

Dan Heng is a Wind-type Element user along with The Hunt Path. He is an amazing DPS with decent single-target damage. Svarog and his robot summons are weak to the Wind-Element. He is very useful when breaking the shield of the opponents and The Hunt path can be very beneficial for him.


Serval is a Lightning-type Element user along with the Erudition Path. She is a very effective shield breaker against enemies vulnerable to Lightning. In World 4, most enemies will be vulnerable to the Lightning element and she will be a very useful character in this World.

Fire Trailblazer

The Fire Trailblazer is a Fire-type Element user along with the Preservation Path. The Trailblazer provides decent shielding to your team along with a good weakness break from the Trailblazer’s ultimate. Svarog is also vulnerable to Fire damage and the shield that the Trailblazer provides will be very useful in the battle.


Asta is a Fire-type Element user along with the Harmony Path. She is a strong buffer for the team and can break a decent amount of shield from Svarog thanks to her strong skill. Her Ultimate can help the team take advantage of the fight from the SPD buff she provides.


Sampo can function similarly to Dan Heng. He is an effective breaker in this World because of his Wind-Element. He can also deal decent damage with his DoT if players opt to take the Nihility Path.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 4 Best Path

When choosing a Path to take in the Simulated Universe, make sure to maximize the chosen Path and unlock its exclusive Path Resonance. This will greatly increase the efficiency of your team when fighting your opponents in the later stages of the World.

Honkai Star Rail Path
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The Hunt

The Hunt is a strong choice for World 4, because of the massive damage-dealing buffs it provides for your overall team. The Hunt also gives a strong damage-dealing ability when you unlock its Path Resonance. This ability can easily destroy the Robot Arms of Svarog in the Final Phase.

The Nihility

The Nihility is also a strong choice for World 4. It gives a really good weakness break buff along with some serious DoT damage. This path can maximize the damage from Wind Shear and Burn which Svarog is weaker against.

How to beat World 4 Boss: Svarog in Honkai Star Rail

Like most boss fights, Svarog will also have several phases in which he will have different types of allies and attacks. Players need to be careful and know the best things to do in all phases in order to smoothly defeat the World 4 Boss.

Honkai Star Rail World 4
Image via HoYoverse

Phase 1

In the First Phase, Svarog will summon 4 small robots that will battle alongside him. You can ignore these robots if you have an AoE attack that can break the shields of these when attacking Svarog directly. Build up your Path Resonance and use it to quickly get rid of the small robots.

Phase 2

In the Second Phase, Svarog will summon 2 bigger robots that can deal big damage to your team. These robots can inflict bleed so it is highly recommended to keep your character’s HP at maximum. Build up Path Resonance and then utilize it to do tremendous AoE damage. Try to pace yourself as you approach the halfway point of Svarog’s HP and gather Path Resonance energy and your Ultimates in preparation for the last phase.

Final Phase

In the Final Phase, you need to defeat Svarog as fast as you can. This is because he will summon the Robotic Arms that will imprison your characters if given the turn. If some of your characters are caught by the Robotic Arms, quickly focus on destroying them by using your strong abilities or the Path Resonance.

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