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Honkai Star Rail: Operation Briefing complete list of rewards

Complete the missions and earn greater rewards!

Operation Briefing is one of the permanent rewarding game systems of the new HoYoverse game, Honkai: Star Rail. Players will earn rewards by finishing various content as well as reaching a particular milestone in the game. The Operation Briefing can be found on the Interastral Guide and is subdivided into a series of chapters that players will get to level up by finishing the latter chapters. Players will know the requirements and the complete list of rewards for Operation Briefing.

Honkai Star Rail Interastral Peace
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Operation Briefing levels and rewards

Operation BriefingRewardsMissions
Part 150x Stellar Jade
4x Adventure Logs
2x Condensed Aether
10,000 Credits
Enhance 1 Character to Level 10
Enhance 1 Light Cone to Level 10
Open 10 Treasures
Complete “Simulated Universe: Second Closed Beta”
Complete “Lingering Shadows”
Part 250x Stellar Jade
1x River Flows in Spring (Light Cone)
6x Adventure Logs
15,000 Credits
Clear 1 Calyx
Open 20 Treasures
Level Up Character Traces 4 Times
Resonate Trailblazer’s Eidolon 1 Time
Purchase 1 Item in the World Shop with Hertareum
Part 350x Stellar Jade
1x Passerby’s Rejuvenated Wooden Hairstick
1x Passerby’s Roaming Dragon Bracer
1x Passerby’s Ragged Embroidered Coat
1x Passerby’s Stygian Hiking Boots
20,000 Credits
Ascend Any Character 1 Time
Ascend Any Light Cone 1 Time
Activate a 4-Piece Relic Set
Complete Simulated Universe: World 1
Complete “The Past Will Return As An Avalanche”
Part 450x Stellar Jade
1x We Are Wildfire
8x Adventure Logs
25,000 Credits
Level Up Character Traces 12 Times
Open 40 Treasures
Purchase 1 Item in the World Shop with Shield
Complete Memory Stage 1 of the Forgotten Hall
Complete To Rot or to Burn
Part 5100x Stellar Jade
1x Hunter’s Artaius Hood
1x Hunter’s Lizard Gloves
1x Hunter’s Ice Dragon Cloak
1x Hunter’s Soft Elkskin Boots
30,000 Credits
Enhance 4 Characters to Level 40
Enhance 4 Light Cones to Level 40
Complete Memory Stage 3 of the Forgotten Hall
Complete “The Return”
Part 6100x Stellar Jade
1x Star Rail Pass
3x Traveller’s Guides
35,000 Credits
Activate 8 Eight Traces for Any Character
Enhance 4 Relics to Level 6
Activate a 4-Piece Relic Set with 4-Star Rating
Complete Echo of War 1 Time(s)
Part 7100x Stellar Jade
1x Guard’s Cast Iron Helmet
1x Guard’s Shining Gauntlets
1x Guard’s Uniform of Old
1x Guard’s Silver Greaves
40,000 Credits
Activate a 2-Piece Planar Ornament Set-Effect
Enhance 4 Relics to Level 9
Complete Simulated Universe: World 2
Complete Stagnant Shadow 1 Time(s)
Part 8100x Stellar Jade
1x Star Rail Pass
4x Traveler’s Guide
45,000 Credits
Enhance 4 Characters to Level 50
Enhance 4 Light Cones to Level 50
Open 100 Treasures
Complete Memory Stage 9 of the Forgotten Hall
Part 9100x Stellar Jade
1x Musketeer’s Coarse Leather Gloves
5x Refined Aether
50,000 Credits
Enhance 4 Characters to Level 60
Enhance 4 Light Cones to Level 60
Enhance 4 Relics to Level 12
Complete Memory Stage 12 of the Forgotten Hall
Operation Briefing Parts

This part of the Interastral Peace guide is a nice addition for the decent reward it provides as players gain progress in various types of content in the game. Having 9 Parts seems not enough for some players as most of them have already completed this Rewarding game system and are hoping for more addition in the next version updates.

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What are your thoughts about the Honkai Star Rail: Operation Briefing? Let us know in the comments below!

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