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Honkai: Star Rail Realm of the Strange Event Guide and Tips

Maximize Double Relic drop rate for a limited amount of time!

The latest update of Version 1.2 for Honkai: Star Rail introduces an exciting event aimed at enhancing character progression and equipment in the game. The Honkai: Star Rail Double Relic event, enables players to gather double the usual amount of Relics as rewards from challenges. The Honkai: Star Rail Realm of Strange Event Guide and Tips provides players with valuable insights into successfully navigating and understanding the event’s content.

These Relics are essential for improving characters and their gear, offering significant boosts in battles. Equipping characters with appropriate stats and effects from these Relic sets can significantly enhance their performance. Main stats and set effects are particularly important for various characters, as they greatly influence their abilities.

Honkai Star Rail Realm of Strange Event requirements, location, and dates

Players can participate in the event by accessing various Cavern of Corrosion locations found across the three available areas. These locations are accessible through the Interastral Guide, providing players with a comprehensive list of available Cavern of Corrosion instances. After completing the “Unlock Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Drifting” quest, players gain the eligibility to engage in these challenges.

Honkai Star Rail Cavern of Corrosion
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Throughout the Honkai Star Rail Realm of Strange Event, players can engage in daily challenges to secure a restricted quantity of Realm of Strange, yielding double rewards. This opportunity spans from 2023/08/19, 04:00 (server time), to 2023/08/26, 03:59 (server time), lasting for 8 days. To make the most of this event, players are advised to maximize their Trailblaze Power and redeem all available rewards within the daily reset timeframe.

How to do the Realm of Strange Event in Honkai: Star Rail

In the Realm of Strange event, players can double the Relics earned from Cavern of Corrosion challenges using Trailblaze Power. They need to advance through levels, defeat Bosses and Elite opponents, and claim double rewards for each victory.

The gameplay mechanics stay the same, requiring players to challenge Elite Bosses for rewards. Successfully defeating these enemies allows players to earn double Relics throughout the event. It’s important to note a daily limit for claiming bonus rewards during the Realm of Strange event.

Honkai Star Rail Cavern of Corrosion Challenge
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The maximum and remaining claims available are shown on the event page and refreshed at 04:00 (server time) daily. The event tab indicates the claimed bonus rewards. For players with high Equilibrium Levels and maxed character levels and Traces, participating in the Realm of Strange event is advised and to utilize these chances before they expire.

Relics for Cavern of Corrosion available for double rewards

The Cavern of Corrosion provides diverse Relics tailored for each character’s equipment, including various stats and set effects. This knowledge is crucial for players. Optimal sets and the most effective challenge choices for claiming rewards will be influenced by the characters in their team setups.

Cavern of CorrosionRelic SetRelic SetLocation
Path of Gelid WindHunter of Glacial ForestEagle of Twilight LineStorage Zone
Path of Jabbing PunchChampion of Streetwise BoxingThief of Shooting MeteorSilvermane Guard Restricted Zone
Path of DriftingPasserby of Wandering CloudMusketeer of Wild WheatCorridor of Fading Echoes
Path of ProvidenceGuard of Wuthering SnowGenius of Brilliant StarsEverwinter Hill
Path of Holy HymnKnight of Purity PalaceBand of Sizzling ThunderCloudford
Path of ConflagrationFiresmith of Lava-ForgingWastelander of Banditry DesertStargazer Navalia
Path of Elixir SeekersLongevous DiscipleMessenger Traversing HackerspaceAlchemy Commission

Which Cavern of Corrosion challenge provides the most value

The response to this question varies among players, depending on whether they aim to develop a specific composition or character to their fullest potential by completing set effects and enhancing stats. Nevertheless, there are certain challenges that stand out in terms of value during the Realm of Strange Event.

  • Path of Drifting, Path of Elixir Seeks, and Path of Jabbing Punch holds significant value due to the versatility of their Relic sets, which can be utilized by a wide range of characters, reducing the inefficiencies of farming. Path of Drifting offers universally applicable set effects suitable for Abundance and DPS characters.
  • Path of Elixir Seeks offers decent 2-piece set effects, adaptable for both support and DPS characters based on stat scaling. The Path of Jabbing Punch boasts the best-in-slot DPS set effect for current Physical DPS characters, and the Thief of Shooting Meteor is an adaptable relic choice for many Sub DPS characters.
Honkai Star Rail Kafka Phone
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While other Caverns of Corrosion options weren’t mentioned, they aren’t necessarily weak or poor choices for farming. The selection significantly depends on the characters players intend to build and where their accounts would benefit most. For example, the Path of Conflagration is a specialized set but an excellent option for players building Welt and Himeko. Similar considerations apply to maximizing the potential for characters of other elements.

Final Thoughts

The event’s diversity is showcased through a variety of challenges, each offering unique rewards and opportunities for growth. With the flexibility to tailor their approach based on character compositions and strengths, players are presented with a puzzle-like experience where optimization is the key to success.

Whether prioritizing universal sets like Path of Drifting and Path of Elixir Seeks or delving into niche options like Path of Conflagration, participants navigate a world of possibilities to fortify their teams and dominate the challenges that lie ahead

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