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How to level up fast in Squad Busters Squad Journey

Hitting level 90 is tough

Supercell‘s latest game Squad Busters has a massive initial 90 levels for the players to cross. Even though 90 does not sound big, in the actual game, hitting this milestone is very tough and requires a hard grind. There are certain things you can do to fastrack your progress in the Squad Busters Squad Journey that I have realized after playing over 150 matches in the first 5 days.

All Worlds in Squad Busters

The 90 level of Squad Journey is divided into 4 Worlds. After that, the leaderboard starts and it is named Squad League.

  • Green World: Level 1 to 14
  • Desert World: Level 15 to 34
  • Royal World: Level 35 to 59
  • Beach World: Level 60 to 89
  • Squad League: Level 90 onward

Tips to complete the Squad Journey fast in Squad Busters

There is a very basic thing that Supercell states for the Squad Journey in Squad Busters. That is, you need to evolve your characters to get Portal Energy, and this would help you climb up the levels. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.

1. Evolve your characters

To evolve characters you need the cards. To get cards, you either need to open chests or buy them directly from the shop. Now if you want to buy them directly from them this is always costly if I consider you can manage to finish in the top 5 in matches.

Squad Busters Shop
Image via Supercell

Buying chests in the shop instead of getting cards directly will give you much more value. When you buy 3x chest tickets for 6000 gold, each chest will cost you 2000 gold. However, if you look at the price on the shop on what you can get for 2000 gold, you’ll see a significant price difference.

2. Complete the Achievements Book

Other than evolving the characters, you can also get Portal Energy by completing achievements. So looking at those carefully to tweak your gameplay based on the requirements is important if you plan to level up in Squad Busters Squad Journey fast.

Squad Busters Achievement Book
Image via Supercell

The Achievement Book is divided into three parts: Monsters, Battle Mods, and Spells. Each one of them has their own set of achievements. So if you can complete those at the earliest, you’ll be able to fast-track your Squad Journey progress.

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