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Genshin Impact: How to recover lost account or resolve account-related issues

Recover your account by following sim

Losing an account can be very much problematic. Be it on a mobile device or pc or console, for a player who is regular on a game and has spent a significant amount of time playing the game, they will be generally agitated when their account is lost. Many users who had uninstalled the game a long back, might find their old account overwritten to a fresh new account. So if you are among those who have lost his/her Genshin Impact account, we will explain how you can recover the account along with solving account-related issues.

How to recover a lost Genshin Impact or HoYoverse account

If you lost your account, you can get it back in many ways. First off confirm if your account is linked with an email or any trusted third-party account (Twitter, Google, Facebook, Apple). If so, you can review your account settings as well as reset your password on HoYoverse’s website.

If you find out that your Genshin account is not linked with an email or trusted third-party account, or if none of your login attempts works, then please follow the steps below.

  1. Send an email to with “Account Recovery” as the subject line.
  2. If sent correctly, you will receive an auto-generated mail with a form link labelled as “Account Retrieval”.
  3. Complete the form once with accurate and precise information, then submit.

Common guidelines

  1. Sending multiple mails or filling up the form several times will not speed up the process.
  2. If you don’t remember or have information available for certain questions, answer them best to your ability. Do notleave questions blank.
  3. You will receive a follow up within 10 days of form submission, do not panic.
  4. Make sure you check your spam/junk folder every now and then when waiting for a response.
  5. Do not disclose your personal information on “help groups” or forums that promise to help you get your account back. Your ticket should only be handled by official Genshin Impact’s Customer Service representatives.

Below is a sample of the e-mail.

Genshin Impact lost account
Account Recovery Mail

You can contact customer support if you have any account-related complaints, the procedure is mentioned here.

Please write to customer support using the following format.

  • “I have account issues regarding ***. I included the information below. Thank you!”
  • UID/Account Nickname + Server.
  • Email/Phone the account was registered with.
  • Other authorized linked information the account was associated with.
  • Date/Time/Location of your last login.
  • Authorized device(s) used to access your account.
  • Authorized transactions including: confirmation numbers, date/time, amounts.
  • Other proofs of ownership.

If you do not have all the information as per the headings, then try to include as much info the verifies your ownership of your account.

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Mihoyo needs help someone stole my account in genshin and changed the login because as I change the password it logs me to another account please help


i hase the same problem its sad


I too have same problem but started just now

Ankush bhattacharjee

i literally got my both asia and america Ac deleted by some hacker


i also have the same problem

tia walker

i signed in with apple id and now genshin is glitching and not giving me my account back.


Same! Have you found anyway to fix it?


make a new account and link the accounts together


Same happened to me, I had so many characters that I don’t want to lose them.


I Broke My Phone Recently, And My Mom Transferred Most Of My Phone’s Data To Her Old One, And That’s The One I Use Now. But When I Tried To Login To My Genshin Account It Made Me A New One. Sad Thing Is I Don’t Remember The Login Info For My Genshin Account. I Don’t Wanna Restart 🙁


The same thing just happened to me. Were you able to get your account back???


No I Wasn’t, But I’ve Come To Terms With My New Account, And I Have Made It Back To The Same Place I Was With My Old Account. Sorry For The Late Reply!


Have had the exact same problem and everything I’ve done to get it back I can’t 🙁


Can i get my old accounts back genshin impact


can you get a banned account back? cause my primo gems are -21000 when i was gone for two weeks


Someone might delete my genshin acc and ive worked so hard on that one. Am i able to get it back then?


Someone help me

Everytime hoyoverse found the results, they regret it and say “After evaluating the information you provided, we regret to inform you that our team found that they were incomplete and inconsistent. To ensure account security, we are unable to provide the service to retrieve this account”

Help they keep on regreting me 4 times straight .-.


I tried logging into genshin using my phone, using my original genshin account email, but I forgot my password so I renewed it and Instead of it bringing me to my original account it made me a new account instead using the same email that I used for my original account. I asked my brother to check if my old account still exist and it does. Anyone know how I can get back to my original account instead of the new one?? I can’t lose it cause I have spent almost a year on it and I am now AR… Read more »


no you cant its gone because of there new hoyo system login. You login in from mihoyo and this is hoyo so in this migration you and me and 100 of other lose there progress and these ass holes don’t give damn to it. I have email there customer service email multiple times but they didn’t answer properly. lol but there is hope for you . You have uid and user name just give these detail on there email id they will recover it for you.


After I Updated To Latest Patch, My Account Was Resetted For No Reason. I Dont Know Why It Happend


I signed in with Google play on my Cromebook and I can’t do that on my phone. My account wasn’t linked to an email or any social media 🙁


I accidentally unlinked my genshin account now i lost what shall i do pls help me anyone?


If you are first owner you can

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