Human Tested Beginners Guide and Tips

Will you be able to pass the crash test?

The advent of arcade games has always had a profound place in mobile gaming and is constantly evolving. Following the footsteps of predecessors like Temple Run and Subway Surfers, arcade running games paved the way for newer games like Human Tested. Human Tested is an action arcade video game developed by Homa Games for Android and iOS. If you’re new to this game, keep reading because our Human Tested Beginners Guide contains numerous tips and tricks to help you stay one step ahead of the competition!

Gameplay Overview

If you enjoyed watching shows like Wipeout. You’ll get the chance to get a similar vibe when playing this game. The gameplay consists of two phases:

  • The first phase is to tap the screen consistently to move the ragdoll, but there lie countless traps ahead. Your ragdoll has a limited health count, which can be increased by buying skins and armor. Therefore, if your ragdoll’s health drops to 0, you’re wasted and the game is over.
  • In the second phase, you are to pass the finish line and get picked into a vehicle whether it be a car, plane, rocket, or a boat, you have to tap and fixate on an oscillating gauge meter to determine the vehicle’s speed and your score depends on how centered you can pin the gauge meter in.

Introducing the basics


The top-left corner consists of a blue shield icon with a number beside it, which denotes the amount of damage the ragdoll can withstand, and below it is a tiny model showing the parts injured. Red means severely injured and broken, whereas orange means it has been damaged but not broken.


You will notice a small bar at the bottom of the screen with several pointers as colored dots. The highlighted dot represents your position in the obstacle course’s route. The other dots represent the rival ragdoll’s position, so your objective is to always stay ahead of them and get to the finish line.

Human Tested Vehicles


Finally, after reaching the finish line, your ragdoll will be picked up by a mechanical arm and placed on top of a vehicle. The vehicles range from cars, rockets, and planes too. Once you’re on the vehicle, an oscillating gauge will appear on the bottom portion of the screen. The gauge looks self-explanatory, you will have to rely on your reaction time to tap the screen in time to get the pointer to stop right at the center on the green region or somewhere near that.

The green region causes the vehicle to accelerate the fastest, then yellow, followed by orange and red, which is the slowest. The car will accelerate through a trail of boxes on a track with scores marked in them. Once the car stops, your ragdoll will be thrown out and you get the score that your ragdoll lands upon.

Human Tested Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Master the Traps quickly

To make your ragdoll move across the platform, you have to tap the screen and avoid traps to reach the end goal. Might sound simple enough but the problem arises when you get your timing wrong and end up getting hit by the traps and getting wasted. There are several types of traps to be encountered in the game, but they all move in a rhythmic pattern. Below, you’ll find a list of few common traps and how to bypass them:

  • Stomping Trap: They are mostly found above a spot where the platform is missing, so if your ragdoll gets stomped it might get damaged or worse, pushed off the platform. They stomp down in a cyclic pattern, so jump across it as soon as it retrieves up after a stomp.
  • Hammer Trap: This trap is self explanatory, a hammer pummels your ragdoll, dealing considerable raw damage. You can avoid it like the stomping trap.
  • Shooting Trap: The name might sound misleading but this trap does not directly cause damage to your ragdoll, instead their primary purpose is to slow you down or push you back. There are several positions they are found in: On the platform, Above the platform and even in front of the platform.
  • Sweeper: The sweeper is similar to the shooting trap, it hinders your progression more than the damage it deals. To avoid it, you must jump along the spiraling bars so that both your speed and bar speed are similar.
  • The Saw: The saw is just purely made for destruction. This trap is also placed in different orientations: on the platform, above the platform as well. There is no way to avoid this trap directly like the previous traps, you simply have to jump above it with enough distance that you don’t fall in.
Human Tested gameplay

  • The Treadmill: The treadmill is not a damaging trap like the Shooting trap, moreover it might help you advance forward or push you back. It’s main purpose is to mess with your ragdoll’s movement to make you fall for other traps.
  • Rollers: Rollers function pretty much the same as the treadmill but they are cylindrical, compact and much more powerful.
  • Lazers: These fancy looking traps are almost impossible to avoid given that they have a large trigger range, and they also deal substantial damage. You can slip through the narrow gap between the lasers or jump across if you are skilled enough.
  • Ball launcher: Ball launcher is one of those annoying traps that don’t deal damage or considerably slow you down but get in the way and are annoying to deal with. The balls are continuously launched by the ball launcher and if you’re hit by them, your movement would be affected and not go the way you wanted.
  • Glass pane: Glass panes are simple glass barriers that you can just break through, they tend to slow you down a bit but not by a considerable amount.
  • Swinging doom: This is one of those scary looking traps but also easy to move past. But getting hit by them would be a bad idea, since they are huge boulders swinging like a pendulum. It can gain enough momentum to throw you off the platform.

2. Understanding your Armour

Getting your ragdoll buffed up is essential for an efficient victory. In the armor shop, you’ll discover several kinds of armor to equip your ragdoll with. Armor parts are sold separately, so you can slowly buy part by part or just buy the whole costume. Each part has a number assigned to it inside a blue shield icon and its cost.

Best Armor Human Tested

The number represents the number of hits it can withstand before breaking off. You can check your current Hitpoints from the minibar at the top left corner of your screen. Different costumes unlock at different levels, so make sure you score the highest in each level to gather enough coins to buy the costumes when they get unlocked. Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Human Tested beginners guide and tips!

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