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Hyper Front is the newly released tactical shooter game by NetEase. The game features 5v5 PvP game modes for the players, making it dependent on your in-game settings. Hyper Front does not require high specifications to run smoothly, but players can still apply a few changes in the settings to make the gaming experience more flawless. This Hyper Front guide will show you the best settings in the game for the best gameplay.

Best Settings for players in Hyper Front

To change your in-game settings, start the game from your homepage. Tap on the dropdown button on the top right of the screen and press on settings. 


Controls are the game’s basic settings and the weapon mechanics you will be playing. Here are the best control settings we have found while playing the game:

Best Controls
Image via NetEase
  • Right-side Fire Button: Rotation
  • Secondary Attack Mode: Tap to Fire
  • Shotgun Firing Mode: Tap to Fire
  • Bolt-action Rifle Firing Mode: Tap to ADS, release to fire
  • ADS Button Settings: Toggle ADS
  • Magazine capacity depletion plan: Auto Reload
  • Firearm Aim Assist: On


The functions settings cover a few movements and the overall game mechanics. Here are the best settings according to us:

Hyper Front Settings
Image via NetEase
  • Auto Pick-up: On
  • Quick Deploy: On
  • Silent Walking Mode: Tap to walk silently
  • Crouching Mode: Tap to crouch
  • First-person preferred hand: Right hand
  • Mini-map focus: Dynamic centering
  • Mini-map rotation: Fixed
  • Map Orientation: Fixed Orientation
  • Mini-map scale: 100


Sensitivity settings depend entirely on the players. All sensitivity might not be suitable for everyone, and each player has appropriate sensitivity settings. Here is a recommended setting that will be suitable for most of the players:

  • Overall Sensitivity: Low
  • Camera Rotation Speed: Fixed Speed
  • Camera Sensitivity:
Image via NetEase
  1. Non ADS Sensitivity: 380
  2. ADS Sensitivity: 280
  3. 2x Scope Sensitivity: 200
  4. 4x Scope Sensitivity: 150
  • Fire Sensitivity:
  1. Regular ADS Sensitivity: 380
  2. ADS Sensitivity: 250
  3. 2x Scope Sensitivity: 170
  4. 4x Scope Sensitivity: 145
Hyper Front Settings
Image via NetEase

Most people will need to tweak the sensitivity settings according to their preference. Get into the practice range and test the suitable sensitivity for your hands.


Crosshair settings are basic settings in the game. Your aim and tracking depend significantly on what kind of crosshair you use. Here is the best crosshair setting we could find in the game:

Basic Settings

Hyper Front Settings
Image via NetEsae
  • Crosshair Center Dot: On
  • Center Dot Opacity: 100
  • Center Dot Width: 4

Inner Crosshair

Inner Crosshair
Image via NetEase
  • Display Inner Crosshair: On
  • Inner Crosshair Opacity: 100
  • Inner Crosshair Width: 4
  • Inner Crosshair Height: 2
  • Inner Crosshair Offset: 7
  • Inner Crosshair Outline: Off
  • Inner Crosshair Spread: Off

Outer Crosshair

Hyper Front Settings  Guide
Image via NetEase
  • Display Outer Crosshair: Off
  • Outer Crosshair Outline: Off
  • Display Outer Crosshair Spread: Off

These are the recommended crosshair settings. But the preference for crosshair might vary from player to player. You can tweak these settings to find the best crosshair settings for yourself.


The graphics settings that you use in the game will entirely depend on the device that you are using. Hyper Front will give you a recommended graphics setting, but it might not always be the best setting available for your device. Here is the graphics setting that will be suitable for all the devices:

  • Graphic Quality: Standard
  • In-game Frame Rate: High
  • FOV: 80
  • In-game MSAA: x2
  • Special Effects: Ultra Low
  • Screen Effect Settings: Off

The main factors of the graphics are quality and frame. Unless you are too keen to experience the game with high graphics, the Standard quality will work fine for you. Standard settings are suitable for all kinds of devices. But if you think your mobile can run on higher graphics quality, you can surely upgrade it. But remember that higher graphics quality can cause more frame drops in some devices.

Hyper Front Settings Guide
Image via NetEase

In every FPS shooter game, the frame is the primary graphics factor. A faction of FPS players believes that Frames win games.” Although it will be a long debate to prove if it’s true, all of us agree that a better frame rate gives you better performance too. In our recommendation, we have enabled a High Frame rate as it will be the best setting for all devices. You might still face frame drops if your device is not powerful enough.

What are your thoughts on the Hyper Front Best Settings Guide? Do let us know in the comments below!

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