Hyper Front: The complete Hero Mastery Guide and Tips

Earn rewards from playing your favorite heroes!

Hyper Front is NetEase‘s latest 5v5 tactical shooter game. The game is completely based on the heroes that are available in the game. And the skill set in this game completely depends on how much you grind and mastered a hero. For determining a player’s mastery level on a hero, NetEase introduced the hero mastery system in Hyper Front. In this article, we will explain everything that you need to know and understand about hero mastery and how it works. 

Introducing the Hero Mastery in Hyper Front

Hero Mastery determines the level of expertise of a player over a certain hero. There are eight levels of mastery for each of the agents. Players can achieve or cross these levels based on their experience with the hero. All the levels of hero mastery for each agent are given below:

Hyper Front hero mastery
Image via NetEase
  • Level 1: Practitioners
  • Level 2: Survivor
  • Level 3: Raider
  • Level 4: Pioneer
  • Level 5: Creator
  • Level 6: Maverick
  • Level 7: Commander
  • Level 8: Innovator

These are all the hero mastery levels for each agent. Unlocking these levels will give unique rewards based on the hero. Players will get different rewards after reaching the next level. 

How to improve the Hero Mastery in Hyper Front

Hyper Front, Hyper Front wallpaper
Image via NetEase Games

The only way to improve hero mastery is to play more and more matches with the hero. You will gain hero mastery points after finishing every match with a specific hero. You can claim mastery rewards on the mastery screen when your hero mastery has reached a certain level.

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