Infinity Kingdom Guide: How to make your Troops stronger

Find out the ways to increase the power of your troops.

Infinity Kingdom features a party system called Troops, in which several Immortals and a Dragon can be placed in one party. Each Immortal will control a certain number and type of troops in response to their power and type. This guide will help players make their troops stronger.

There are four types of soldiers your Immortal will command, with three of them being subject to a rock paper scissors system. They are :

  1. Cavalry (Horse) : Good against Shieldman but weak against Spearman
  2. Spearman : Good against Cavalry but weak against Shieldman
  3. Shieldman : Good against Spearman but weak against Cavalry
  4. Bowman : Not affected by the system
Infinity Kingdom make troops stronger
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Steps to make troops stronger in Infinity Kingdom

There are various ways to make the power of your troops stronger:

1. Increase level of your Immortals

The first one is to increase the level of your Immortals. The higher they are, the more soldiers an Immortal can have. Certain Immortals can also be equipped with abilities that can enhance the troops. For a guide on increasing total power level, you can go to our guide here.

2. Upgrade your Barracks

Infinity Kingdom troops
Image via Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

The second way is to upgrade your barracks. Each soldier will have their own barracks and they can level up into a greater rank if you level the barracks into a certain level. Don’t forget to use Speedups to reduce construction time.

3. Research and pick the right Talent

The third is to do research and pick the right talents. The academy provides many upgrades for your Immortals and Soldiers, so be sure to perform research regularly.

4. Elemental Pairing

The last step is Elemental pairing. Pairing Immortals and Dragon with the same elements will give you certain buffs according to how much pairing there is (And it will stack). The systems are as follows :

  1. 3 Units of the same element : Increase Immortal Physical and Magical Defense by 20%
  2. 4 Units of the same element : Increase Immortal Physical and Magical Attack by 20%
  3. 5 Units of the same element : Increase Troop HP by 10%

These tips should help you in building a strong troop in Infinity Kingdom. Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Infinity Kingdom guide for tips!

Did you find our guide on how to make your troops stronger in Infinity Kingdom useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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