Infinity Kingdom Guide: How to increase your Power faster

Find out the ways to earn power points quicker

Infinity Kingdom features a power points system that represents the overall capabilities and strength of the players’ kingdom and troops. There are a number of ways players can increase their power points quickly. Here are some of the recommended ways for new players to increase their power faster in Infinity Kingdom.

How to increase your power faster in Infinity Kingdom

1. Upgrade your Buildings and use Speed-ups

Increasing the building level will increase the power points. The higher the level, the higher the power points players will get. So, to get power faster, players need to be able to build quickly. That can be achieved through Contract Builders and Speedups.

Infinity Kingdom increase power faster
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With contract builders, one can construct and upgrade two buildings at once, effectively cutting a lot of time. Coupled with building and general speedups, players can quickly gain level 10 on each building in a couple of days (assuming they are starting from zero).

2. Upgrade all your Immortals

All the Immortals one owns contribute to the total power they have. Therefore, having a lot of Immortals and upgrading each one will increase power points significantly. There are a couple of layers in upgrading Immortals, such as levels, development, boosts, equipment, and abilities. One can increase Immortals’ level by either using them in battle or using Exp. Rolls. The game usually gives a fair amount of Exp. Rolls, either through chests or achievement rewards. Players can also farm them on Battlefields.

Developments‘ is the thing present above the Immortal experience level (illustrated by the diamond shapes). By collecting enough of the Immortal’s Soul Fragments and some coins, Immortals can gain an increase in their stats and an upgrade in their ability. Boosts is the shield symbol by the right side of the Immortal’s name. By getting specific materials through Battlefields, one can increase the boosts and it can increase the Immortals’ stats.

Infinity Kingdom Beginners Guide Infinity Kingdom Beginners Guide
image via Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

Equipment plays a big role for Immortals and their contribution to increasing the power points. Equipment has the same ranking grade as the Immortal does, with the highest grade being ‘Legend’ with the color of orange. One needs to equip Immortals with powerful gear and refine that gear with Enchant stones. And since upgrading them together to the next multiple of 5 (as in if every gear equipped is level 5) will give players an increased stat, Equipment can highly increase your power level.

And lastly are abilities, every Immortal has one unique first ability and it can be upgraded through developments. The second and third abilities can be unlocked as players reach higher development levels.

3. Conduct research on Troops and Immortals

Infinity Kingdom increase power faster
Image via Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

As players further increase the building level of their castles, they will unlock The Academy. Here, players can conduct research to increase their troops and Immortals’ stats such as Attack, Speed, Defense, and most importantly, the power points.

That’s all for today’s Infinity Kingdom beginners guide. Did you find our Infinity Kingdom beginners guide helpful? 

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