Infinity Kingdom Beginners Guide and Tips

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Infinity Kingdom is a cartoon-style MMO strategy game that takes you in defending the land of Norheim against the invasion of the evil gnomes while also protecting yourself from other invading players. Here are a few tips and an Infinity Kingdom beginners guide to get you started.

Introducing your Kingdom

At the start of the game, you get to pick between three different kingdoms. The three are :

  1. Ruslan (Red), The Kindom of Valor and Strength. Joining will give you a trait of Increase Cavalry HP by 5%
  2. Ydvia (Blue), The Kingdom of Mystery and Rationality. Joining will give you a trait of Increase Spearman HP by 5%
  3. Vitas (Green), The Kingdom of Nature and Dignity. Joining will give you a trait of Increase Shieldmen HP by 5%
Your Kingdom Infinity Kingdom Beginners Guide
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The game will randomly recommend you a kingdom and give a reward if you join them, We highly suggest new players choose the recommended one as it gives you a slight boost for building your level later on.

Knowing the Immortals

Immortals are characters that you can get to fight in battle. There are four types of Immortals in the game with 3 of them affected by a system of rock paper scissors, they are :

Infinity Kingdom Beginners Guide Infinity Kingdom Beginners Guide
image via Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
  1. Cavalry (Horse) : Are good against Shieldman but weak against Spearman
  2. Spearman : Are good against Cavalry but weak against Shieldman
  3. Shieldman : Are good against Spearman but weak against Cavalry
  4. Bowman : Are not affected by the system

Immortal Elements

Immortals also come with their own elements. There are seven elements in total, they are :

  1. Water : Are good against Fire but weak against Earth
  2. Wind : Are good against Lightning but weak against Fire
  3. Lightning : Are good against Earth but weak against Wind
  4. Earth : Are good against Water but weak against Lightning
  5. Fire : Are good against Wind but weak against Water
  6. Shadow : Are good against all 5 in the above elements
  7. Holy : Are good against Shadow

Immortal Classes

Immortals come in five classes with specific placement requirements in the party. Attack and Defense Immortals can only be placed in the front row while Range, Magic, and Support can only be placed in the back row.

Immortals Rarity

Immortals are divided into four rarities, with the lowest being Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Elite (Purple), and Legend (Orange). Of course, the higher their rarity, the more powerful they will be.

Immortal Equipment

The equipment your Immortal can equip comes in four types with them being a different kind for each class. The types are Weapons, Helmets, Armor, and Accessories.

Immortal Summons

Immortal Summons
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There are a couple of ways you can summon Immortals to become playable, two of them are through the Hall of Immortals. They are the normal summons that consumes shards, and advanced summons that consumes Philosopher’s stones. The game will give you free attempts to summon Immortals daily. Another way of getting an immortal is by collecting enough of their fragments.

Getting Started with the Basics


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The Infinity Kingdom features the same typing system for troops just like the Immortals. You can train them in their own separate barracks and if you level the building enough, your troops class will also become better.


image via Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

Talents are extra stats you can have in which you use the points you get after leveling up. Talent is divided into two categories, Development (which focuses more on building and increasing your resource gathering) and Military (which increases your battle stats and troops capabilities).


Dragons are characters that can significantly help you in battle and the arena. They first start as infants but will grow into adults once you level them enough. There are seven dragons that you can unlock in the game, corresponding with the 7 elements present. The dragons are :

image via Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
  1. Glyndwr (Water) : Is a dragon with healing, party buff, and enemy debuff abilities. Which makes it the perfect supporter. It will be unlocked after you clear Story Mission Chapter 4.
  2. Demeter (Earth) : The dragon with the abilities to stun enemies and decrease their attack. Makes it a good defensive dragon. It will be unlocked after you clear Story Mission Chapter 7.
  3. Taranis (Lightning) : It will be unlocked after you clear Story Mission Chapter 10.
  4. Zephyr (Wind) : It will be unlocked after you clear Story Mission Chapter 13.
  5. Ignatius (Fire) : It will be unlocked after you clear Story Mission Chapter 15.
  6. Lucasta (Holy) : Can be purchased in the VIP Points Shop after reaching VIP 15.
  7. Melanthios (Shadow) : Can be unlocked via VIP 15 Purchase Chest.


image via Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

There are a maximum of four-party troops that you can have in the game, with first only having one and then unlocking more as you level up. A party consisting of 2 front row Immortals and their troops, 2 back row Immortals and their troops, and 1 dragon.

World map

World Map
image via Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

The world map is an essential part of Infinity Kingdom. You can see every player’s location on the server with the map. You can also fight enemies, collect resources, and many more.


image via Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

An alliance is a group where you can join other players of the same Kingdom. You can upgrade shared stats, conduct diplomacy with other alliances, exchange Alliance Contribution with resources and items in the Alliance Shop, manage territories, and many more

Ruins explorations

You can explore ruins once your castle reaches level 3. You can gain decent rewards for completing certain ruins.


image via Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

Battlefields are stages that you can play where completing it will give you certain loot that you can use to upgrade your immortals. The Battlefields: Well of Time is opened after you build your castle into level 5.


You can buy Immortal fragments, a Full Immortal, Speed Up items, and many more in the shop. But it will consume your Soul Crystals and Gems.

Alchemy lab

You can dismantle Immortals fragments and equipment, and also reborn your Immortals (make your Immortal return all resources spent on them). You can exchange all Immortal fragments you don’t need into other (more important) fragments.


image via Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

The arena is where you arrange your party to battle against other players. There are 3 types of enemies the game provides for you to battle, the harder they are the more points they will give if you manage to beat them. You can exchange the points you collected with Immortal fragments and other rewards.

Infinity Kingdom Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Use your Speed-Ups

The fastest and best way to level up your level and castle is to use your speed-ups. With the game constantly rewarding you for leveling up and clearing tasks, the momentum will guarantee that you can achieve level 10 player level and castle in under 24 hours. Since the item Contract Builder lasts only 24 hours, it will be super useful if used early in the game. So makes sure to quickly use it in the beginning.

2. Using the Phillospher’s Stone

The game will give you free attempts daily to summon Immortals. The first advance summon will guarantee that you received an Elite Immortal (In our many playthroughs, we always receive Helen of Troy. But we can’t confirm if this is always the case). And for your first bundle (for summoning 10 advanced, you only have to use 9 philosopher’s stones), you will get a second Elite Immortal (In our case, we always receive Brynhild. But we can’t confirm if this is always the case).

Using The Phillospher’s Stone
image via Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

Since the advanced summons gives you a discount for bundle and the game always guarantees Elite or Legend Immortals for every 10 advanced summons,  we recommend you always do bundles to increase your chance of getting Legend Immortals.

3. Collect your Rewards from Chests and Missions

image via Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

The game features a lot of rewards, either from daily chests or missions. Don’t forget to collect and complete the daily ones every day as it can give you an advantage against other players.

4. Join an Alliance

You can gain many perks by joining an alliance. Other than giving you an increased stat, another benefit is that you can ask for help from your alliance to reduce building time. Your alliance can also assist you when you are at war with other players.

That’s all for today’s Infinity Kingdom beginners guide. Did you find our Infinity Kingdom beginners guide helpful? 

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