Infinity Kingdom: The complete team composition guide and tips

Form your perfect team of Immortals!

Infinity Kingdom is a cartoon-style MMO strategy game where you can build your kingdom, conquer other cities, and defeat the evil gnomes by leveling up your troops, collecting powerful equipment, and many more. The game features a system of party troops, in which several Immortals and a Dragon can be placed in one party. This is a guide on how to create a good match-up for your team composition troops and some recommendations in the Infinity Kingdom.

Understanding your Immortals

This is a guide on how to make a good match-up and team composition of Immortals for your party in Infinity Kingdom. What is the first need to be known, is that Immortals are split between four types. With 3 of them linked to a system of rock, paper, and scissors. They are :

  1. Cavalry (Horse) : Are good against Shieldman but weak against Spearman
  2. Spearman : Are good against Cavalry but weak against Shieldman
  3. Shieldman : Are good against Spearman but weak against Cavalry
  4. Bowman : Are not affected by the system

The placement of the Immortals is also different. With Cavalry, Spearman, and Shieldman Immortals can only be placed in the front row. And Bowman Immortals is always in the back row.

Knowing what type to pick that is effective against your enemies would be difficult since you will hardly know what type of Immortals the enemy will pick. Therefore, you should always strategies around the Focus of the Immortals. Focus/Orientation is a differentiation of what your Immortals will be focusing on when engaged in battle. There is currently 5 focus present in the game, they are :

  1. Defense : For front row Immortals who are good at defense
  2. Attack : For front row Immortals who are good at physical attacks
  3. Range : For back row Immortals who are good at physical attacks
  4. Magic : For back row Immortals who are good at magical attacks
  5. Support : For back row Immortals who are good at healing

With this focus, you can make the decision either making your front row Immortals attack-oriented and the back row defense, or the other way around. So here are some recommendations :

  1. Front Attacker : Front row Attack Immortals and back row Support Immortals.
  2. Back Attacker : Front row Defense Immortals and back row Range/Magic Immortals.

Using this strategy by mixing the Immortal types of the front row (Cavalry + Shieldman Immortal for example), you can manage to withstand a lot of different types of enemy party troops.

Infinity Kingdom: Team Composition Guide and Tips

With the game giving players increased stats depending on how many Immortals and Dragons are the same element in one party, of course, you will need your party to be the same element while effectively being Immortals with great stats. Here are the troop’s recommendations for every element in the game.

1. Best team composition for Lightning element in Infinity Kingdom

The best recommended Immortal for a Lightning party troops is Peter the Great, Richard I, Yi Seong Ji, and Genghis Khan.

Lightning Infinity Kingdom Team Composition
Image via Youzu
  • Peter the Great has great stats, he has a total base attack of 75 (40 bases physical attack and 35 bases magical attack), coupled with high crit damage (39 bases critical hit damage), high magical penetration (53 bases magical penetration), and a decent ability called Mighty Thunder.
  • Genghis Khan is high damage dealing Bowman Immortal. With his ability Arrow Storm, he brings unstoppable rain of arrows that makes your Lightning party very powerful with other Immortals.
  • Yi Seong Ji also deals great damage to enemies while being in the back row. He is effectively almost the same as Genghis Khan with his ability Heavenly Conquering.
  • Richard I poses decent stats and can complement the rest of the party as a front-row defender. He protects the party with his ability Heaven’s Wrath can deal damage and stuns the enemy.

2. Best team composition for Water element in Infinity Kingdom

The recommendation of Immortals for the Water party troops consists of Attila the Hun, Ramesses II, Merlin, and Dido.

Image via Youzu
  • Attila the Hun’s high total base attack of 66 (40 bases physical attack and 26 base magical attacks), and his great ability Wild Corrosion, he is effectively the most powerful Water Immortal for the party.
  • Ramesses II also does massive damage along with his ability to Divine Judgement. He effectively supports Attila as an attacker in the front row.
  • Merlin is a wizard that deals great magical attack damage together with his ability called Prophecy.
  • Dido is a great support of Immortal, with her ability to Divine Sovereignty she grants armor to all allies while also dealing decent damage to enemies.

3. Best team composition for Earth element in Infinity Kingdom

For your Earth party troops, you should have Cleopatra, Zenobia, Alexander the Great, and Charles the Great.

Earth Infinity Kingdom Team Composition
Image via Youzu
  • Cleopatra deals high total base attack of 63 (21 bases physical attack and 42 bases magical attack) together with her power ability of Entangling Snakes, she is the go-to for the attack in the Earth party troops.
  • Zenobia is the healer of the party. With her ability Empress’ Favor, she heals other Immortals while giving support in the back row.
  • Alexander the Great deals decent damage to enemies. With his ability Eternal Conquest, he is a great front-row attacker for your Earth party troops.
  • Charles the Great, the Immortals that shields the rest of the party troops. His ability Terra Shield grants him the ability to absorb damage to effectively protect other Immortals in the party.

4. Best team composition for Fire element in Infinity Kingdom

For the Fire party troops, the recommended Immortals in the team would be Empress Wu, William I, Hippolyta, and Cyrus the Great.

Image via Youzu
  • Empress Wu’s high total base attack of 66 (19 bases physical attack and 47 bases magical attack), decent crit damage (32 bases critical hit damage), and a high damage ability Imperial Fire, makes her the perfect fire attacker of the party.
  • William I is a great front-row attacker. He deals decent damage along with his ability to Skyfire. Perfect to accompany Empress Wu.
  • Hippolyta also deals huge damage. Her ability called Flaming Smite greatly cripple the enemy while fighting side by side with William I.
  • Cyrus the Great is the supporter of the party by giving enemies debuffs using his ability of Static Armor.

5. Best team Composition for Wind element in Infinity Kingdom

Wind Infinity Kingdom Team Composition
Image via Youzu

Your pick for the Wind party troops should best be consist of Baldwin IV, Hannibal Barca, Saladin, and Qin Emperor.

  • Baldwin IV, with a high total base attack of 63 (16 bases physical attack and 47 bases magical attack), great magical penetration (40 bases magical penetration), and a strong ability called Hurricane that summons a Tornado. The Tornado can also split up twice, with the first having a chance of 75% and the second split of 25%. He is the perfect protector of the party while serving in the back row.
  • Hannibal Barca is a good front attacker for the Wind party troops. With his ability Howling Blast, he deals good splash damage.
  • Saladin also deals decent damage together with his ability Falcon Raid that does damage to all his targets.
  • Qin Emperor supports the rest of the party by providing buffs to ally units and also debuffs the enemy with his ability Dragon Power. Perfect for the Wind party troops who are mostly attack-oriented.

6. Best team composition troops for Shadow element in Infinity Kingdom

Shadow Infinity Kingdom Team Composition
Image via Youzu

In the party troops for Shadow, the best Immortals to choose are Siegfried, Elizabeth Bathory, Himiko, and Bjorn.

  • Siegfried’s powerful ability Dragon Strike together with his already great total base attack of 62 (43 bases physical attack and 19 bases magical attack), he can slash through many enemies easily.
  • Elizabeth Bathory is the ranged attack of the party, dealing great damage while sucking the enemies’ HP with her ability Vampiric Kiss. Truly a cold-blooded killer perfect for the Shadow party troops.
  • Himiko is a terrifying magical attacker. Along with good stats, her ability Demon Ambush allows creating a void that pulls an enemy in the back row. Making them take damage while also being stunned.
  • Bjorn is the guard of the Shadow party troops. Not only did his ability Wither Realm deal damage to enemies, but it also grants a buff to allies such as an increase in attack, toughness, and also lifestyle. Bjorn is a force to be reckoned with.

7. Best team composition for Holy element in Infinity Kingdom

Image via Youzu

And the last party troops which is the Holy element will have Gilgamesh, Julius Caesar, Theodora, and Mano Capac.

  • Gilgamesh’s total base attack of 66 (37 bases physical attacks and 29 base magical attacks), complements his powerful ability Golden Capital. He’s the perfect back-row attacker for the Holy party troops.
  • Julius Caesar, a great defense front row Immortal with great base stats. With his ability Golder Ruler, he deals damage to enemies while keeping them away from your back row attacker.
  • Theodora is the ultimate healer of the Holy party troops. She gives huge HP recovery while also dispelling debuffs taken by ally units.
  • And finally, Mano Capac is a jack of all trades with his great stat as an attacker but also gives good support with his ability Sun Flare that gives other Immortals increase stats while also dealing damage.

Final thoughts

Of course, players should also upgrade Immortal levels, upgrade equipment, choose the right talents, study abilities in the academy, and many more to effectively complement and make the party troops strong. Go ahead and give team building a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Infinity Kingdom Team Composition guide for tips!

Did you find our guide on Infinity Kingdom Team Composition useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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