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Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy Character Sect Tier List for April 2022

Choose from only the best classes of this month!

Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy, an MMORPG developed by Perfect World Games is beautifully designed. The game does not have many characters, as the matter of fact, you can only choose one of two genders for your character, but even if it only has one character, there are eight sects or classes that you can choose. We will help you by providing our Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy tier list of the sects in the game.

Here we will provide you a tier list, this tier list is not a character’s tier list but the sect’s tier list. So, this tier list will a little bit different from other tier lists. Well, no need to wait further, let us jump to the tier list.

Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy Tier List for April 2022

This tier list should only be taken as a reference because different strategies and compositions can yield different results for players. This tier list will be separated into categories of S, A, and B as follows:

Strong (S)Lupin,
Good (A)Poisoner’s Guild,
Average (B)Longevity Hall,
Southern Border Witchery
Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy Tier List for April 2022

Best Meta Classes for Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy in April 2022

These are the classes with the most advantageous stats and abilities in Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy as of April 2022.

S-Tier Sects

Lupin Sect

  • Specialty: Equal ATK and DEF, DEF debuff, Stealth Detection

The Lupin Sect encourages “cultivating both the internal and external, and combining strength with flexibility”. They have produced a large number of outstanding disciples under this teaching philosophy. Lupin disciples are charming on the outside and cultured on the inside, exuding elegance, and grace underneath their enchanting appearance.

lupin sect jade dynasty Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy Tier List
Image via Perfect World Games

The Lupin Sect has equal attack and defense stats. Even though their attack and defense are a little bit low, they are still very useful and crucial in the battle. They have high sealing techniques which can cause various effects on their enemy, like preventing their enemy to move and stats debuff effect. Lupin Sect can also help in counterattack. This is crucial in battle especially when they are fighting a strong enemy.

Jadeon Sect

  • Specialty: Magical DMG, Thunderblade Area ATK

Steeped in history, the Jadeon sect focuses on cultivating oneself to control the forces of nature and eventually wield thunderstorms through magical spells. Its scripture is the Doctrine of Pure Essence. Jadeon’s disciples are the embodiment of righteousness. They eliminate bullies and help the people in need as they travel through the mortal realm.

jadeon sect jade dynasty
Image via Perfect World Games

Most of the Jadeon Sect’s damages are coming from their thunder blade skill, which has the widest area skill among all sects in the game. Jadeon Sect can deal high damage to their enemy since they have high DPS stats. Jadeon Sect also has low seal stats, which means that they have chances to give seal effects to their enemy.

A-Tier Sects

Poisoner’s Guild

  • Specialty: Physical DPS, Counterattack

The Poisoner’s Guild infuses poison into their cultivation. Their martial skills are fast, precise, cunning, and decisive, and their actions are clean and graceful. Sect members revere the Poisoner’s Doctrine as their bible. They practice both cultivation and research as they travel through the realm. They do not shed blood indiscriminately, but when they do, death is final.

poisoners guild jade dynasty Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy Tier List
Image via Perfect World Games

Members of Poisoner’s Guild Sect are great physical damage dealers. They deal high damage to their enemy, keep in mind that they have medium survivability, so you also need to keep an eye on your own health too, especially when fighting the stronger enemy or when you are outnumbered.

Poisoner’s Guild Sect members will focus on one enemy and attack them with their high damage. With that, it is better for players who choose this sec is better to play like an assassin, carefully choose their target, and prioritize one with low health first.

Vim Sect

  • Specialty: Physical DMG, Group Crit

The Vim style of martial skills is overpowering beyond compare. When unleashed, its intense power has the speed and force of a torrential flood that will send shockwaves throughout the realm. However, like tempered steel that can wrap itself around one’s fingers Vim disciples will gladly sacrifice themselves for loved ones with no regrets.

vim sect jade dynasty
Image via Perfect World Games

Vim Sect is more of a fighter type, but they have low survivability. With the combination of high damage and group critical, Vim Sect members are very effective against a group of enemies rather than engaging in one-on-one combat, this is also supported by their high AoE stats.

Incense Sect

  • Specialty: Magic Crit, Pyromancing Summon

The Incense Sect is devoted to the God of Fire. They cultivate the three fires that underpin the life force of living beings. Incense disciples use their hearts of supreme light to cultivate the Octovile Flame. They stand in this world valiant and tall as they slay demons and monsters with their flame magic.

incense sect jade dynasty Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy Tier List
Image via Perfect World Games

Incense Sect members are strong magic damage dealers, though compared to Jayeon Sect’s AoE stats, Incense Sect’s AoE stats are a little bit lower. Incense Sect can summon a fire phantom for them to assist in battle.

The thing you will need to watch if you are choosing this sect is that this sect has the lowest survivability among all sects, even Vim Sect has slightly higher survivability. Despite that, Incense Sect has scary critical damage, so it can deal with its enemy quickly.

B-Tier Sects

Longevity Hall Sect

  • Specialty: Seal Techniques, Physical and Magical Control

Believing that “unlimited power can be unleashed from combining light and darkness”, the Longevity Hall sect devised powerful controlling spells based on “the unity of opposites and mutual transformation”. Sect disciples are usually reserved and have a high degree of self-discipline and self-restraint.

longevity hall sect jade dynasty
Image via Perfect World Games

Longevity Hall Sect is similar to Lupin Sect, with the difference of lower DPS and Speed but higher Survivability. Just like Lupin, Longevity Hall Sect has high seal stats, which allow members of this sect to seal their enemy from attacking or even make them attack their own allies. They also have the ability to remove seals and debuffs and use magic to block enemy attacks.

Skysong Sect

  • Specialty: Emergency Revive, Physical Buff

The Skysong Sect follows Buddha’s teachings and contemplates the secret of Zen and karmic reincarnation. Its main doctrine is represented by the Six-Syllable Luminosity Mantra, which can help one reach enlightenment by eradicating human avarice such as greed, anger, obsession, arrogance, jealousy, and parsimony.

skysong sect jade dynasty Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy Tier List
Image via Perfect World Games

The Skysong Sect has high survivability and support stats, which makes it obvious that this sect is a support type. They excel in supporting activities such as healing, resurrecting, cleansing, and shielding. They also have the ability to give physical buff to their allies.

Southern Border Witchery Sect

  • Specialty: Group Healing Support, Magic Buff

Since prehistoric times, the Southern Border Witchery Sect has revered nature, the sun, the moon, and the stars. They are proficient in blessings and life-saving skills. Southern Border tribespeople is simple, peace-loving folks who embody ancient virtues and natural beauty.

southern bordr witchery sect jade dynasty
Image via Perfect World Games

Southern Border Witchery Sect is another support type sect after the Skysong Sect. Having the exact same stats as Skysong Sect, you will find that this sect has the same ability as Skysong, the only difference here is that Southern Border Witchery Sect will give their allies a magic buff instead of a physical buff.

Final Thoughts

Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy’s only has one playable character, which is the character that you create. What this game has is various sects, this tier list is not about the character’s ability or skill, but it is more about the sects since each sect has its own uniqueness and ability. Therefore this tier list is all about players’ personal preferences in gameplay.

What do you think about this Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy Character Sect Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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