KartRider: Drift: The Complete Items Guide and Tips

Utilise the Items to your fullest!

KartRider: Drift is a new mobile released free-to-play multi-platform kart racer game that is also available on Console and PC. The game is developed by Nexon Korea on all of its platforms. The game’s mechanics in theory is just an easy and cute arcade race where you would only need to be faster than the other players. However, something in the game makes it much more complex, which is items. In this KartRider: Drift Full Items Guide, we will be looking into each item, what they do, and how to use them effectively.

Introducing the Item mode in KartRider: Drift

In KartRider: Drift’s Item Mode, items are powerups or throwables that are available during a race. To get them the player must drive into the item boxes that differ in design on every map which will then allow you to collect them. The players will be given a random item available when hitting a box, so the players won’t know what they’re going to get until they do.

KartRider Drift Items Guide
Image via Nexon

Players can then use the items to their advantage by boosting their kart or being a hindrance against the other racers around. This is why learning what they do and how to use them in this item guide is a huge knowledge to learn in order to get better at playing KartRider: Drift.

List of Protective/Supportive items in KartRider: Drift

Protective/Supportive items are the more complex and important to master in order to become better in KartRider: Drift. Below are what each item does and how to effectively use them to your advantage in protecting you and your team.

1. Nitrous

Nitrous is a supportive random item that is available in both item mode and speed mode which gives the players a temporary speed boost in order to overtake players in front. The best timing to use nitrous is after sharp turns where it is sure to have a long straight that would let the player gain as much speed from the nitrous.

2. Shield

The shield is a protective item that is available in the item mode for solo, and duo. The item when used will conjure a shield around the player which is able to negate any incoming offensive or hindrance items coming from opponents. The shield item is one of the most useful items in the game.

EMP Wave
Image via Nexon

However, it only lasts for a second and then disappears whether or not it has protected the player from an attack or not. Knowing this the best time to use it would be when you know players are targeting you. The screen will flash dark when an offensive ability is being targeted to the player and by this time tapping the shield item will make it so it will for sure protect the player against the attack.

3. EMP Wave

The EMP wave is a protective item available in item mode that when used by the player will wipe out all of the UFOs that have been set loose on the tracks. Use this upon seeing a UFO coming up to you or any teammate as chances are the UFOs may be able to help you deal against other players when not targeting yourself.

4. Angel Shield

Angel Shield is a shield variant that is available for the team mode. The item is basically similar to the shield but instead of only protecting the player it covers the entire team. The best way of using the angel shield is just like the shield where you would wait for an enemy item to target you and use it as you would have control over it, or better yet when you have comms with your team and they ask for assistance especially when an enemy uses a thunderbolt, the angel shield will protect everyone from the player’s team.

5. Lock

A Lock is a supportive/defensive item that is available in team mode. The item when used will be able to prevent the opposing team from being able to use their items to attack or defend. This is basically equivalent to silence in RPG and MOBA terms.

Image via Nexon

With lock, the players may use it any time they get as it is a guaranteed silence but the best timing to use it would be when you have the lead as a team and the finish line is coming up so when using lock the enemy team cannot make a miracle item play with a thunder or water bomb.

List of Offensive/Hindrance items in KartRider: Drift

1. Banana

The Banana is a funny item available in item mode. Using the item the player’s Kart will leave a banana peel with glasses that will cause any other player that runs into it to slip and lose time. Although it is generally okay to use it whenever you get it, placing the banana in places where most people go is the best. For example, the apex of turns, or even placing them when someone is tailgating you to make them slip.

2. Barricade

Barricade is an item available in item mode from solos to teams. Using the item will place a total of three wooden barricades in front of the first-place racer in order to hinder their progress. The best time to use would be when opponents have taken first to third place in order to try and hinder their progress. Caution though as even teammates and yourself may bump into obstacles when not destroyed by the frontrunners.

3. Magnet

Image via Nexon

The magnet is a very interesting item available in item mode solo, duo, and team where when in upon use the player will choose a kart in front where the magnet will pull towards in a certain amount of time. Always try to use the magnet to pull towards the first place as much as possible as only pulling to the one in front of you may slow you down after the initial acceleration.

4. Missile

Missiles is a very straightforward item that is available in every iteration of the item mode. Using this the player will be able to fire a missile into a singular opponent player where it homes and flings the player hit upwards for a moment making them lose time and halting their speed. As this is the most straightforward item in the game, the player may use this as soon as getting it by just aiming at a random player in front of you.

5. Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt is one of the most overpowered items available in the game in item mode. By using it the player will enable a thundercloud to form above every kart that is in front of them and let lightning strike the opponents and disrupt their movement for a short amount of time giving the players an ample window to overtake and take the first place. The best time to use the thunderbolt is near the finish line in order to surprise everyone in front of the player and overtake them in a clutch moment.

6. UFO

Like the thunderbolt, the UFO is considered to be one of the most overpowered skills or items in the game. Although not as powerful as the thunderbolt the ufo when used will hover on top of the kart in the first place which will then cut its speed down and be open to overtaking by the player behind.

Image via Nexon

The best time to use the UFO would be when being a second placer near the finish line. Using this will guarantee an easy overtake to the first place guaranteeing the win unless getting hit yourself by another skill of a player.

7. Water Bomb

Water Bomb is a fun item to use available to the players that when in use creates an explosion in the track in front of you that will trap any other player that gets caught up in the explosion. However, be wary as it may also cause hindrance to your teammates in team mode where they can get caught up in the explosion and lose time. So in order to effectively use the item make sure that there are at least more opponents present in the strike or explosion zone instead of teammates.

8. Water Wisp

 A water wisp is just basically a smaller more streamlined version of the water bomb that is much closer in mechanics to the missile than the water bomb itself. Using it is just like using a missile where it will home into someone in front of the player.

Getting hit by it will trap any kart into a bubble where they will need to trap the screen in order to get free. The players may opt to use it anytime there is a player in front of them as it is a sure-hit ability if the opponent does not have any shields.

Final Thoughts

One thing to note in this guide is that learning how each and every item works is key to controlling the game as even with the luck given on which item will be brought to you, controlling the parts you can control is a must to become better. Knowing this the best teacher would still be experienced and you as a player should now then go and face the item mode head-on with the new-found knowledge on items and dominate the tracks!

Did you find our KartRider: Drift Items Guide useful? Let us know in the comments section below!

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