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Kemono Friends: Kingdom: Tips to obtain Resources easily in the game

Fathom all about the in-game resources!

Resources are one of the vital factors in the world of RPG games. These resources are a necessity for various in-game Kingdom activities such as buying or unlocking Friends, their Miracles, special power skills, and many more items. Due to the wide range of usage of these resources, the players should have a profound knowledge of the various in-game resources and their attributes. Thus, we present a detailed piece on all the significant resources the players get to see in Kemono Friends: Kingdom and how to unlock them easily.

Resources in Kemono Friends: Kingdom

The game instills a handful of resources including the regular free resources as well as the premium ones. Here, we will be informed about the best and the most significant resources players are going to witness in the game:

1. Encounter Ticket

Encounter tickets are a basic type of currency that can be used by players in encountering new Friends. Encountering friends through Encounter Ticket is an important aspect of the game as high-star Friends prove handy in defeating enemies. This currency can be obtained as a reward for completing some specific events.

2. Stargems

These gems are an essential form of currency that can be used in owning new Friends. Stargems can be obtained via different sources and help employ high-strength Friends during combat. This resource is thus a valuable asset in progressing ahead in the game.

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3. Focus

Focus is a form of common currency and is very easily accessible throughout the Kingdom. These resources are used for accessing the Main and Challenge Stages in the game. Focus recovers on its own after a specific period, however, it can still be obtained via various missions or by upgrading your Friends.

4. Buns

Buns are a type of consumable currency used for upgrading the Kemono Miracles in the Kingdom. There are two types of Buns which include ‘A Bun’, and ‘Half a Bun’ which when used, also increases the EXPs of the Friends by 2000, and 500 respectively. Normally, the Buns can be obtained by completing the Bountiful Forest missions but there are other ways to obtain this resource as well.

How to earn Resources easily in Kemono Friends: Kingdom

1. Complete the Main storyline Missions

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The players need to complete all those assigned main game mode missions to earn a handful of valuable resources such as Stargems, Buns, and Focus. Completing Boss-level stages can also be beneficial for winning an Encounter Ticket.

2. Go for the Challenge Stages

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The challenge stages are the stages in a separate game mode that have specific challenges for the players and each step is set at a different difficulty level. The players can obtain Encounter Tickets by completing the challenges. They can also get their hands on resources that are not normally earned from the main mode missions.

3. Do not forget the Tour Guide Pass

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The Tour Guide passes are of two types, Normal and Advanced. The Tour Guide pass offers a lot of rewards and hence the players should complete the Tour Guide missions to advance their Tour Guide Pass so that they can utilize them further in the game.

Final Thoughts

Kemono Friends: Kingdom is a remarkable RPG game constantly gaining popularity in the gaming industry. The phenomenal concept of this game, along with the finest of Friends, and exquisite resources attract players from all over the world. Thus follow up on this detailed piece to know all about the treasured resources and also how to earn them.

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