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King Arthur Legends Rise: The Complete Currency Guide and Tips

Expand your riches with this detailed currency guide!

King Arthur: Legends Rise is a turn-based RPG title brought to you by Kabam Games. The game being a turn-based RPG banks on strategy and player decisions. Part of those player decisions is the utilization and usage of the premium currency of the game. Gold can be earned regularly after completing events and quests in the game, however premium currency, in this game, being the Gems is very hard to collect and the game does a great job by offering pretty tempting deals making it harder to collect and utilize them on premium offers. In this King Arthur Legends Rise Currency Guide we will try and highlight the strategies that players can use to optimally utilize their currencies in the game.

List of currencies available in King Arthur Legends Rise

The game, King Arthur Legends Rise as of now offers only two types of currencies, namely Gold and Ruby Gems. An important fact to consider is that the game is still in the beta testing phase and has not received a full release hence more in-game currencies could be added when the game receives its full release. Gold is the regular currency in the game which is used for character upgradation and development of the empire by installing and upgrading new and existing buildings respectively.

How to collect resources in King Arthur Legends Rise

The game, King Arthur Legends Rise as stated before offers two sorts of currencies for the players to collect Gold and Ruby Gems, In this guide we will make sure that players understand what these currencies are used for and how players can make sure that they manage them well in the game.

Currencies as stated earlier can be used by the players to buy premium consumable items like Experience potions, Growth potions, and Stamina potions. On the other hand, they can also be used to buy character rolls in the game which are very useful for building up an arsenal of characters in the game. Following are the currencies available in the game and the tips to utilize them well in the game.

1. Gold

How to collect Gold in King Arthur Legends Rise

Gold is the more common type of currency out of the two available and has more wider use in the game, compared to the other. The currency can be collected by completing regular quests in the game, for the most part of the game character experience and gold coins go side by side. The more experience the character earns, the better rewards are received which primarily includes gold coins.

King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide, King Arthur Legends Rise
Image via Kabam

There are two types of quests in the game, the story quests and the dungeon-based quests, Both of them are quite rewarding however dungeon missions provide more gold and experience points to the players and they are replayable meaning players can farm for resources and stack up their numbers with these quests.

How to utilize Gold in the best way possible

The best use of Gold will be to utilize them in building up your treasury in the game. Treasury allows the players to collect a certain amount of gold coins in the game per specific amount of time. As the treasury grows further the amount and frequency of gold that could be collected will also increase. Hence rather than an expenditure it could be seen as an investment that would definitely help the players stack up more coins in the future.

King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide, King Arthur Legends Rise
Image via Kabam

Secondly, players also need to realize the fact that in King Arthur Legends Rise player statistics play a huge part in the game, being a turn-based game, players need to strategize over their moves. Hence character upgradation is very important to land victories and defeat enemies in the game. Players can use their gold currencies to upgrade the characters and level them up to have better statistics and better characteristics when facing the enemy.

2. Ruby Gems

How to collect Ruby Gems in King Arthur Legends Rise

Ruby Gems are the other type of currency available in the game for the players to use, If Gold had wider uses, the Ruby Gems have more important uses of the two. Ruby Gems can be used for various tasks like purchasing character tokens to summon heroes, buying important consumables, and even speeding up timed tasks in the game.

King Arthur Legends Rise Beginners Guide, King Arthur Legends Rise
Image via Kabam

The currency can mostly be earned by progressing through the story missions and collecting as many stars in the process as possible. Stars are nothing but the perfect points earned after each quest. Additionally, gems can also be earned by completing tasks where some milestone quests have gems as rewards, however, they are very few in number. Additionally, if players require more gems they can always purchase them from the store in exchange for real-time currency.

How to utilize Ruby Gems in the best way possible

Ruby Gems as stated before can be used for a plethora of uses, however, using them for landing new characters is probably the most important one. Players can use the currency to buy character tokens and roll for the legendary characters in the game.

There is a hidden feature that is very important for the players to know however, in the game shop, players can actually buy these character tokens for half the price. Players can buy two character tokens for a maximum of one time till the shop resets. By doing this they can save up on a few hard-earned Ruby Gems in the game.

Final Thoughts

Currencies don’t come easy in King Arthur Legends Rise and being a turn-based strategy title optimum use of the currency is essential and should be utilized properly to progress further in the game with ease. We hope that with this detailed King Arthur Legends Rise Currency Guide, we were able to explain each currency well and help fellow gamers utilize them properly.

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