King of Fighters: Survival City Beginners Guide with Tips

Time to beat the mafia and rebuild!

King of Fighters: Survival City is a strategy title by Joycity, that was soft-launched in selected regions this year. The game also features a city-building aspect, where players can construct and upgrade buildings to enhance their characters’ abilities and gain various resources. Players would like to know about the shortcuts and work on them early in the game so that they can get a headstart. So in this King of Fighters: Survival City Beginners Guide, we will do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Understanding the gameplay basics

The gameplay is a mix of idle RPG with the city-building structure involved. It will focus on expanding the infected city and rebuilding it, while also tackling the mob bosses along the way. The special moves you have in the battles should be manually played, as there are directions and enemies you can target while doing so.

KOF Gameplay
Image via Joycity

This way, the area bosses are taken out of the scene and the progression will continue. The players will have to carry out rescue operations in infected areas and secure the shelter while deploying their heroes while recovering their team from danger. Plenty of the gameplay is based on the base building, so we suggest players follow a particular routine and not rush things in a hurry.

Characters and Battles

Players will have to use captains and characters for cleansing out the evil goons in the game. Even though you don’t get full control of them, the special moves can be performed by you. You can recruit fighters from various factions in the game. It can be done by the Summon feature and two coins namely Common and Premium coins. Each has its own probability of pulling a character.

KOF Fighter details
Image via Joycity

You can also level up your fighters by gaining experience (EXP) points through battles and quests. You can also enhance their abilities and equipment to make them stronger. This is accessible with the fighter skill and fighter accessory. These will help in providing boosts to the fighter stats. You can check the fighter management section for more info.

The Captain is an integral part of your attack group, and all the stamina and PvP point will accumulate for the battles. Captains can be upgraded by the use of Captain EXP, and the Stamina, which will be consumed during cyborg battles, can also be equipped with the help of the shop once you have enough resources. Else, you can let it recharge by itself.

King of Fighters Captain
Image via Joycity

The Captain you have will have different traits, which as a player you need to check. This will give boosts in stats to the fighters going for battle and can be upgraded. You can also reset these traits and branch them out again.

Do note that as PvP points increase, the captain level also increases. Each conquest is idle, except for the skill moves. The levels for one conquest will be within the same challenge you are currently playing, which are called Lines. Do not worry much, just level the players and then let them do the job for you.

Resources and Management


There are some basic resources that the players have to remember while playing the game. They will have to look through the activities using this, so it is necessary that they remember the significance of each.

  • Training Data: It is the EXP used for the characters for their leveling up.
  • Stamina: The energy system in the game needed for battles. At least three are used for each battle.
  • Food: Energy resource. Can be obtained by harvesting.
  • Dollar: Money resource. Used for purchasing, placing, and other base activities.
  • Speed Ups: Required for speeding up building construction, harvesting, etc.
  • Gold: Premium resource. Can be used for in-game purchases.
  • Gems: Premium resource. Can be used for gems.


Players can manage their resources adequately by planning upgrades. In the beginning stages, most of the upgrades are free, so players need not worry much. Once your base is slowly getting expanded, it becomes a little tricky, and hence need to check whether the given building is important or not.

For example, if your base hasn’t expanded, and you don’t have many people to give shelter to, then building too many restaurants and shelters is a waste of your resources. Hence, avoid purchases, and slowly work on winning battles.

Tips and tricks to remember

Here are some basic tips and tricks to remember in King of Fighters: Survival City.

  • Check on the Chapter Rewards. Follow those tasks so that you can finish things off easily, so it is beneficial for the players to finish them first as they yield a lot of resources.
  • Arrange similar types of inventories together. For example, players can purchase and place additional buildings such as Warehouses. So, in order to have a systematic base, we suggest you place these together. This helps in getting familiar with your base.
KOF selecting fighters
Image via Joycity
  • Before heading to the battle, you can chop and change the fighters. Pair the strongest ones with higher points, and it’ll help in finishing the match quicker or not losing against superior opponents in some cases.
  • Harvesting is essential for progression. So, upgrade and place these buildings quickly.
  • King of Fighters: Survival City offers various events that provide rewards such as new fighters, equipment, and resources. Participating in these events can help you progress faster in the game.
  • Manage your energy for rescue missions. You can get them in the shop and through competitions.


The game is pretty easy to understand. What becomes important is that the players first slowly get a grasp of the game mechanics, and then follow like every city-building game. It becomes easy once you understand the strategy and are thus able to expand your base in a very short time. You are always welcome to refer to this King of Fighters: Survival City beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all for today’s King of Fighters: Survival City Beginners Guide! Did you find this King of Fighters: Survival City Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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