King’s Choice Guide: Tips to unlock the Pet Bloodline

Get you royal companion by following these easy steps!

King’s Choice is one of the most popular 4X strategy games. Despite being so popular, only a very few players have proper knowledge about the pet’s bloodline system and how it works. So, let’s understand the King’s Choice Pet Bloodline system and how to unlock it faster. Always remember your initial pet, whether obtained for free or purchased, will always belong to the first generation.

If you are recently starting with the game, make sure to go through our King’s Choice Beginners Guide, to make yourself familiar with all the game’s basic tips and tricks.

How to unlock the Pet Bloodline in King’s Choice

Breeding Process

Ensure there is an available slot for the offspring. Focus on the attributes that are highlighted or bold (regardless of others) and seek a match with superior base attributes in those two categories.

King's Choice Pets
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Invest 6x Collars to initiate breeding. If the resulting puppy exhibits superior base attributes compared to its parent, nurture and continue breeding it. Otherwise, consider releasing it. Meanwhile, send the Parent to the nursery to accumulate more collars while raising the offspring if there’s extra space available.

Repeat this procedure with subsequent generations.

Tips to remember while Breeding Pets in King’s Choice

Avoid matching pets with lower base attributes than yours (remember, only the two highlighted categories matter). Breeding with weaker attributed pets increases the chances of producing offspring with subpar stats. An average successful match yields approximately a +2 increment per breeding. It’s estimated that unlocking the first bloodline typically requires 14 to 21 generations (+2 to -5 months), assuming an average increase of +2 in stats.

How to determine your Pet’s stats in King’s Choice

Image via ONEMT SGP

Stats for new pets are determined by averaging their parents’ stats, rounded to the nearest whole number, with a variation of -2 to +3. For example, if both parents have a Physical trait ranging from 25 to 29, the offspring’s Physical attribute will fall within the range of 25 to 30.

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