Knightcore Kingdom Beginners Guide and Tips

Lead the Heroes and fight against the Demons!

Knightcore Kingdom is a distinct strategy game by Marscat Games that shares its regime’s world and plot. There are several armies and components, such as tower defense, tactical assault, and others. Beginners in the Knightcore Kingdom advance to the position of Lords. They guide Warriors and encourage them to form their own Legions so they can retake Camelot after dusk. Here’s the complete beginners guide of Knightcore Kingdom for amateurs to help them they can understand the game with ease and enjoy it without facing any difficulties or confusion.

Gameplay Overview

Knightcore Kingdom combines elements of the strategy genre. Firstly, one needs to select a deck of champions and teams that can be used to fight. One starts with a certain amount of power to use one character and one unit; as the fight progresses, one will reach a higher level to use additional heroes and units. Each unit and hero has a cost that must be met in order to be used. Your hero’s ultimate power will charge up after it is deployed, therefore you must use it appropriately.

Knightcore Kingdom Reroll Guide
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The second thing you should know as a novice in the game is that you have the flexibility to command your group’s movement during combat and can concentrate on firing units. This is crucial to have because it allows you to target the unit that your warriors are vulnerable against in order to reduce the damage they sustain when you don’t have the proper counter unit.

Introducing the Basics of Knightcore Kingdom

The game begins with a tutorial that explains all the rules of the game starting from how to fight in a battle, to how to power up one’s heroes. The game then allows the player to fight their own battles and assemble the hero deck accordingly. The player can begin taking part in PVP once the story mode is complete. Once enabled, the trial option allows access to the PVP area.

One can build up two teams for their offense and defense teams, as well as a third team, in the PVP area. This squad will engage other players in combat once one has assembled their defensive team. Three opponents will be available when the battle begins; you must choose the one you want to fight, and the game will handle the rest.

Resource Management

There are mainly four types of currencies used in the game. These are gold, food, lumber, and stone. Gold is mainly used for training and level-up purposes. It can be used as a requirement to upgrade weapons, heroes, and soldiers. Food is used for increasing forts’ level and so their power. It can also be used to power up small units.

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Lumber again is a requirement for the buildings to be upgraded. At last, stones can be used to increase the lower level of large units of buildings. All these currencies can be obtained by fighting in battles and completing passes of quests. The game also has in-app purchases using real money.

Mastering your Heroes

As a Knightcore Kingdom player, your characters must be your primary focus as having heroes of all classes will give you an advantage in every fight. This is a result of the game’s counter mechanism. There are so far a total of 29 characters that have been divided into Five classes. The classes of the heroes are Melee, Tank, Healer, Ranger, and Magician. Each class is tailor-made for some specific situations. For instance, a character with magic will do twice the damage to the character of the melee class.

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Using Knight Crystals, one can level up their heroes. A hero’s characteristics and skill level rise as they ascend, and doing so raises the character’s rarity. There are four types of rarity at the moment: rare, unique, legendary, and mythic. No matter what degree of rarity you give your heroes, you can raise it to mythic rarity in the end. After that, you can raise the character rank using Hero EXP.

The next way to make one’s characters stronger is by arming them. The weapon banner must be used to purchase weapons. Heroes of different classes can only use certain types of armaments, which are classified into five categories based on their hero classes. One can level up any rarity-type weapon to mythic. This requires the player to use other weapons first and then provide them as a requirement for the power-up. Each weapon provides different stats and a different benefit.

Knightcore Kingdom Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in Knightcore Kingdom:

  1. Make sure to keep completing tasks as they offer a decent amount of regard and currencies required for the player to grow stronger.
  2. Keep upgrading your heroes with weapons and EXP. This will help the hero deck to grow stronger
  3. Keep in mind to upgrade all the weapons received in order to add to the power levels of the selected hero
  4. If you do not understand which hero to select for the battle, try using auto-battle. This will automatically select those heroes that can blow the maximum damage to the opponents.
  5. Make sure to upgrade buildings in order to attain gold and other such items. This will also avail the player of necessary items to power up.


Knightcore Kingdom is a highly strategic RPG, that thrills gamers who love strategic gameplay. This game has a unique 3D design that provides high-quality gameplay along with a systematic game system. This RPG has a story mode and a PvP mode. Thus it has everything an RPG lover wants. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give it a try, and never forget to refer to this Knightcore Kingdom beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Knightcore Kingdom Beginners Guide! Did you find our Knightcore Kingdom beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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