Knightcore Kingdom Character Tier List for November 2022

Choose from only the best characters of this month!

Knightcore Kingdom is a distinct strategy game by Marscat Games that shares its regime’s world and plot of the first game, Knightcore. The game offers strategic assault, tower defense, zone administration, and collecting Heroes. In combat, you will have to control your Heroes and guide them to victory. There are unique battle synergies between characters, for which having a good set of characters at the start is quite necessary. Fret not, we will help you by providing our Knightcore Kingdom Tier List of all the Characters in the game.

Knightcore Kingdom Character Tier List for November 2022

This tier list is constructed on preferences and playing methods. Depending on your desired approach to the game, it may alter. There are now 29 heroes available in the game, though that number could grow in the future. The tier list is distributed in Tier S, A, B, C, and D, wherein S is the strongest while D is the weakest one.

Strong (S)Carlton,
Good (A)Aoi (Full Moon),
Great Elder,
Kurin (Halloween),
Uluru King
Average (B)Aoi,
Poor (C)Alfie,
Queen Pella,
Weak (D)Alys,
Knightcore Kingdom Character Tier List for November 2022

Best Meta Characters for Knightcore Kingdom in November 2022

The following is a list of the best characters the player can acquire to develop a balanced side using meta characters from each grade in Knightcore Kingdom.

Tank Characters

carlton tank knightcore Knightcore Kingdom Tier List
Image via Marscat Games

The most advisable option would be Carlton. His initial stats are slightly better long with potential upgrades. The Tank class is tasked with taking the most damage for the allied unit while being in the vanguard. 

Mage Characters

uluru king mage knightcore
Image via Marscat Games

Mages have low HP but can deal more damage to melee characters while being at a distance. In this case, the character Uluru King is most advised as he has a well-balanced power level of HP and Attack power. 

Melee Characters

barett melee knightcore Knightcore Kingdom Tier List
Image via Marscat Games

Melee characters have balanced ATK and HP stats, and can deal extra damage to range characters. Here, the most advisable character to equip would-be Barrett. This is because, the movement stats are the highest for him, as well as a high HP count which will compensate dearly for the comparatively low ATK power stats. 

Range Characters

queen pella range knightcore
Image via Marscat Games

Adept at attacking from a distance, dealing extra damage to magic-type units, is the specialty of range-type characters. Here, the best meta character would be Queen Pella. This is due to her balance between ATK and HP distribution of stats, as well as decent ATK speed. 

Healing Characters

moni healer knightcore kingdom Knightcore Kingdom Tier List
Image via Marscat Games

Healers can heal allies while attacking opponents from a distance. They are the rear support of the unit. Here, the best-recommended character would be Moni, who has comparatively higher ATK stats and is suitable for the rear position. 

Final Thoughts

Given above is the list of Knightcore Kingdom tiers. Characters at the highest level ought to be given more thought. As a result, you ought to make them your first pick for your celebration. They ought to level up first and get better gear.

What do you think about this Knightcore Kingdom Character Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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