Kuboom 3D: 10 Best guns to buy in-game

Choose the best guns from each class!

Kuboom 3D is an Action FPS game that offers a wide range of different weaponry in order to help you fight off other players around the world. All the guns are entirely different from each other, it is up to you to decide which guns work best for you. We have collected a list of 10 guns that perform best in Kuboom 3D.

Only the guns which are obtainable using the in-game currency have been included. Other guns have not been included.

Top 10 Best Guns list in Kuboom 3D

Barrett (Sniper)

Kuboom 3D best guns

This is the best sniper available in the game and will deal a whopping 120 damage per shot. More often than not, this gun will be a one-shot-one-kill, unless your opponent is packed with high level armour. This sniper works a little differently to others, when pointing at an enemy, the crosshair begins to focus. It will then only fire once the crosshair has been completely centred. This means that your shots are a lot more accurate than with other long range weapons.

VSS (Sniper)

Kuboom 3D best guns

There really is nothing as scary as a fast-firing sniper. You will be sat far off in the distance picking off a clueless enemy who has no idea how and where he is losing so much health from. The VSS has a damage of 40 and a fire rate of 10.5, this is basically a sniper combined with an SMG.

Nova (Shotgun)

Kuboom 3D best guns

This is another high damage weapon, dealing 200 damage per shot. Do remember that this is a shotgun and so the maximum damage will kick in if you are at point black range. However, even at a fair distance, this weapon will, still deal good damage, especially to the head. Overall, a very smooth and easy to use shotgun for any player.

Saiga (Shotgun)

A fast-firing shotgun is always a quality weapon to use. The Saiga shotgun deals 130 max damage at a 2.5 fire rate. This gun shreds enemies at close range, and with the high rate of fire, you’ll be able to take on multiple enemies at once. It is the most expensive in terms of in-game cash, but it is totally worth it.

P90 (Assault)

The P90 is a common SMG that you probably already have heard of if you have played FPS games before. The extremely high rate of fire complements the low damage and with a capacity of 50 bullets a round, you will be able to completely destroy enemies. The only issue is the recoil, if you can learn to control that successfully, this SMG will essentially turn into a laser.

AK-47 (Assault)

Kuboom 3D best guns

Like the P90, you most likely already have heard of an AK-47 before. This gun fires high damage bullets at a high accuracy. Although the rate of fire is not as high as others, the gun will still have a quick time-to-kill. This is a great weapon for starter plays since there is virtually no recoil.

RPK (Heavy)

Kuboom 3D best guns

This is essentially an assault rifle with a higher ammo capacity, which means you will be able to fire for much longer. It is quite cheap as well, and so perfect for starter players. Bear in mind that the reload time is lengthier than other weapons, so only switch mags once you are perfectly safe from combat.

Negev (Heavy)

This is basically just a raw machine gun. A capacity of 150 bullets combined with the 26 damage and the fire rate of 10, this gun is just very good. The time-to-kill is quite low, however, you will be able to fire for a long time with the amount of ammo in your magazine.

D-Eagle (Pistols)

Secondary weapons are always important in FPS games, they act as a back-up weapon to complement with your primary. If you decide to pick up a short range weapon as your primary, the D-Eagle will handle the long-range business. It has a damage rate of 60, which means it is a 2-shot-kill. Overall, this is a very smooth and dangerous weapon to use in your primary slot.

Scorpion (Pistols)

In contrast to the D-Eagle, this gun fills in at close range combat, this is basically a shotgun in your secondary slot. It deals a huge 150 damage with each shot, but keep in mind the short range, at a distance, you will barely tickle enemies. Also, you will only have 3 shots, so use them wisely. The best strategy for using this weapon is by combining it with a sniper. You can set up a little sniper space for yourself, if an enemy creeps up behind you, switch to the Scorpion and blast them to pieces.

Did you find this list of best guns to buy in Kuboom 3D helpful? Drop your opinions in the comment section below!

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