Kurukshetra: Ascension Beginners Guide and Tips

Master the battlefield and hone your war strategies!

Kurukshetra: Ascension is a casual card game developed by Studio Sirah an Indie Indian studio with big ambitions. Their goals are to pump more Indian-style or fantasy-inspired video games into the main gaming Industry and Kurukshetra: Ascension is the beginning of that journey. The game is based completely on Indian mythology with legendary characters such as Bheema, Duryodhana, and Arjuna all making appearances. The game however for new players could be a little complex to understand, thus this Kurukshetra: Ascension Beginners Guide aims to simplify these concepts for them.

Gameplay Overview

The game as stated before has many references to Indian mythology hence the game has many characters straight from mythology for players to select. From the very beginning of the game, players get an option to choose the hero, with whom they would like to continue their journey. Players are offered to choose from 5 potential characters namely, Arjuna, Duryodhana, Bheem, Surpankha, and Bhishma.

Introducing the Basics of Kurukshetra: Ascension

Kurukshetra Ascension follows the path of the popular card game entry Hearthstone. In Kurukshetra Ascension players are equipped with a boss card, which depends on the storyline. You can be Bheem, Bhishma, Arjuna, and many others depending on the story you choose, along with the boss cards you get different soldier cards and special power cards.

Kurukshetra Ascension Beginners Guide, Kurukshetra Ascension
Image via Studio Sirah

The soldier cards include the archers, the warriors, and spear throwers. Each of these cards has its own pros and cons and can be used differently on the battlefield. There is no specific strategy to play any of these cards, they are meant to be played according to how the battle pans out to be. You also get to play some special power cards these could be in terms of battle equipment like fire arrows, and supernatural powers for your boss cards.

Understanding the game modes

Kurukshetra Ascension offers three game modes as of now, The story mode, The casual PvP mode, and The ranked PvP mode. The story mode offers different destinations where the game takes place, it starts from Hastinapur and progresses forward.

Kurukshetra Ascension Beginners Guide, Kurukshetra Ascension
Image via Studio Sirah

Each destination offers multiple 1v1 AI-controlled battles. In the first chapter Hastinapur, you get a duel between Bheema and Duryodhana, Bhishma and Dronacharya, and Arjuna vs Karna. The PvP mode offers casual and ranked matches, against real-time opponents the difficulty of matches here is much more than in story mode and offers exciting matchups.

Utilizing Soma is the key

Soma is a Vedic ancient drink prepared from herbs for Gods. In the game, Soma is required for drawing your cards and making your move in the battle. Many a time, you might have the right card in your hold but because of lack of Soma won’t be able to draw it on the battlefield.

Kurukshetra Ascension Beginners Guide, Kurukshetra Ascension
Image via Studio Sirah

Hence using and conserving Soma for the right moment is extremely necessary for Kurukshetra Ascension. As you will progress further in the game you will start drawing better cards in your arsenal which will require more Soma.

Kurukshetra: Ascension Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

The Kurukshetra Ascension as stated before is an Indian mythology-based card game hence offers a lot of options when it comes to the character cards and how to play them. This Kurukshetra Ascension Beginners Guide aims to simplify things for you.

1. Redraw a deck of Cards for 4 Soma points when required

If you are not satisfied with the deck of cards you have in your arsenal you can actually draw and reshuffle your cards in hand. This, however, comes at an expense of 4 Soma points, the reshuffle is available for free without the use of any Soma in the beginning but once the game starts it is then available for 4 points after 3 Successful moves in the game.

2. Soma points can’t be conserved during the match

Soma points have to be used in the same round once you end the turn the Soma points would be reset and you will start from a fresh page. You can’t carry the Soma points from one round to another, hence it is best advised to use all the Soma points before you end your turn in the round.

Kurukshetra Ascension Beginners Guide, Kurukshetra Ascension
Image via Studio Sirah

Soma points can also be used to reshuffle your cards, hence if you are not satisfied with the cards in your hands you can choose a new pack from the deck as well.

3. Only 7 Cards can be held in a single time

In the game, you are only allowed to hold 7 cards in battle. Hence if you are already holding 6 cards and choose to draw a fresh pair of cards again from the deck, you will lose 1 card from your pick, it will be discarded and you will be at a loss. Only draw cards when you can see that you will be able to accommodate all 7 of them in your slots, otherwise, you will end up wasting your Soma points.

4. Melee units can protect the Ranged units and your Hero card

Melee units in the game are essential for success as they are the frontline warriors their attacks are crucial to breaking the first line of enemies’ defense but they are crucial for maintaining a defensive line for your units as well. The melee units when placed in front of your hero, counter attacks the enemies’ melee attacks, thus protecting your hero card and the archer cards.

5. Ranged units can get a free kill on Melee units

Whenever the melee unit’s health rating is lesser than the health rating of the ranged unit it creates a window of opportunity for the ranged units to get a free kill on the melee unit. Free kill over here implies that the ranged unit won’t get any counter damage on their health rating for attacking the melee units.

Kurukshetra Ascension Beginners Guide, Kurukshetra Ascension
Image via Studio Sirah

This is literally a cheat code for the time when the battle gets heated and you are running low on Soma points. All you need to do is to keep a tab on the opposite melee unit’s health rating and attack with your ranged unit when the time is right.

Final Thoughts

The game, Kurukshetra Ascension portrays the essence of Indian mythology brilliantly, not many games have tried to touch this side of gaming, the card game however is a little bit complex for new players to settle in, the in-game intricacies make it a hard game to play, at first players might struggle but the game slowly grows on and once it does it could lead to a joyful experience, this Kurukshetra: Ascension Beginners Guide aims to help the new players in settling to the game’s rhythm.

Did you find this Kurukshetra: Ascension Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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