Last Hero: Shooter Apocalypse Beginners Guide and Tips

Become the Last, But the Ultimate Hero!

Last Hero: Shooter Apocalypse is an action shooter game developed by Pride Games. The game has numerous locations filled with filthy creatures you must knock down. The voyage is filled with ups and downs, have a strong determination and go ahead to showcase your warrior self. Last Hero has some of the finest features that will help you throughout the journey without fail. You won’t find any storyline, this is a Shooter game where you need to clear out locations and progress ahead. So, follow my Last Hero Beginners Guide and become an ultimate hero. Make sure you check out the redeem codes piece if you want some freebies at the start of your voyage. 

Gameplay Overview

Last Hero: Shooter Apocalypse has one of the best and easiest mechanics for enjoying the journey. First, let’s discuss the game mode. It has some, but the primary mode is Episodes. We will be discussing about Episodes later in the basics.

The main motive is to clear out stages in each episode by knocking off the odd creatures. Your character will be handed over with a Gun and hence, Shoot! You can easily upgrade your character or the gears with it. Apart from the experience and the category, the gameplay mechanics are just commendable. 

Last Hero: Shooter Apocalypse redeem codes, Last Hero: Shooter Apocalypse
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The UI and mechanism of the game are quite user-friendly. When you start the game, you just need to control your character with the joystick. It is the only job you need to do properly. Last Hero is an automated game and thus, your character will shoot down its opponents on its own. While you move your character, you will collect some Match EXPs. this resource will help you select Additional Skills. These skills help your character be more powerful and hence, you can easily knock down the enemies. 

Last Hero: Shooter Apocalypse Basics

Game Mode

You will get to see 3 main modes in the game; Episodes, Gold Mine, and Challenge. Episodes are the primary mode of all. In this mode. You will have 20 locations, all are consecutive levels. Every location is termed as each Episode and each of them will have a minimum of 3x Stages. You need to clear a location and unlock the next one. 

Last Hero Game Mode
Image via Pride Games

Gold Mine is a mode where you have to fight against creatures and collect gold. Gold is one of the main resources in the game and hence its requirement is high. You will have a time limit of 1 minute. So, fight and grab as much as gold you can. Next up is Challenge. In this mode, you can go through previously completed episodes. But the enemies will be more modernized and powerful. This mode will also help you gather the necessary resources. 


Inventory is the section where you can gear up your character. Gears are quite important and so is equipping them. You can upgrade them with the help of Gear Tokens and Golds. The best part is, that you get to Craft better weapons. If you have Weapon Cards of the same rarity, go to the craft section, add, and process them. This will help you get a better and more promoted weapon. 

Image via Pride Games

You can even get to unlock characters. Every character is unique on its own due to the special abilities present in each one of them. You can unlock them with Character Cards. Unlock Chests and collect character cards to unlock the best ones. The same procedure is followed for the Pets


In this section, you will get to upgrade the overall stats of your character. This upgrade applies to all the new characters you unlock in the middle of your voyage. To upgrade the skills, you need Gold and Power Up potions. The procedure is quite easy, you just get into the section and then tap on the skills. Use your resources and upgrade them. Remember, the skills are upgraded consecutively, you cannot randomly upgrade any skill and boost your character. 

Patrol and Quests

Patrol and Quests are yet another place to get resources. In Patrol, you can claim resources as an Idle Drone continuously fights with the creatures. For this purpose, you will get resources after a regular interval.

Image via Pride Games

Quests come with some Daily, Weekly, and Achievement tasks. Completing them lets you win resources throughout your journey. You can earn resources like Power Gems, Gold, Gas Cans, Tokens, and Cards. 

Battle Pass

Like other games, you will witness Battle Pass in Last Hero too. But the difference is, that most of the games have 2 Passes. But Last Hero: Shooter Apocalypse has 3.

Last Hero Battle Pass
Image via Pride Games

You will get Free, Survivor, and Premium Passes in the game. The Premium Pass comes with rewards 3 times better than the Survivor one. The Passes are quite expensive and include real-time transactions for accessing them. 

Last Hero: Shooter Apocalypse Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Lookout where you Move

The only thing you need to do is, move your character properly. Quite an easy job, but starts becoming difficult as you unlock more episodes. Look out everywhere during the Invasions. Locomoting your character properly will help you save his Health. Comprising this point might lead to failure later if not focused from scratch. So, look out where you keep your steps.

2. Choose the Add Ons wisely

While killing the enemies, you will collect lots of EXPs. after collecting a certain amount, you can add some additional Power-Up Skills to your character for that particular round. Out of the choices you get, choose the skill that will be more effective and useful to you. Check out the purposes and then select wisely. These add-ons will help you defeat the odds faster and commence to the next stage. 

3. Complete Quests, Patrols, and Pass Missions

Quests, Patrols, and Pass Missions are the real hub of resources. You need to focus on them to collect some lumpsum resources during the initials. Some resources like Gold, Gear Tokens, and Gas Tokens are really important. Without them you can’t upgrade any necessary gear, and place matches respectively. So, complete the assigned tasks and fill your bag with currencies.

4. Go for better Characters

Every character is unique due to the presence of extra abilities. Some are quick, some deal with damages, and some move faster. You need to check out for the most suitable one as per your play style. Go through all the special abilities characters hold, open chests, and collect their cards. This will help you unlock the character you desire.

5. Gear up with the Best Tools

Gears are very important as they will help you to knock down the filthy creatures, and also protect you from their attacks. Focus on collecting better gear from chests. If this doesn’t work, then go for crafting gear. By this, you can easily equip powerful weapons and clear episodes in just no time.

Final Thoughts

Last Hero: Shooter Apocalypse is a great game to enjoy while you are travelling, or just want to kill your time. Easy to play, and has better graphics, interesting features, and adventurous episodes. UI and mechanics are very easy to understand and hence, you start enjoying the gameplay experience real quick. So, do not wait too long and start your journey! Should you face any issues, don’t hesitate to fall back to my Last Hero: Shooter Apocalypse beginners guide for tips!

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