Eggy Party Beginners Guide and Tips

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Eggy Party by NetEase Games and Exceptional Global is an exciting casual mobile party game similar to Fall Guys. It offers energetic multiplayer gameplay with thrilling mini-games and challenges. Navigate through unpredictable obstacles, outsmart opponents, and enjoy vibrant graphics, catchy music, and intuitive controls. Play with friends or compete against strangers worldwide, unlocking costumes and customization options along the way. Join Eggy Party for hours of addictive fun and friendly competition, experiencing the adrenaline rush and joy it brings.

Although the Eggy party is a fun party game for friends and going through it would be just a fun obstacle course. This, however, does not stop people that would want to play competitively in the game. In this article, we will look into how to effectively play the game, especially for those that would want to start the game with knowledge in mind.

Eggy Party: Gameplay Overview

In Eggy Party, the players are immersed in a world of energetic party game fun where they will need to navigate their adorable egg-shaped characters through a series of obstacle courses and mini-games. The goal is to outplay other opponents and overcome hurdles while striving to reach the finish line first.

The game mechanics of Eggy Party are designed to keep players engaged and on their toes. Each mini-game presents a unique challenge, from dodging swinging hammers to jumping over spinning platforms, even to fighting against other players with bows and skills.

Eggy Party Beginners Guide
Image via NetEase

Players must use their reflexes, timing, and strategic thinking to maneuver through these obstacles swiftly. The unpredictable nature of the game keeps the excitement levels high as players never know what awaits them in the next round.

Introducing the basics of Eggy Party

Game Modes

There are currently two main game modes for the game that would be available in the game that would be there to stay. These game modes are casual play that would be for casual players that would just want to play old regular eggy parties with themselves or with friends.

Additionally, there is the Ranked game mode where the players may be able to play more competitively against other players so that they may rise the ranks as are in most online games that are available today. This gives a more competitive feel to the game where more players attempt to learn better in the maps to gain better chances of winning in the games.

Eggy Party Beginners Guide
Image via NetEase

However, there is also an available rotating game mode for players to choose from. As seen below this includes Hide and Seek, Playground of Murders, A Day at The Circus, Cat-and-Mouse Game, and the Crazy Course. Each game mode gives a unique gameplay experience for the player. This game mode rotates in availability within time frames which adds to the excitement of getting your favorite game mode and even waiting for these game modes to be up to play them by yourselves or with friends.

Eggy Party shines in its multiplayer mode, allowing players to work with or compete against friends or challenge players from around the world. By participating in intense races and competitions, players can showcase their skills and strive to be the better player than their friends.

Mastering the in-game Skills and Utilising Items


Skills play a vital role in the game and are considered one of the player’s biggest assets. A player can choose their skills in the main menu after unlocking them. These skills will be available, especially in the game modes where PVP is enabled, and making use of these skills in the right timing and place may turn the tide of a losing battle to a certain winning one. Check our in-depth Eggy Party skills guide to know more on this.


Eggy Party Beginners Guide
Image via NetEase

Items are stuff in the obstacle course that is comparable to the items found in Mario Kart which when picked up by the players, may be used to either boost the player’s progress by giving power-ups such as speed boost or super jump or hinder the progress of other players by either giving the player weapons or just straight up being a trap or a hindrance to the opposing players. Knowing when and where to use them will be key to winning games in the Eggy Party.

Understanding the in-game Gacha of Eggy Party

Soft Gacha

Eggy Party has a gacha system in which players are given a choice of if they would want to take part or not. This is due to the system making it so that the things that would be gained in the gacha system would not necessarily give an edge to the people that do not.

This is a huge plus for the Free to Play friendliness of the game as the system does not reward the whale players to have better chances at winning as this usually is what ruins many good mobile games. With this said the equipment gained from the gacha system is only for vanity.

Vanity System

The vanity in the game is immense although it does not affect the actual gameplay of the player the vanity system is a huge take into the gacha of the game. Gaining new outfits for your eggs by playing is a huge plus where you can have bragging rights when getting rare gears in the gacha drops by playing more.

Resource Management

Fashion Badge

The Fashion Badge is one of the four main in-game currencies available in the game. This can be considered the main Free-to-Play currency that is used by players in the game. Players do not need to top up real money to gain access to this currency as it can be gathered through gameplay and leveling up. It is used to buy certain Skins, Emotes, and Items that are purchasable in the Egg Mart.

Egg Coin

Eggy Party Beginners Guide
Image via NetEase

Egg Coin is next and in contrast to the fashion badge, the Egg coin can be considered as the main Pay-to-Play currency used by players in the game. This currency is what the players will mainly top up on with real money. This can be used to buy almost anything from Skins, Emotes, and even draw in the gacha.

Bottle Cap

Bottle Caps are the Fashion Badge equivalent for the gacha system of the game. This is because it is considered as a free currency that can be used for the second gacha system where players may be able to win vanity items such as shoes, skins, and the such.

Shiny Coin

Shiny Coin is the Egg coin counterpart in the game. Although they are rarer they can sometimes still be obtained in the game without having to pay for real-world money. This gacha system though gives better loot than the one that uses the bottle cap for currency This means that if you would want better vanity items make sure to pull from the Season Mystery Box.

Eggy Party Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Dominate Eggy Party by learning the best path or course and avoiding unnecessary detours. Stick to the designated path to ensure a smooth progression and eliminate the need for restarts. Get comfortable with the controls to minimize accidental course-outs and maintain a steady pace.

2. Charging through the Goal

Balls along the path that needs to be sent into the goal are easy to be dealt with, tap into the Charge function to score goals with efficiency. Utilize the charge icon strategically to strike the ball into the goal, guaranteeing a flawless run devoid of failures.

3. Long Jumps may save you in the long run

Conquer challenging gaps and obstacles by mastering long-range mid-air jumps. Combine the Jump and Charge options to execute these jumps with precision. Initiate the jump first, and while still airborne, tap the Charge button when the gauge is fully charged to achieve remarkable distances.

Eggy Party Beginners Guide
Image via NetEase

This makes it so your character dashes through the air while being in mid-air making it so you will be able to reach distances that you would not ordinarily be able to reach

4. Make use of your Surroundings

Take advantage of in-game objects to overcome difficult situations. When confronted with unreachable high platforms, strategically employ objects like boxes as stepping stones. Customize and adapt the properties of objects to match your gameplay needs and overcome hurdles.

5. Utilise your Skill and Items effectively

Unleash the true potential of your skills by synergizing them with suitable items. For example, using Freeze and Thunder while using the bow for the PVP portion of the game will make it an easy win for you. Experiment with various combinations to unleash powerful results that surpass your expectations.


There we have it! Go now and experience the exhilarating and addictive mobile party game, Eggy Party! Applying these guides to its energetic gameplay, vibrant graphics, and catchy music, this game provides hours of fun and friendly competition for players.

It will now be especially easier to win against friends in this party game. Go now and always remember that the main point of these games is to be able to enjoy their mini-games and their friendly competitive aura. Make sure to have fun and modulate the level of competitiveness that you exert in the game. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Eggy Party beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

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