League of Legends: Wild Rift Braum Guide: Best Build, Runes and Gameplay Tips

The Heart of the Freljord

League of Legends Wild Rift’s Braum is a very useful support type hero generally played as Tank. He has a lot of magic damage and sustainability. So according to his playstyle, we can easily put Barum in A tier pick. Braum has a nice crowd control ability but it is a little hard to use, once you master the combos then you can push up rank easily with this hero. Braum is not just a hero, he is a responsibility. Now without further ado let’s just jump into the LoL Wildrift battlefield with Braum. In this guide, we will take a look at the best runes, spell, build, including tips and tricks to pave your way to victory with Braum in League of Legends Wild Rift.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other LoL Wild Rift heroes like Amumu, Master Yi, and Jinx. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Braum.

Skill Analysis

Braum is a champion with the common five skill sets of one passive and four actives. In this Braum guide, let’s see what are his abilities in LoL Wild rift, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of him.

Passive – Concussive Blows


Braum’s general attacks apply concussive Blows to enemies and it lasts for 4 seconds. After getting the first debuff effect from Braum, his allied champions auto attacks will also add a stack to the Concussive Blows. When it reaches 4 stacks, the enemy will get stunned for 1.24 seconds while taking 32 amount of magic damage. After stunning enemies, they will not receive any stacks of Blows for the next 8 seconds but they will receive an additional 7 amount of magic damage from Braum. A Blue Circle timer will appear below the enemy which indicates the cooldown of Concussive Blows.

Skill 1 – Winter’s Bite

CD – 10/9/8/7, Mana – 55/60/65/70

skill 1

Braum throws an ice cube that deals 60/120/180/240 amount(60+5%) of magic damage while slows them down by 70 % for 2 seconds. A single stack of Concussive Blows will be added upon hit by this ability.

Skill 2 – Stand Behind Me (Buff)

CD – 13/12/11/10, Mana – 55/60/65/70

skill 2

This is Braums Second Active skill, the skill name says all. Braum leaps to an ally hero, while both of them will gain 10/15/20/25 Armor(+10% Bonus Shield) and 10/15/20/25 Magic Resist(+10 bonus magic resist) for the next 3 seconds.

Skill 3 – Unbreakable (Shield)

CD – 16/14/12/10, Mana – 35/40/45/50

skill 3

Braum will raise a shield that will block auto attacks and ranged skills for the next 5 seconds, but he can only block attacks in the direction of his created shield. The first attack that will hit against Braum’s shield will deal no damage. After the first attack, the damage of the following attack damage will be reduced by 28%/32%/36%/40%. Braum’s movement speed will be increased by 10% after raising the shield. Keep that in mind turrets damage can not be blocked by a shield. Use skill 3 and Skill 2 combo to save your allies.

Skill 4 – Glacial Fissure (AoE)

CD – 90/80/70, Mana -100

skill 4

This is his ultimate skill. Braums slams the ground in the designated direction and opens a line of fissure; which deals 150/250/350(+60%)amount of magic damage to the enemy while knocking him up for 1/1.25/1.5 second(the following enemies hit by this skill only be knocked up for 0.25 seconds). It also slows down the enemies by 40%/50%/60% for 4 seconds.

Skill Up Methods for Braum

Unlock and level up Skill 1 until it’s maxed. Then start leveling up Skill 3 followed by Skill 2. Ultimate (Skill 4) whenever available.

Best Runes Setup and Spells for Braum in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Runes Setup

Wild Rift Braum Guide

Use Font of Life keystone to deal damage and side by side heal allies based on Braum’s max health, followed by Weakness for bonus damage and Loyalty for bonus AR/MR. Which will help him to survive on the battlefield. Set Pack Hunter as your last Minor runes to gain extra 50 gold and extra movement speed near ally champion.

Summoners Spell

Flash is very essential for Braum, cause he is a tank and lacks escape skills so use it wisely to get out of the Combat zone. Now set Exhaust as your second spell. It will reduce the target movement speed by 20%. You can set Heal as your second spell too. It will help you to heal your allies and side by side increase your sustainability.

Best Builds for Braum in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Core Build

Winters Approach

This is the core item for Braum. It will provide him +40 armor,+450 max mana, and 10% CDR on skills. When mana drains it transform into Fimbulwinter and will caped at +1150 max mana. This item will help you to cast your skills more often.

Protectors Vow

This is also a core item for Barum. This item will give you and your ally a shield after taking damage. This item will also provide you +350 max health and +10% CDR. Prioritize it as your second item.

Zekes Convergence

This item is too much suitable for Braum’s skill. It will provide 40 MR(Magic Resist) and 40 AR(Armor), which will amplify Braum’s skill 2 and boosts ally attack damage. Not only that these items unique passive will deal an extra 40 amount of magic damage if Braum slows a burning enemy.

Randuins Omen

It will reduce the damage from the critical strike by 15% and also reduces enemy attack speed. This item will help you to deal with a ranged hero in the late game.

Warmogs Armor

This item will help you to Regen your HP. It restores 5% health per second if Braum does not receive any damage within the last 6 seconds. Build this in the late phase and you do not have to recall to your base for lost HP.

Core Item Build vs Support/Assassin Build

Wild Rift Braum Guide
  • Winter’s Approach
  • Mercury’s Treads(upgrade it to Mercury’s Stoneplate)
  • Protector’s Vow
  • Zeke’s Convergence
  • Randuin’s Omen
  • Warmog’s Armor

Core Item build vs AD Champions

Wild Rift Braum Guide
  • Winter’s Approach
  • Ninja Tabi(upgrade it to Ninja’s Stoneplate)
  • Thornmail(Reflects damage and reduces enemy healing)
  • Zeke’s Convergence
  • Randuin’s Omen
  • Warmog’s Armor

Core Item build vs AP/Tank Champion

Wild Rift Braum Guide
  • Abyssal Mask(Enemies are vulnerable to magic damage)
  • Ninja Tabi(upgrade it to Ninja’s Stoneplate)
  • Protector’s Vow
  • Zeke’s Convergence
  • Adaptive Helm(reduces repeated magic damage)
  • Warmog’s Armor

League of Legends: Wild Rift Braum Gameplay Tips

Braum is a pure support/tank type hero, so as a tank his main duty to protect the damage dealer e.g. Marksman. He is known as a dragon lane supporter. So before laning check your map side. According to his gameplay, we can break it down into three phases. Our League of Legends: Wild Rift Braum guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game in the game.

Early Game

First, buy buts of speed and help your not steal kills or minions unnecessary. At the end of the slain, you will get gold too. See enemy pick and build your first core item.

Wild Rift Braum Guide

Buy Glacial shroud and upgrade it according to your need. Spam Skill 1 and auto attacks with your allies to stun enemies more easily.

Mid Game

In this phase never leave your MM.Try to perform combos in that phase like, first activate shield then jumps into your ally and save him from enemies killing blow.

Wild Rift Braum Guide

Do not fall behind gold. Building 2 core items will make you more sustainable. If you are low on HP, do not initiate unnecessary fights.

Late Game

This is the best phase for Braum. Upgrade your boots into Stoneplate which will provide you additional health(if your team has a more fragile hero upgrade your boots into Redemption) and do not afraid to save your allies by using skill 2. Try to build Warmog’s armor as fast as possible. Do not try to solo or push the lane alone. Always gank with your team and when 2/3 enemies are dead try to capture Elemental Drake and Baron. This will higher your winning possibilities. Additionally, you can perform Skill combos like

Skill 3+ Skill 2+ Skill 4+ Skill 1

You can interchange the combo, varying upon the situation.

Champs that can counter BraumChamps that Braum can counter

Additionally, Braum forms strong pairs and serves as Best Combos with Ezreal, Ashe, Jinx andVayne.

Final Thoughts

Braum is very helpful in a team fight but he totally depends upon his skill casting combos. Stunning enemies by using his passive is very important and though fissure has a short area enemy can easily dodge from that. So keep patience and make yourself more sustainable to use abilities. Raise your shield when needed, cause in some cases the shield will protect you from Lux, Ezreal’s long-ranged ultimate.  

With the above guide, you can easily practice Braum in LoL Wild Rift, and before heading to play ranked matches practice a little bit in the PVP mode.

That’s all for today’s League of Legends: Wild Rift Braum Guide. Do you prefer to use Braum in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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