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Legend of Almia: Idle RPG Guide: List of best Beginners Friendly Decks

Best Beginner Friendly Decks in the game!

Legend of Almia: Idle RPG is an Idle-based RPG game developed by Leniu Games. This game has a background in the existence of Nighold, a Black Dragon who invaded the Almia continent, therefore you will fight these enemies with mythical heroes. Apart from the RPG genre, this game is card-based, which means you need to arrange your decks in such a way that they become strong decks. Therefore, in the following, we will discuss the Best Beginners Friendly Decks in Legend of Almia: Idle RPG

Best Beginner-Friendly Decks in Legend of Almia: Idle RPG

First Deck

Legend of Almia: Idle RPG Best Decks


Koizumi Maru
Legend of Almia: Idle RPG Best Decks
Koizumi Nashi

 In this Deck, you can use the full faction from Dragonville because the faction is easier to get when summoning. This deck is fairly balanced in terms of damage, tanks, and support. Kuchiki plays a role in giving direct damage via teleport to enemies who have the lowest HP and highest ATK, then Tao plays a role in AoE damage, Wukong can knock down, then there is Koizumi Maru who can do reflection damage, and lastly, Koizumi Nashi who support them like recover HP.

Second Deck






In this deck, there are 4 cards with the warrior profession, which means that this deck relies on sustainability and melee attacks, but there is 1 Mage-type hero who helps them from behind in terms of giving damage. If you want a deck that wants to attack sequentially in the sense of front row first, this deck is perfect.

Third Deck

Legend of Almia: Idle RPG Best Decks
Legend of Almia: Idle RPG Best Decks
Legend of Almia: Idle RPG Best Decks

Ne Zha

This deck contains cards or heroes with full damage. In this Deck, you can deal DPS damage through Ne Zha‘s burn, attack enemies with the lowest HP so they die immediately from Kuchiki skills, some can attack and restore their HP like Abraham, and some can summon like Lily, some cards or heroes can deal damage in AoE like Tao

Best Cards for beginners in Legend of Almia: Idle RPG

Here are some of the best cards or heroes that you can use for beginners, especially for the early chapters. You can get these cards easily through rerolling or summoning the events in this game, besides that, you can also get them by redeeming free codes if it’s still available. Here is the list of the best cards:

  • Wukong
  • Kuchiki
  • Tao
  • Niyod
  • Lily
  • Koizumi Naru
  • Koizumi Nashi
  • Rania
  • Ne Zha
  • Thor
  • Abraham
  • Regulus
  • Shun
  • Abaddon
  • Nereus
  • Ganoderma
  • Shun

Final Thoughts

When you play Legend of Almia: Idle RPG, you need to arrange the deck as well as possible because there are lots of cards in this game from various factions and professions. From these 2 things, you can consider how you determine the playing style of a particular deck.

What are your thoughts on our guide on Best Beginners Friendly Decks in Legend of Almia: Idle RPG? Let us know in the comments below!

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