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Limbus Company Sinner Tier List for March 2023

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Limbus Company is a great 5v5 RPG game with extraordinary 2D graphics that steals the interest of the players toward their favorite game list. The game has many interesting characters known as Sinners as per the game data. These Sinners possess unique powers and different sets of Affinities that lead them to become stronger throughout the game. Thus, due to the presence of so many unique features and powers, players often get confused based on the judgment of what can be the best 5 member squad they can go for. Thus, here is a detailed Sinner tier list and class descriptions to help players know about the best sinners throughout Limbus Company. 

Limbus Company Sinner Tier List for March 2023

Limbus Company mainly divides the sinners into S, A, and B tiers respectively 

Strong (S)Kurokumo Wakushu Ryoshu,
Kurokumo Wakashu Hong Lu,
Tingtang Gangleader Hong Lu,
G Corp. Corporal Manager Gregor,
Kurokumo Henchwoman Rodion
Good (A)Liu Section 6 Meursault,
W Corp CleanUp Agent Don Quixote,
G Corp Head Manager Outis,
LCCB Assistant Manager Ishmael
Average (B)Jefe De Los Mariachis Sinclair,
Blade Lineage Cutthroat Outis,
Shi Section 5 Heathcliff

Best Sinners for Limbus Company in March 2023

Kurokumo Wakashu Ryoshu 

Ryoshu is one of the smartest and strongest swordswoman players can witness in the game. This character can deal with the most amount of damage and can also come up with the best ones.

Limbus Company Sinner Tier List
Image via Project Moon

The character has a single target attack known as Force Strike that comes up with 38 damage. The character also has 2 active skills namely, Clean Up and Lenticular Swirl, and these attacks also come up with 38 damage respectively. 

Tingtang Gangleader Hong Lu

A daring gang leader straight away from the world of gangsters is now all set to become the greatest sinner players will witness through the game. The character has a great impactful physical strength and thus comes up with one of the highest damages.

Limbus Company Sinner Tier List
Image via Project Moon

The single target attack of this character stands as Throat Slit which provides a total of 38 damage. The character also comes up with skills like Shank and Mutilate that also lets the opponents enjoy a direct hit of 38 damage respectively. 

G Corp. Corporal Manager Gregor

A general manager that supposedly became a sinner when stood over the battlefield, is now considered one of the strongest beings in the game players can check out now. The character is an ultimate sharpshooter with the finest physical strength that is commendable.

Limbus Company Sinner Tier List
Image via Project Moon

The single target attack, namely Hack provides direct damage of 41 to its opponent. The character also has 2nd and 3rd active attacks namely, Disember and Eviscerate, and these two attacks also come up with 41 damages respectively. 

Final Thoughts

Limbus Company has a great taste of characters that will keep the player’s interest while they go through all the characters. Thus, check out the tier list and the best three characters that will surely help out players to make an ultimate team with the help of these sinners. 

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