Longleaf Valley Beginners Guide and Tips

Save the Valley!

There are very few games present nowadays that help or make the players learn something different from the experience they provide, such a game is Longleaf Valley. It is an amazing game that plants trees on behalf of the players as they progress further into the game. The game is an amazing casual puzzle game where players need to merge certain items and then merge them all together to form new items. Thus, let us know more about Longleaf Valley in-depth, and also give you some valuable tips with our beginners guide

Gameplay Overview 

Longleaf Valley is a puzzle-based game where players do not have to line up similar kinds of icons and pop them out to get points. Rather players have to merge two similar items to form a new item and thus then they can complete the quest assigned and gain resources. Longleaf Valley revolves around a story where a lady doctor visits her favorite childhood picnic spot and finds that it has become a barren land with no greenery.

She then decides to try her new serum that helps the plants to grow very fast and thus the story goes on with the journey of recovering the picnic spot again. The game comes up with various items that originate from mainly Campsite and Trunk of a Tree. By merging these items players can get tools such as cutters, sows, mushrooms, small plants, and many more. 

Longleaf Valley Beginners Guide
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Merging items, unlocking new tools, and collecting them help players to gain so many resources such as Tree tokens, Gold coins, and EXP points as well. Tree tokens are the main resource in the game that a player needs to gather the most. As for progressing further into the game, players need to find items and collect them and thus they will be rewarded with Tree tokens. Players can then use these Tree tokens to complete some tasks such as planting trees, growing bushes, and many more. 

Introducing the basics of Longleaf Valley

Longleaf Valley has a very limited amount of in-game features but they are the ones that will surely help out players to reach out to the top and restore the Valley soon again. Following are the in-game features players can witness while playing:

The Main Game mode

Longleaf Valley redeem codes
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The Main Game Mode is the section where the players can go up and start merging items to get the desired tools or plants such as sows, cutters, brooms, mushrooms, and other kinds of Flower trees as well. This helps players to collect the items and receive a certain amount of Tree tokens which they can further use to develop the Longleaf Valley and restore the beautiful picnic spot. 

Tree Planting section 

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The tree planting section is the section where players can see the number of plants that have been planted to date by the players. The developers promise that they will plant trees after players collect a certain amount of plantation tokens by playing the game more and more. They can also keep track of the number of plants they plant and check out the overall plantation number as well. 


Longleaf Valley Beginners Guide
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The map is the section where players can check out all of the areas covered under the Longleaf Valley and thus they can move to that certain habitat, unlock them and again restore it just like before. At first, only one location will be unlocked. Players need to level up themselves and by leveling up only, other habitats and locations will get unlocked eventually.


Inventory is the place where players can find out all the Tree tokens and other valuable resources that they own and thus can use them from there as well.


Quest is the section where players will be getting daily tasks and they need to complete them. By completing the assigned tasks, players will receive Gold coins in the form of a reward and if they complete all the tasks for the day, then players will easily receive a few energies and rewards as well.


Longleaf Valley Beginners Guide
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The shop is the area where players can go for buying in-game resources with real-time transactions and thus can get their hands full of the required resources. Players will get a free hamper box from the Shop section every day just after they login in the form of a daily login reward. 

Longleaf Valley Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Merge the Items and try to get more tools 

Players must merge the items and make new tools so that they can expand their knowledge of creating new tools and thus they will eventually end up getting a lot of Energies and Tree tokens which they can further use in restoring the valley.

2. Do not waste your Money on the Shop

Players must not waste their valuable money over the shop as the game provides a sufficient amount of resources required to progress further into the game and thus save money for something valuable.

3. Complete the Quest

Players must complete the daily assigned quests so that they can earn a lot of resources such as Energies, Gold coins, Tree Tokens, and more. This also helps them receive EXP points and thus players can level up themselves quickly. 

4. Use Tree Tokens and restore the Valley

The more the players play and merge items to form new tools, the more they will receive those Tree tokens and then they can use them easily to restore the valley. Restoring the valley will help the players to gain a lot of Plantation Tokens and EXP points that will lead them to level up quickly and get their first-ever tree to be planted by the officials. 

5. Try to save the Energy 

Players get a certain amount of Energies and thus they must save them and use them properly while they are in the game. Losing a lot of Energies unnecessarily will put them into trouble and then players have to wait a lot for the next lot to get restored. 

Final Thoughts

Longleaf Valley is a great game that has the essence to come up with certain values and learnings for the new generation of players. Thus, follow up on this detailed beginners’ guide and go through the tips mentioned properly so that you do not make any kind of mistake and hence plant a tree on your name as soon as possible. 

That’s all from us for Longleaf Valley Beginners Guide! Did you find our Longleaf Valley beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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