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Lords Mobile Guild Fest Guide and Tips

Are you ready to clash for Guild Fest?

Lords Mobile is an RPG game that is filled with events, and Guild Fest is the most significant of them all. It is a week-long event, and unlike other events, the Lords Mobile Guild Fest’s rewards list is quite lurking. The more your guild progresses in the gauntlet, the more reward levels become available. However, abandoning or canceling quests would not result in the restoration of a quest attempt. We’ve compiled a list of the best guild fest quests to help you prepare ahead. Moreover, in this Lords Mobile Guild Fest Guide, you will have a compilation of our all-time favorite Guild Fest lists, tips, and tricks along with some additional tips to complete the quests without much hassle.

What are Guild Fests in Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile Guild Fest Guide
The Guild Fest is a seven-day event in Lords Mobile

The Guild Fest is a seven-day Lords Mobile Event that allows you to complete tasks within a defined time frame. The more difficult the Guild Fest Quests, the more points you get. The higher your ranking, the more prizes you will receive collectively. The awards are excellent. It is worthwhile. Guild Fest, sometimes abbreviated as GF, is a seven-day event during which guilds compete for points by completing Guild Fest Quests. The Guild Fest Board features twenty quest slots. Members of rank 4 and 5 guilds have the ability to delete quests that have not been claimed yet. There will be no loss of points or attempts. After claiming or removing a search, a new one will appear 30 minutes later. Once approved, a search must be completed and submitted within the specified time frame. If the time limit is extended, the search will fail.

All you need to know about different Guild Fest Quests

Next up in this Lords Mobile Guild Fest guide are the top 14 Guild Fest quests which we recommended that the players should take these listed quests as early as possible to gain maximum benefits and advantages.

1. Use Familiar Attack skills

Although numerous familiars possess attack abilities, there are only two f2p familiars with attack abilities: Pyris (Pact 2B) and Grim Reaper (Pact 4). Prior to beginning this mission, ensure that your familiar has been upgraded to Elder stage and that you have a merged skill stone. Also, it is worth trying this for around 160 Points.

2. Increase the total Might

This quest can be completed through troop building, and turf quests. We have also covered some beneficial ways to increase Might in one of our previous Guides.

3. Increase Might research and troops

This will be extremely simple if you prepare this well in advance, well before Guild Fest begins! Also a Research that takes twenty days after assistance will yield only 500k might. Players must accelerate the speed.

4. Spend Gems and Guild coins

This is for free-to-play players who have been hoarding gems for other things. Many players save their guild coins and gems for the Guild Fest quests, as they are unquestionably the easiest to complete.

5. Trading your Cargo Ship

Cargo ship trades quests come in a variety of different point values; if you don’t mind doing low-point quests, choose the one with eight trades. Above all, players can use six-hour timers to expedite the process. Cargo Ship Trading is available every six hours. This is an excellent quest for newcomers. Simply be mindful of the amount of time remaining (and how many more quests you have). This quest is very easy, but it does require you to log in at the appropriate times to shorten the time limit. Although it may be inconvenient to make your search last so long, the good news is that it is very easy!

6. Get Dark Essence

It’s one of the simplest guild fest quests, which earns you bonus points. Seek out quests that require six Essences in particular to earn more points.

7. Open Mystery boxes

Open Mystery Boxes is another simple yet time-consuming search; however, do not take it after the sixth day or if you are left with just two or three quest attempts; it can take more than two days to complete the highest point quest. The most efficient method of completing this mission is to use the alarms. If you’re unfamiliar with mystery boxes, they’re the little jumping boxes that appear on the bottom right side of the game screen after a few minutes. This quest is incredibly time-consuming and will likely consume the entirety of your festival time. The mystery boxes are those obnoxious jumping boxes that bounce up and down every couple of minutes (or maybe an hour).

8. Meet a Gemming gremlin in Kingdom tycoon

Another guild fest quest that is only available to P2P players, as the tokens are not only costly, but you must roll the dice several times to reach the gemming gremlin. However, if you have any spare gems, this is a simple task to complete.

9. Gather resources

In this quest, you can gather all of the five resource tiles, but the food is quicker to gather and have a greater amount of resources.

10. Dominate the Labyrinth Guardians

It awards a massive amount of points and, if the quest coincides with a special event that gives away exclusive materials for your weapons, it is not to be skipped. Ensure that you use the Normal Labyrinth rather than the Elite Labyrinth, and check your bags to ensure that you have enough Holy Stars to complete it. Ideally, 5000 Holy stars will suffice to defeat the boss (Labyrinth Guardian), as there is some risk involved of seeing a gemming gremlin. However, you can find yourself wasting all of your Holy Stars without greeting the boss.

11. Phase 3 Hell Events

As the name implies, hell events are incredibly difficult for beginners to complete. Proceed with this guild fest quest only if your bags are bursting with Speed Ups or if you don’t mind investing real money, and that too a large amount. Full Phase 3 Hell Events quests are extremely enjoyable to complete and sustain a high score for experienced Master Gauntlet players.

12. Complete Admin quests

As the title suggests, make sure you complete as many Admin quests as possible. Many beginners don’t know what to do with such quests. Make sure you timely complete such quests as early as possible to stay one step ahead in the race.

13. Clear a full level 5 Resource tile

It is highly dependent on your kingdom and guild, but if they do not mind others collecting level 5 tiles, this is a worthwhile quest to undertake. There are, however, hurdles. Like tiles at level 5 require a large number of troops. Also, in a crowded kingdom, level 5 tiles are scarce. Tip – If you are unable to locate an entirely empty level 5 tile, bookmark the tiles that are approaching completion, as each completed tile spawns a new one nearby.

14. Supply resources

Before starting the journey, check your castle to ensure that you have sufficient items. You may also request to your guild members to return the resources to you if you are in need of them. No doubt, it is a magnificent quest. Simple and enjoyable. Bear in mind that, of all the Supply Resource Quests, food is possibly the least desirable. Anyone with troops is almost certainly wasting food. Unless you have big projects in mind for the surplus food that will return, you are likely to lose all of the food to time. Yup, it is what it is.

Tips and Tricks for Guild Fests in Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile Guild Fest Guide
  • Keep all boosts in reserve. This one should go without saying. Yes, both research and routine accelerations, as well as training accelerations are possible. Then during guild fest, they’re all squandered.
  • Enlist another player’s assistance by initiating a low-level farm, soliciting assistance, canceling the build, and repeating the process. Nobody loves sending help requests – this task is much more difficult for the person helping than it is for the person doing it – but if you work together and complete it at the same time, it will go quickly.
  • Scrolls for Admin/Guild Quests – simply save them up, as these are extremely fast.
  • VIP Quests – for this one, simply keep an eye on the timer.
  • Invest gems – keep your gems and only use them during the fest. During this search, purchase all three large building materials and shields at the same time to save money.
  • For Send Help quests, guild members can spam assists by upgrading a low-level resource building multiple times and then canceling the upgrade.
  • If all mystery boxes are opened simultaneously with the timer, the average time required to open 40 boxes is 28 hours.
  • Spend Guild Coins – similar to crystals, each coin should be saved between Fests.
  • All Holy Stars, Luck Tokens, and Gems must be saved.
  • Focus on the Hell Event Quests. This is a feature reserved for advanced and expert players. Concentrate on the large quests during the first few quests to boost your numbers, and the event will feel significantly less stressful.

What are the rules for Events and Gauntlets in the game

Event Rules

  • You may participate only if your guild has at least 25 members and your castle is at least Lv15.
  • You can only earn points for the guild in which you began the event. (No switching guilds in the middle of an event.)
  • Once you accept a quest, you have a set amount of time to complete it. If you exceed the time limit, the quest will fail.
  • Abandoning quests will result in the loss of all quest attempts. Select your quests with care!
  • Guild members with a rank of 4 and above have the ability to delete quests that have not been claimed yet. There will be no loss of points/attempts.
  • After 30 minutes, if a quest is claimed or removed, a new quest will appear.

Gauntlet Rules

  • Five Gauntlets are available. From the least to the most: Gauntlet for the Beginner Gauntlet for the Intermediate Gauntlet for the Advanced Gauntlet for the Expert Gauntlet for the Master Gauntlet
  • First-time participating guilds will begin in the Beginner Gauntlet in their first Guild Fest.
  • Guilds that reach Tier 8 and are ranked in the top five will advance to the next Guild Fest’s higher Gauntlet. Guilds must reach Tier 8 and be ranked in the top three to qualify for the Master Gauntlet.
  • If a guild is ranked in the bottom five in any of the first four Gauntlets, or in the bottom six in the Master Gauntlet, they will be dropped to a lower Gauntlet in the following Guild Fest.
  • Quest attempts and reward tiers are updated in real-time as the Gauntlet changes.
  • Master Gauntlet: Ten Quest Attempts, Twenty-seven Tiers of Rewards
  • 9 Quest Attempts, 24 Reward Tiers for the Expert Gauntlet.
  • Advanced Gauntlet: Eight Quest Attempts, Twenty-one Tiers of Rewards
  • Intermediate Gauntlet: Seven Quest Attempts, Eighteen Tiers of Rewards
  • Beginner Gauntlet: Six Quest Attempts, Fifteen Tiers of Rewards.

About the Guild Fest Rewards in Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile Guild Fest Guide
Claim a lot of rewards from Guild Fests in Lords Mobile

When a guild member scores points this will unlock the tier prize. In each prize tier, there are 3 different prizes. After the event ends, players can only collect 1 Prize from each unlocked Level but not only about the rewards from this event can see members who are active and those who do not cooperate can be more felt in this event. Players must claim their event rewards within three days of the event’s conclusion (rewards depend on your Tier). Moreover, the guild points are calculated using the points earned by members. The Ranking Reward will be awarded to guilds that reach Tier 8 and are ranked in the top 5.

Final Thoughts

The Guild Fest will be extremely boring before you master it. If you’ve figured out the Guild Fest, it’ll become less of a chore and more of an adventure. With all of the top guilds requiring a higher point total for Guild Fest, it is critical for beginners and intermediate players to complete their quests effectively and with a higher score. Not only this, but also some quests take an eternity to complete with a low point total, while others can be completed in a matter of minutes. If you are a guild leader, please distribute this guide to your members. Furthermore, if you get lost, you can always refer to our guide to help you shine in the game.

Did you find our Lords Mobile Guild Fest Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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