Love and Deepspace Beginners Guide and Tips

Dive in a journey filled with love, action, and interstellar wonders!

Step into the extraordinary world of Love and Deepspace, the immersive dating simulation game presented by InFold Pte. Ltd. This game is not your typical romance adventure; it’s an exploration into the realms of love, mystery, and futuristic charm. This Love and Deepspace Beginners Guide will walk you through the essentials, ensuring you make the most out of your adventure in Love and Deepspace.

As you embark on your journey in Linkon City, you’ll be greeted by impactful and story-aligned 3D art that ensures realistic interactions, whether you’re enjoying an Arcade date or capturing those unforgettable moments with a selfie. If you want some freebies check out the redeem codes available in the game!

Love and Deepspace Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Create your Character

Before you dive into the world of Love and Deepspace, the first step is setting up your appearance. Start by choosing a face that suits you, and then tweak details like skin color, hairstyle, and other facial features. The customization options are somewhat limited to the presets provided by the game, but you can still create a unique look by selecting from the available choices.

Love and Deepspace Character Creation
Image via InFold Pte. Ltd.

Additionally, you have the freedom to fine-tune facial expressions for a more personalized touch. Once you’re satisfied with your avatar’s appearance, confirm your choices, and you’re ready to move on to the next phase of the game.


In Love and Deepspace, you’ve got a reliable partner by your side, always ready to accompany you through thick and thin. This companion comes equipped with special skills that prove invaluable in battles. From the get-go, you have one partner readily available.

Love and Deepspace Partner
Image via InFold Pte. Ltd.

However, there’s a whole roster of additional partners waiting to join you, and you can unlock them through the game’s summoning system. These male leads in the game not only act as your romantic interests but also serve as formidable allies in combat, each possessing a unique elemental ability called “Evol” that can give you an edge in battles.

Upgrading Memories

In the game, memories are the cherished moments you share with your companions, and upgrading them is crucial for enhancing your allies in battles. You can improve memories using bottles of wishes, granting them EXP to increase levels and attributes. As memories reach every tenth level, you can ascend them using crystals from different Stellactrums to raise their level cap.

Love and Deepspace Memory Upgrade
Image via InFold Pte. Ltd.

Another way to boost memories is through awakening, achieved by using specific awakening hearts or Stellactrum crystals once a memory reaches its maximum level cap. This transforms the memory into a radiant one with special effects. Ranking up memories with corresponding memory shards not only upgrades their ranks but also significantly enhances their attributes.

Additionally, you can equip Protocores with memories, further increasing their power. Protocores, categorized into four classes, can be placed in lunar and solar slots to augment the strength of memories in Love and Deepspace gameplay.

Date Your Favorite Companion

In the game, you have the opportunity to date your favorite companion and engage in various romantic activities. These include playtime, where you enjoy happy moments together, a photo studio for capturing memories, “Falling for You” to write exclusive romantic chapters, and anecdotes for creating new stories with your partner. Each activity deepens your bond, unlocking rewards and improving your affection level.

Love and Deepspace Dating
Image via InFold Pte. Ltd.

Participating in these dating events not only enhances your interaction with your partner but also unlocks new features, stories, and scenes, offering a deeper and more awesome connection. So, dive into these romantic escapades to make your Love and Deepspace experience truly special.

Take on Wanderers Together

As you journey through the expansive world of Love and Deepspace, you and your partner will confront various mysterious aliens. When facing these extraterrestrial enemies, your partner acts independently while you take control of the female character. To successfully combat the monster aliens, it’s crucial to dodge incoming attacks and maintain a continuous assault for substantial damage. Release your skills at the right moment to efficiently defeat the menacing creatures.

Love and Deepspace Battle
Image via InFold Pte. Ltd.

Holding down the attack button unleashes a charged attack, allowing you to deal more damage strategically. Additionally, honing your dodging skills is vital; timing a dodge just before an enemy’s attack lands triggers a perfect dodge. Executing a perfect dodge not only helps you evade damage but also empowers your support skills.

Complete Agendas

Completing tasks is a fantastic way to earn rewards and valuable resources. Don’t overlook these tasks, as they provide generous benefits once finished. Tasks fall into three categories: daily, journey, and weekly.

Love and Deepspace Agenda
Image via InFold Pte. Ltd.

These tasks are easy to accomplish right from the start of the game, aiding your progress and rewarding you simultaneously. Daily and weekly tasks involve simple activities that refresh regularly, while journey tasks act as milestones or achievements with substantial rewards. Keep an eye on these tasks to enjoy fantastic prizes and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Love and Deepspace Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Achieve More with Achievements

Achievements are your ticket to extra pink diamonds, and they’re more accessible than you think! For instance, snap 100 photos to unlock achievements. Simply click on your name in the upper left corner, then tap the badge-shaped Leisure Day Mood at the bottom to explore and accomplish achievements.

2. Keep an Eye on Timed Items

Certain items have time limits, so always stay vigilant. Check the remaining time in your inventory by clicking on your name in the upper left corner and selecting the backpack-shaped icon at the bottom. Don’t miss out on time-sensitive opportunities!

3. Master Star Resonance in Battles

Unleash the power of Resonance Skills during battles by aligning the star resonance of your cards with that of the monster. This tactic breaks the monster’s two-layer shield. Boost your overall combat strength by including more cards with matching star resonance on your team.

4. Time your dodge

Perfect your dodges by evading right before an enemy’s attack. These precise moves not only save you from harm but also boost your support skills. Get the tactical edge in Love and Deepspace battles – unleash perfect dodges to enhance your strategic prowess and dominate the cosmic challenges!

5. Upgrade Memories wisely

Give your cherished memories a boost by using bottles of wishes. These magical bottles add experience points (EXP), making your memories in Love and Deepspace even more powerful. Level up your memories to discover new features and captivating stories.

Final Thoughts

In Love and Deepspace, discover a delightful mix of romance and cosmic adventures. Customize your character, deepen connections with your companion, and navigate thrilling battles against alien foes. The guide provides handy tips, from upgrading memories to mastering combat ensuring an enjoyable journey through this unique game.

With a focus on love, excitement, and cosmic wonders, Love and Deepspace offers a memorable gaming experience for players of all levels. Immerse yourself in this cosmic romance and enjoy the captivating blend of love and action.

That’s all from us for the Love and Deepspace Beginners Guide! Did you find our Love and Deepspace Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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