Love and Deepspace Voice actors list for English, Japanese, and Chinese language

Curious about the voices behind your companions?

Love and Deepspace, the thrilling first-person dating simulation game brought by InFold Pte. Ltd., has truly won the affection of players globally. Its immersive gameplay and engaging narrative have created a special connection with fans. One remarkable element that contributes to the game’s emotional depth is the exceptional cast of voice actors who breathe life into the characters. In this article, let’s uncover the voices behind the game’s beloved male leads: Xavier, Zayne, and Rafayel.

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Complete list of Love and Deepspace Voice voice actors

Experience a global adventure with Love and Deepspace, where you can choose from English, Japanese, and Chinese voice options. This special feature lets you customize your gaming journey. Immerse yourself in the diverse voices of Xavier, Zayne, and Rafayel.

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Love and Deepspace Voice cast

Following is the list of actors behind the voices of your favorite male leads in Love and Deepspace.

CharactersEnglish Voice ActorsJapanese Voice ActorsChinese Voice Actors
XavierTBAKobayashi Yusuke Qin Qiege
ZayneTBASato TakuyaZhang Lei
RafayelTBAShinnosuke TachibanaMa Yang

Final Thoughts

The talented voice actors in Love and Deepspace enhance the gaming experience by skillfully conveying the characters’ emotions. While the search for English voice actors continues, the Love and Deepspace community stays united in their passion and appreciation for these skilled individuals who breathe life into the game. Stay tuned for updates and credits, and feel free to share any findings in the comments to contribute to the ongoing exploration of Love and Deepspace’s voice-acting cast.

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