Ludo King: A few tips and tricks to earn coins rapidly

Ludo King is easily one of the most popular android games in India today. The popularity of this game varies from age 8 to 80. Simple, refreshing and the ability to play with family and friends offline and online contributes heavily to the popularity of this game. Today we’ll discuss how to gain more and more coins in Ludo King asap. Coins are very useful in the game, as you have to enter online matches through coins and you can purchase different interesting themes in-game like these with the help of coins. 

1. Playing more online matches

Online matches are one of those tools which have made Ludo King such a huge success. You should definitely try out online matches in Ludo King (if you haven’t done yet) for the fun and excitement part of it.

There are two types of online matchmaking available in Ludo King- with random players and with friends. You have to enter these matches with the help of your coins and if you win (or finish 2nd in case of a 3/4-player game) you win a fair amount of coin back. The more coins you spend while entering the room, the more coins you can win. So to increase your coin balance, it is obvious that you have to play more online matches

Two Types of Online Mode in Ludo King

2. Taking risks

If we consider a 50% winning rate in a 2 player game and 25% winning rate in a 4-player game then you can win 4500 coins extra for every 10,000 coins you spend for playing online matches. Your chances to win more coins increase if you take more risks and play matches that require higher coins for entering(e.g. 10000 and higher). So, suppose your coin balance becomes 100,000 you should take the risk to play a 50,000 coin match that can reward with more coins (45,000 coins extra if you win a 50,000 coin match). So, in our opinion, if you are looking for increasing your coin balance at an exponential rate, this step is very important for you.

Extra Coins are rewarded as the challenge increases

3. Completing the missions

Live missions are a very interesting part of the game. You can complete missions by playing matches while fulfilling the mission requirements in the meantime. You can unlock many interesting and beautiful themes in-game by completing these missions, thereby saving your coins. There are 7 total themes available in the game now, so try unlocking all of them by completing various live missions within this lockdown period!

Themes are rewarded on completing missions

4. 7 Up Down: A recent addition for more coins

It’s an interesting mini-game concept recently added in the game for the users to earn more and more coins. Two dices will be rolled, and you have to guess whether the total count on the two dices will be more than, less than or equal to 7. If you guess correctly, you can earn double or triple the amount which you bet. You can increase/decrease the amount you bet. If the total count=7 and you guess it correctly, you earn triple, and if the total count is either greater or less than 7 and you guess it correctly, you earn double. The risk-to-reward is definitely higher in selecting either 2-6 or 8-12 so we’d suggest choosing between these two options. But if you feel like it, go for 7!

7 up down mini-game in Ludo King
7 up down min-game in Ludo King

5. Spin the lucky wheel of coins

There is a lucky wheel in the game by spinning which you can earn between 50-1000 coins, and you get a free spin every 4 hours. You can also unlock more spins by watching additional ads. If you are running short on coins, this is something you should definitely try. It’ll help in increasing your coin balance rapidly by spinning as much as you want.

Wheel of coins in Ludo King
Wheel of Coins in Ludo King

The game offers you as much as 5000 coins per game if you install some additional games on your phone. You can remove the app instantly after installing it, but the 5000 coins will stay in your coin balance! Great, eh? Well, we felt that too. This is probably the fastest way to boost your coin balance overnight, but sadly there are a limited number of games only.

Install related games in Ludo King
Games you can install for additional coins

7. Watching ads

You can watch up to a limit of 5 ads per day, which will increase your coin balance by 300,400,500,600 and 700 coins respectively. So, 2500 coins per day just for a few seconds of your time are definitely worth it! This is indeed a great way to earn coins rapidly.

Ads in Ludo King
Ads in Ludo King

8. Daily Logins

Like other mobile games, there are great login rewards in Ludo King too, and guess what, more coins! If you keep logging in for consecutive days, the number of coins you receive per day as the login bonus also increases gradually. Also, you can double your login bonus for the day by simply watching an ad. Have a look at the following picture for details.

Log-in rewards in Ludo King
You can earn 4750 coins weekly by simply logging in everyday; you can double it up by watching an ad per day

Did you find this article helpful? Or, did we miss out on some other useful ways of earning coins in Ludo King which you have tried? Feel free to mention them in the comment section below!

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