Best Ludo King Memes to Share with Friends

The old board game of Ludo became the talk of the town after people were advised to be home quarantined as a precautionary measure for Coronavirus aka COVID-19. It was that time that families sat together and tried their hands-on cooking, art, literature, random saree challenges, and whatnot. Usage of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc became an all-time high. Ever since the lockdown was announced, Ludo King broke all mobile gaming records in India. Not only the game but its meme went viral as well. Here is a look at some of the best Ludo King memes.

1. Stay inside and none will ever do any harm

Mumbai Police shared this meme on Instagram with all the pawns being inside the specific colored squares, all ready to step out once the dice rolls. They shared this in order to tell people about how dangerous the virus can be if you roam outside.

2. Playing ludo shows maturity? Ofcourse not!

3. Teasing from friends when they switch from PUBG Mobile to Ludo

ludo king meme

When PUBG players switching to Ludo.

4. Reactions are real

There are tons of Ludo games available on Google and App Store. Ludo game went viral as it can be played online with friends as well. As the game has become popular all over the world, Ludo memes are also being shared on various social media platforms.

5. When you lose regularly

6. Who is the king of Ludo?

7. None is a friend when playing Ludo

Here, our Joey (Matt LeBlanc) from Friends can kill your “Pakki Goti” as well just like that.

8. Future is unpredictable

This can be heartbreaking for many

9. Save life, safe life

This gives you a feeling of power on another level 😀

10. This is business

This is true indeed! The developers of mobile games are making millions.

11. The unpredictable life in Ludo

12. Lets play Ludo!

Chalo Khelein? 😛

Are you and your friends playing the game of Ludo during quarantine? Let us know in the comment section below, how did you feel about the Best Ludo Memes

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