Madden Mobile Madden Futures Field Pass: Is the grind worth it

Madden Mobile announced its last field pass of the year, Madden Futures. It will be lasting all the way until the season reset on August 8. That is 51 days of Madden Futures Field Pass. Because this is the last Field Pass of the season, EA decided to release 7x 105 OVR Grandmasters, and raise the point limit to 1,000,000.

Madden Mobile Madden Futures home screen
Madden Futures home screen

Madden Futures maths

Here’s a complete mathematical breakdown of the Madden Futures field pass for you.

Madden Futures Point (MFP) calculation

SourceTotal MFP count
Daily Goals12 Daily Goals * 20 MFP per Daily Goal * 51 Days = 12,240 MFP
LvL Drives3 LvL Drives * 40 MFP per LvL Drive * 51 Days = 6,120 MFP
Daily Pack100 MFP per Daily Pack * 51 Days = 5,100 MFP
MF Achievements10 Achievements * 500 MFP per Achievement = 5,000 MFP
MF Division Sets(1000 MFP per Division Set * 8 Division Sets) +
(7500 MFP per Conference Set * 2 Conference Sets) +
5000 MFP for completing Division + Conference Sets = 28,000 MFP
Gauntlets600 MFP per Stage * 10 stages = 6,000 MFP
Daily Login500 MFP per Day * 29 Days = 14,500 MFP
Complete MFP breakdown for Madden Futures Field Pass

That gives us a total of 61,960 Madden Futures Points without playing any season.

Madden Mobile Madden Futures gauntlets
Gauntlets in Madden Futures

Let’s see how seasons rewards are going to add to the total MFP count:

Seasons Rewards

In a season, you can get:

  • 6 Seasons Games per 150 MFP
  • 13 Seasons Games per Season
  • 325 MFP per Season

If you complete 1 Season per day, you get 325 MFP * 51 times = 16,575 MFP. Additionally, if you can complete 2 Seasons per day, you get 325 MFP * 102 times = 33,150 MFP.

Postseason Rewards

In a postseason, you can get:

  • 3 per SB
  • 150 MFP per Season

If you complete 1 Season per day, you get 150 MFP * 51 times = 7,650 MFP. Also, if you can complete 2 Seasons per day, you get 150 MFP * 102 times = 15,300 MFP.

That means you can get a grand total of 100,685 MFP if you play 1 season per day. If you play 2 seasons per day, you get a grand total of 124,910 MFP.

Madden Futures Field Pass Rewards

EA decided to release 7 x 105 OVR Grandmasters for Madden Futures, which is the last field pass in Madden Mobile 20.

Master players Madden Futures
Madden Futures all master players

If you are a F2P player, you can get a maximum of 4 x 105 OVR Masters.

Master Requirements

105 OVR Quenton Nelson requirements: Log in to the game for 30 Days.
105 OVR Chris Jones requirements: 12 Promo Masters built.

Final thoughts

Overall, the Madden Futures in Madden Mobile 20 isn’t half bad. You can probably get 4x 105 OVR Grandmasters with a consistent season grind. However, we would recommend you not to grind seasons. Season reset is coming soon, and we don’t think it’s worth it to spend an hour every day for 51 days for a single 105. For a good field pass, happy grinding!

That’s all for today’s guide about the Madden Futures Field Pass in Madden Mobile 20. What are your thoughts about the new field pass? Let us know in the comment section below! Read our other Madden Mobile articles here.

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