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Madtale Beginners Guide and Tips

Get your basics right!

Madtale is the latest entry to the strategic idle RPG genre. Developed by Archosaur Games, the game recently got a soft launch for Android devices in selected regions around the world. Since the game has just launched and is popularly growing, most players who are new to the genre are in wait for a Beginners guide for Madtale.

To make things easy, we have come up with a guide for beginners with tips to get to know the basics of the game. Once players get the knack of the game, the rest of the game will be simple, which helps them conquer more levels as they progress.

Understanding the game basics of Madtale

Madtale is a story-driven RPG, so players will have to follow a particular path to progress. Every step a player takes will be on the Adventure route. Battles are an integral part of the game, where you meet foes and have to take them down to move ahead. Before going to the game mechanics and battles, players should understand the menu bar and the options each of them provides.

Game Basics in Madtale
Image via Madtale
  • Main City: Features the in-game options where you can recruit, see your quest progress, add/manage friends, and claim coins and gems.
  • Wilderness: Additional paths or challenges that unlock as the player progressed levels up. This will reset once in two days.
  • Adventure: This screen carries the majority of the game, where a click would see the player continue his patch.
  • Partners: Integral part of the battle. Players can have up to 120 partners in the inventory. Each partner will have their unique skill moves and can be equipped with up to four Gears.
  • Bag: Contains the items the player collects during his path, quests, etc.

The resources in the game are part of the currency and expenditure. They are used in upgrading the partners, items, etc. More details on each of them are given below:

  • Coins: Basic currency. Utilized for upgrading partners, chests, etc.
  • Gems: Another currency, used throughout the game. Can be claimed through quests, achievements, etc.
  • Memory Essence: A crystal that is used to upgrade partners. Can be obtained through Adventure, Wildnerness, and the Wagon (explained in further sections).
  • Hero’s Proof: A medal decorated with gems that allow players to upgrade the special moves of a partner when they reach a particular level.

Mastering the in-game Battles and Combat

Players will play the Adventure to understand the story, and it is majorly played throughout. Each adventure is divided into parts/chapters, which on completion will yield rewards and unlock the next one. Obstacles are in the form of battles, and this stage is unveiled after interacting with the foes.

Adventure and Battles in Madtale
Image via Madtale

There are also choices to choose from, which will impact the story and decide how the story is going to unfold. So players are advised to select these options carefully to avoid hindering their progress. During the journey, they’ll encounter side quests that they will have to fulfill. It will open out the adventure world even wider.

The battle mode might be idle, but the partners you choose for the battle make a difference. Be it upgrading levels, unlocking skill moves, or improving them. As players level up, they can arrange their squads with a setup of different partners, currently allowing up to four slots of Squads.

Madtale Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Upgrade your partners

Without any doubt, your partners play the most important role in your progress. So to get the better of the opponent, upgrading your team is very essential. Players have to assemble their team with the partners of their preference and upgrade accordingly. Our preference is to choose those partners who have a good balance of HP (Health) and ATK (Attack) stats.

Upgrading Partners in Madtale
Image via Madtale

Each partner will have special skill moves, which at reaching a particular upgrade level, can obtain the locked skill moves. However, this can again be upgraded up to Level 3, while you upgrade the partner further. While some partners have three special moves, few partners have up to four skill moves. Out of the skill moves, there will be an Ultimate Skill move for every partner.

Do not forget to assign the best gear possible to every partner. This is an added advantage to boost the ATK, HP, SPD, and DEF stats. You can check the rating and opinions of various players worldwide for each partner, which can help assemble the best of the lot among your current unlocked names.

2. Visit the Bag menu often

The Bag menu holds mysterious items in its possession, where a few hold the utmost importance. The items are categorized into four types: Item, Gear, Shard, and Alchemy. The advantage of collecting these is the additional benefits they provide. More resources will provide easy means of upgrades.

Bag and Shards in Madtale
Image via Madtale

For example, if you get a new gear, it’ll reflect in the Gear section. Players can understand the stats, and if better, they can have their partners equipped. In terms of resources, consumables like coins provide you additional coins, and Shards, when combined can get you new partners of different rarities. It’ll depend on what rarity you are combining, Rare, Elite, etc.

3. The Wagon gives you the most resources

An idle reward system, the Wagon boasts of providing the player with the maximum resources of different varieties, which include Coins, Exp, Memory Essence, Gears, etc. Understanding the Wagon isn’t any task, as they are in the game to give the fruit of hard work to the players. It’ll keep running every day, whether the player plays or not.

Players can see the drop rate at which the Wagon is running to know at what rate it is collecting at that moment. All the player has to do is log in and reap the rewards while they grow in XP and Resources without moving an inch.

4. Visit Fountain and Museum to manage your partners

Pretty much all players will have a query on whether they’ll pull a duplicate partner card. Oh yes, you can, and most of the time, you will. Since a maximum of 120 partner cards can be managed, players will look to release these extra cards to make space for new or unlocked cards, and that’s where the Fountain and Museum play a major role.

The Fountain implements a “forget system” which allows players to release a player for resources. They can add up to twelve partners at one go. Once forgotten, the Partners will disappear from the inventory, but the consumed items like Memory Essences, and Hero Proofs, will return back to the bag. However, only Rare partners can be forgotten. For partners having higher qualities, the Museum makes its entry.

Fountain and Museum in Madtale
Image via Madtale

The Museum is a locus where players can promote their partners to higher tiers. This will upgrade the stats and qualities of the partners. The number of partners that needs to be consumed depends on the rarity of the partner undergoing the process. Again, the consumed items like Memory Essences, and Hero Proofs, will return back to the bag.

5. Do collect your awards from Login rewards, Achievements, and Packs

Simply said, these yield players with a plethora of resources they can use from. The Main City features the Quests and Achievements section while offering many gifts and daily login rewards.

Achievements and Rewards in Madtale
Image via Madtale

Each partner when unlocked can yield 100 gems each when you scroll through the partner info section. So, players should not miss out on such free rewards and have to keep an eye on every menu.


Madtale is a very feature-rich based game, so many items in the game might confuse players who are new to the genre. Our tip is to not rush in. Understand the game and slowly proceed further. The game offers well-defined features and several interesting sections that keep up the interest of the players. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Madtale beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for the Madtale Beginners Guide! Did you find our Madtale Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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