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Madtale: The Complete Partners Guide and Tips

Need to handle your foe? Call your partners!

Madtale is a strategic idle RPG game developed by Archosaur Games. The game recently got a soft launch for Android devices in selected regions around the world. In the game, the players need to explore the natural surroundings and fight against various enemies. To conquer every foe, having Partners in the game are very essential in which this guide will help you understand your partners better in Madtale.

Recruiting and Class of Partners in Madtale

Recruiting Partners

The first step is recruiting partners in Madtale. Yes, there will be some packs initially while new players get hands on a couple of partners, but these shouldn’t be essentially the best ones from the lot, or the players’ first preference. So, before going for battles which are taxing or levels above in strength from your arranged squad, look for managing your team in the best way possible.

In Madtale, you can recruit Partners via either of the following: Shards or Recruitment Items.

  • Shards: Tokens that can be used to combine and obtain partners.
  • Recruit: From the Clock Tower, players can recruit partners via recruitment items or gems. Three types of recruits can be done: Advanced, Camp, and Friendship. All are obtainable in-game.

Class of Partners

Partner class is another way of filtering the best among your picks. But players need not go to the higher partner class always, it mainly depends on the squad you are deploying (will be explained below). Classes or Quality of a partner is the level of card currently at.

There are a total of five classes: Epic, Elite, Legendary, Mystery, and Glitter. The 5-Star Glitter is the highest class or quality of a partner, and only a few can achieve that level. Each partner is capped at a certain level in a particular class. Players can utilize the Museum to get the benefit of promotion.

Elite to Elite+ upgrade in Madtale
Image via Archosaur Games

Promoting partners helps you in increasing the stats. For example, the bottom class, Epic, needs one more Epic duplicate (same partner card) to class up to an Epic+ card. This Epic+ card will have a stats boost after the promotion.

Understanding Partners and their roles

Madtale has a lot of characters to choose from as partners, which is an added advantage in order to choose the best for your squad. However, there are categories to choose from, as each partner will be assigned a distinctive role from the other. Players should be able to understand first the difference between the partner types and on that basis form their team.

Partner Roles/Professions

Partners’ are first categorized based on their professions. There are a total of five partner professions categories in the game namely Warrior, Assasin, Archmage, Sorcerer, and Sage.

  • Warrior: Takes the front row. DEF (Defense) and HP (Health) are their best attributes. These two attributes make him suitable to take the damage while leading the front.
  • Assassin: Killer instinct in the attack. DMG (Damage) is their best attribute, which has the ability to deal a fatal blow to their foes. Similar to Warrior so the best bet is to place them in the front row.
  • Archmage: Skilled partner types in the game. Casts skills to stage advantage of vulnerabilities. Can be placed in any row, however, place them in the back row if the Warrior and Assassin partners are in the squad.
  • Sorcerer: Another skilled professional. Has a great DPS (Damage Per Second) attribute. Deals heavy damage, but lacks HP. Back-row placement is recommended.
  • Sage: A magician professional type provides the buff and heals the players around them. So, to protect them till the end of the battle, keep them in the back row.

Once players claim partners, they can train them according to their wishes depending on the stats of the player and the maximum level they can go up to.

Partner Camp Aura

Camp Aura is another way of sorting your partners in the game. These are essential to gain bonuses in the attack and perform counters against the opponent. So, before deploying your partners, know the cycle of counters, which is called Camp Counter in the game, to adjust your team accordingly.

In the game, there are up to six Camps namely Holy Light Order, Council of Thorns, Life Federation, Tough Skeleton, Deity, and Witch. The first four circle around them in terms of counters whereas the Deity and Witch aura act as direct counters.

Camp Counter in Madtale
Image via Archosaur Games

There are also counter bonuses offered in terms of the squad selected. Starting from a +5% bonus, some cases might even go up to +40% bonuses. This depends on the partners the players have selected. This can be viewed in the battle menu before or during the battle.

Complete list of Partners available

The complete list of partners available in the game is given below. These are currently the available ones, and players once they unlock the partners, can choose their partners accordingly to improve bonuses and team strength.

Role/CampHoly Light OrderCouncil of ThornsLife FederationTough SkeletonDeityWitch
WarriorGolden Charlie
Mary Perlo
Prabhu Phil
Gruul Lydon
Laura Cole
Rilla Reed
Ali Baba
Verlios Pilt
Arnell Reed
Stan Wall
Coad Core Bonar
Anneta Borun
SorcererKathy Keller
Maria Lohr
Eno Gaia
Alicia Lohr
Elena Cody
SageRenard Panni
Capet Augu
List of Characters sorted by Role and Camp

Tips to utilize your Partners effectively

Here are some tips to remember in this partners guide so that players can get the best from their partners in Madtale.

  • Train your most offensive warriors the most. They deal the highest damage, and hence training them will be very essential in building a strong squad.
  • Before clicking the Battle button, check the bonuses activated in the bottom right corner. Adjust the squad accordingly, and also check the opponent’s squad. This will help in boosting your partners as well as counter the opponent effectively.
Bonus in Madtale
Image via Archosaur Games
  • Learn about each character before you go to battle. Team strength alone isn’t enough as tactical battle lies in the counters and depending on that, the deployment of the players.
  • Try to mix your troops according to the bonus provided. The bonus helps a lot in covering the damage dealt or inducing damage to the opposition squad.
  • Follow the front and back row lineup ideas. For example, if you are using a Sorcerer or Sage, playing them in the front row will not help them last longer.
  • The speed of each partner plays a major role in not missing out on moves or having a slower attack reaction. Higher the partner’s speed, the quicker the reaction to act in a round.

Hope you enjoyed reading this partner’s guide for Madtale. You can always try your hand at selecting the team of your choice, but before that, do make sure you train them.

That’s all from us for the Madtale Partners Guide! Did you find our Madtale Partners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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