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MeowHeroes Beginners Guide and Tips

Become The Strongest Hero

YUEYOO GAMES published MeowHeroes, a mobile game. Set out on an incredible adventure through the colorful world of MeowHeroes. Choose from four classes, establish alliances with friends, and face off against hilarious bosses. Collect mystical creatures, customize your appearance, and experiment with various skill combinations. This mobile RPG is jam-packed with surprises and thrills. For all the enthusiastic fans of the game, here is our beginners guide outlining the basics of MeowHeroes.

If you’re new to the game make sure to check out our currency guide to learn how to make the most out of your currencies. Also, dive into our pet guide to learn about the benefits of having companions in battles and how to make the most out of them to strengthen your team. Don’t miss out on redeeming available codes for exclusive rewards to boost your progress.

Gameplay Overview

MeowHeroes is an idle game, also referred to as an incremental game, that is characterized by its core strategy of leaving the game running on its own with little or no player participation. While interaction with the game is generally useful for progression, it is not required for extended durations of playtime.

The core gameplay of MeowHeroes involves users equipping equipment, assigning talents, and leveling up their pets before leaving the game to farm levels and rewards on its own. The game has automated settings, which means that the player’s character attacks the monsters as soon as they appear on the screen, and the player does not have to manually fight the opponents, with only boss fights needing the player to manually challenge the boss.


Each region has a set amount of stages that the players must complete in order to go to the next region. Additionally, the players must defeat the boss at the end of each region to progress to the next region. Players can access the battle immediately after entering the game; the player’s character begins fighting immediately after entering the game.

Once the game begins, the player’s primary concern is to equip new equipment dropped by foes throughout the fight, upgrading their character and equipment in between, and leveling up their pets.

List of different Game Modes in MeowHeroes

1. Combat Mode

The moment you enter the game the game immediately enters combat mode, where you constantly battle enemy hordes and farm EXP until the player manually challenges the stage or region monster to advance to the next stage or region.


The combat mode is also the major mode because defeating the bosses allows the player to progress deeper into the plot and see more varied regions. In battle mode, players may also farm equipment.

2. Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village contains a variety of modes and utility-based shops. There are facilities such as a market, warehouse, arena, costume shop, and exploring area.


In Rainbow Village, you can access the ruins explore mode and the PVP arena mode via Kayne the Explorer and Bob the Gladiator, respectively.

3. Ruins Explore Mode

Kayne the Explorer will take you to the ruins explore mode. The ruins explore mode has two extra modes:

MapleHeroes Idle Adventure

Ancient ruins explore and Tower ruins explore. Players can farm adventure coins, pet food, and soulstone in ancient ruins. Players can farm Pri.Res.Lapis, Int.Res.Lapis, Adv.Res.Lapis, and Pre.Res.Lapis in tower ruins explore, which are used as Tier-up materials for T10-T15 gear.

4. Arena Mode

Clicking Bob the Gladiator will transport you to the Arena mode, where PVP (Player vs. Player) takes place. To access the arena mode, the player must first reach level 22.

MapleHeroes Idle Adventure

In arena mode, the player fights with his character and five pets against another player’s team, which also includes their character and five pets. Winning in arena battles will boost your rank while losing in arena battles will lower your rank, and vice versa.

Introducing the Basics of MeowHeroes

Character Development

At the start of the game, you can pick between four classes: Knight, Ranger, Mage, or Priest. With each level up, you begin equipping equipment, assigning skills, and developing your stats based on the classes you choose.

MapleHeroes Idle Adventure

You should also keep track of the character promotion quests and aim to finish them, as completing the promotion quests allows players to advance their characters to higher ranks, making them stronger.

Gacha Banners

The Gacha banners in MeowHeroes are divided into four sections. First, there is the skill summon, where you can spend the skill coupons to summon additional skills for your character. Following that is standard pet summon, where you can spend the pet coupons to summon pets and have a chance of acquiring a pet ranging from R-Tier to SSR-Tier.

MapleHeroes Idle Adventure

The next option is Race pet summon, where you can utilize race draw tickets to summon pets based on the race of your choice. Finally, Mythic pet summon where you can use the dragon balls to summon Mythic SSR-Tier pets, which are often the strongest.

Pets Mechanics

One of the most significant aspects of MeowHeroes is the pets. They are very important in doing damage or defeating foes in the story or combat mode, and they are also very important in ranking up ranks in the arena.

MapleHeroes Idle Adventure

Pets are classified into four tiers: R, SR, SSR, Legend SSR, and Mythic SSR. Pets’ power levels rise as their tiers rise.

Warehouse Management

The warehouse should not be overlooked while you are lost in fighting, growing characters, and nurturing pets.

MapleHeroes Idle Adventure

Despite the fact that the game automatically alerts players when there are claimables in the warehouse, you should still check it frequently and claim the rewards in order to use them more effectively and develop your character to be stronger in the game.

Daily Quests and Personal Achievements

The game gives the players daily quests. To complete the daily quests and gain valuable gifts, players must complete a specified series of missions. The daily quest resets every day, so make sure to complete the daily quest and claim the rewards.

MapleHeroes Idle Adventure

Additionally, the game has personal achievements where, similar to daily quests, players must complete certain goals to collect the benefits. The prizes of personal achievement are often Gold Mushroom, which is one of the game’s valuable currency.

Shirley the Market Vendor

Shirley the Market Vendor is in Rainbow Village. She plays an essential part in assisting the player in acquiring strong gear, unique pets, strong skills for both character and pets and many important currencies, as she sells all of these in her store. All of her things can be purchased with either adventure coins or gold mushrooms.

MapleHeroes Idle Adventure

Her shop resets daily with new valuable items, and players can reset her store manually for free for the first time, after which the free reset is put on cooldown for 2 hours. While the free reset is on cooldown, players can reset the store with 10 gold mushrooms, which increase with each reset.

MeowHeroes Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Level Up your Gears and Pets

Players should regularly upgrade their gear and pets. They must improve their abilities and equipment to easily overcome their foes. It is also suggested to improve stats with each level up.

2. Complete the Daily Quests and Personal Achievements

The game assigns daily quests to players. The mission resets every day, so make sure to do it and claim the rewards. Furthermore, the game offers personal achievements in which, similar to daily quests, users must meet objectives to earn the advantages. It is advised that you complete these quests and achievements in order to gain as many rewards as possible.

3. Keeping Check on Shirley the Market Vendor

Shirley the Market Vendor sells powerful gear, one-of-a-kind pets, powerful talents for both characters and pets, and a variety of valuable currencies. As a result, you must keep a steady eye on her regularly to receive the greatest deals from her.

4. Participate in the Event Activities

New events with amazing rewards Occasionally appear in MeowHeroes. As a result, it is recommended that you participate in these events to make the most of them and build your account stronger and more efficiently.

5. Utilizing the Ruins Explore Mode

The Ruins Explore Mode consists of two parts: ancient ruins exploration and tower ruins exploration, both of which drop very valuable materials ranging from adventure coins to T10-T15 gear Tier-up materials. It is recommended that players take note of this mode and use it to strengthen their characters and pets.

Final Thoughts

MeowHeroesle Adventure is an idle game, also referred to as an incremental game, that is distinguished by its primary concept of allowing the game to run on its own with little or no player intervention, allowing the player to relax and enjoy the game while it runs and farms on its own.

However, as the player climbs into higher levels, they must be careful about things like leveling up gears, and pets, assigning skills, and boosting stats. As a result, read our comprehensive MeowHeroes Beginners Guide and Tips to become stronger and continue cruising through the game.

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