Merge Tactics: Kingdom Defense Beginners Guide with Tips and Tricks

Time to command the battlefield!

Merge Tactics is yet another strategy based game featuring the merge to play style of mobile games by LoadComplete. It is a defense game where players protect their kingdom from invaders and deploy their blocks, merge them, and rush. Players can also watch in-game ads to earn loot chests and much more. No doubt, Merge Tactics is a definite must-try for every gamer, who loves merge-to-play style mobile games. This game offers interesting mechanics and looks very promising. Here is the Merge Tactics Beginners Guide with tips and tricks on how to progress further into the game and dominate the battlefield with overpowered units.

Gameplay Overview

Developed by LoadComplete, Merge Tactics: Kingdom Defense offers tons of features to engage the players in the game. You can collect more than 40 varieties of units, each with distinct abilities and characteristics. You are free to build your own deck, overcome hurdles with your strategy, and outshine your friends by your scores. Not only this, but also players can collect loots, upgrade their buildings, and make their kingdom stronger. This game is based on merge to play theme where you can merge your units, and unlock new abilities. This game is completely free to play. However, some game items can be in-app purchased at your own will.

Merge Tactics: Guide and Tips

1. Selecting and upgrading a Unit

You have to keep playing and completing the story missions to unlock more and more units. One can upgrade the units with gold coins and can reduce the processing time with gems. Upgrading units not only gives EXP and help in increasing the level but also, unlocks new unit abilities. Unfortunately, players can only select up to 4 varieties of units. Thus, you should be confident while choosing which units to take into battle.

Merge Tactics Beginners Guide

Besides this, you can spawn unlimited numbers of units on the battlefield, if you have enough silver with you. Silver coins are used to spawn units in the arena. Higher the number of silver coins you have, the more units you can deploy. There are 4 different types of units such as Ranged, Tank, Magical, and support. Try to deploy ranged units before tank class. So, that you will get better units acting as a shield for your ranged units.

2. Unlock more buildings with gold

Buildings provide extra features during battle such as stats improvement, increases the amount of post-wave silver coins, increases melee block stats, etc. With this Merge Tactics Guide, we will provide you with all the tips to progress quickly in this game.

There are a variety of buildings which you can build on your map such as Wizard tower, Tax office, Supply base, Gem mine, etc. Each building comes with new benefits. To unlock more buildings, you need to upgrade your castle. Low on gold? No worries, one can also use gems to build new buildings and can upgrade them too. Here are some ways by which you can collect gold coins and continue your journey:

  • Tax Office building
  • Complete Challenges
  • Open free chests
  • Collect coins from builders

3. Deal with heavy wave of invaders

Earlier rounds are too easy to win. But, on higher stages invaders will rush at a constant pace, creating a headache for you. However, you can turn the tide against them with ease.

To dominate invaders, you need to have a powerful army in your deck. Most of the time, the recommended deck consists of the followings: 

  • 2 Archer units (Ranged class)
  • A Knight or Paladin (Melee class)
  • A Magical class unit

4. Complete quests and challenges for extra rewards

Completing challenges not only gives you gold coins but also gives Chest boxes for free. Unfortunately, you can only participate in challenges, if you have challenge tokens. You can find the challenge tokens in quests or chest boxes. On the other side, completing quests gives you Neat, Ornate, and a simple loot chest voucher. In addition, players can refresh the quest with gems, if they find it difficult to complete any quest.

Players can also earn gems and or gold coins by completing battle missions, sending units on main quests, etc. Challenges have timers by default which means, if you fail to complete a challenge within the time limit, you’ll lose the rewards then. From the challenge mode, players can earn the honor badges, which can be used to upgrade the commander later on.

5. Upgrade your deck 

If you are a beginner yet, try to get familiar with the commander skills in order to build a decent deck. Unfortunately, a deck can only contain 4 units at a time. Thus, you have to be careful about which units you need the most. Beginners can go with 1 Tank, 2 Archers, 1 Support, or Magical unit to lead from the front tiles.

Different units have their own skills and abilities. Thus, it becomes essential to check the skills before going on for a raid. Moreover, one should make sure to get familiar with the supreme commander’s skills to build the best deck for 3 stars.

6. Collect EXP to unlock higher ranks and endless mode

EXP or experience helps you to progress further in the game. By leveling up, you get several benefits such as Level Bonus (All blocks HP increases) and Loot chest (contains gold and blocks). Thus, it becomes important to collect EXP as much as possible from different sources in the game. Players can either upgrade their units or prefer to unlock and upgrade their buildings to gain EXP. You can unlock Endless mode too if your account level is 5 or higher. 

7. Fight for rewards in Endless Mode 

Endless mode is a new mode in Merge Tactics where players fight for their pride. There is an unlimited number of invader waves in endless mode. The longer a player defends his base, the more loot he gets after the match. The best thing is that after every wave, a trader visits your base and offers you 1 Artifact from 3 different variations. However, there is a drawback while playing in this mode.

Merge Tactics Beginners Guide

The Player can’t re-play the same mode after every match. The endless mode comes with a post timer. Thus, after every match, a player has to wait for 1 hour to replay the same mode again. Above all, players have to achieve at least 5th rank to unlock Endless mode on his/her account. Also, players can earn in-game currencies too by making higher records in endless mode. 

How to get new Equipments and Heroes?

The equipment makes your Hero or commander stronger in the battle zone. Players can either find them in the Loot chests or during challenges. Not only this but also players can dismantle unused equipment or can merge them in the forge. Merging any 4 types of equipment generates super equipment with higher stats and increased damage power. You need at least 4 different types of equipment to merge them in the forge.

If you are bored by playing with the same commander, you can purchase more commanders as well from the Shop or by visiting the commander shop. Some commanders are locked, yet, you’ll soon be able to purchase them after a few updates. If you have enough gems, it’s worth purchasing a new commander with higher stats and power. 


Merge Tactics features several amazing modes such as Endless mode, which do offer good rewards. However, it becomes quite a difficult fighting with invaders in higher waves. Without upgrades, no one can survive in higher waves. Merge Tactics is one of the games which features a merge-to-play game style. Unlock other games in such category, Merge Tactics is well modified for user’s preferences.

Players have the freedom to strategically place the units on the battleground to protect their kingdom from invaders. In this guide, we have already covered all the basic tips and tricks that a beginner must know. If you find it harder to progress in-game, visit this Merge Tactics beginners guide anytime to get a better understanding.

Did you find this Merge Tactics: Kingdom Tactics Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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Brock Blakeney

I disagree with your 1 melee, 2 range, 1 magic strategy. I think the best strategy I’ve used so far has to be 1 melee, 1 magic, 2 support. I’ve think the ice mage once it reaches merge level 7 is extremely strong with the blizzard ability. Just run page and farmer to be able to increase your ice wizard’s levels and you can easily hit wave 50+ in endless.

Rishabh Chauhan

Thanks for writing to us buddy. Different players can have different approaches to hit the waves. We have created this guide from a Beginner’s point of view, and have tried this strategy tons of times in initial stages of the game. No doubt, your way is unique and can be a game changer for players. We’ll surely consider your points 🙂

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