Meta World: My City Character Cards Tier List for May 2023

Choose only from the best cards!

Meta World: My City has so many interesting features, one of them being cards. Yes, players can witness some character cards over the game that they can use while they are into the Board Game. These character cards come up with different abilities and rarity and thus players get confused about which card they must put up over their deck of cards so that they get the ultimate benefit in between a game. Thus, here is a detailed tier list for the players so that they can figure out the best character cards in Meta World: My City.

Meta World: My City Character Tier List for May 2023

The character cards are divided on the basis of their rarity in the game and thus here is the detailed Tier List of all the cards players can witness over the game.

Tier LegendaryEpicRareNormal
Jenny & Frank
Richard Woo,
Baedal Choi

Best Meta Cards for Meta World My City in May 2023 

The game comes up with so many interesting cards but here are the top 5 best cards that players must choose and keep on their deck without any hesitation. 

1. Sophie

Undoubtedly, Sohpie is the best card in the entire game. The character comes up with a unique ability that is, it can immediately teleport the player to the selected block with her private airplane.

Meta World My City Sophie
Image via Netmarble

This ability helps players to save up precious cards they own and also helps them get rid of paying some of the Tolls as well. The card costs 8 points for using it in between a match. 

2. Raquin 

Raquin is considered the second-best card which players can witness over the game. The character helps out players and gives them a payout of double the price to buy out the structure players will select from the blocks.

Meta World My City Raquin
Image via Netmarble

This helps out players to reduce the in-hand money of their opponents and thus they can come up with a great advantage and give their opponents a good defeat. The card of Raquin costs 7 points. 

3. Nana 

Nana is a great card to have over the deck, the card comes up with a very useful ability that is it can move the player to the Shop Block.

Meta World My City Nana
Image via Netmarble

Shop Block comes up with three great cards, by buying those cards and using them players can help them out to win against the opponent. The card of Nana costs 6 over the board game. 

4. Fate  

Fate is such a card every player would like to have it in their deck. The card comes up with an attractive ability, that is it sends players to the selected Feature Card block and then players can thus select 1 of 2 Fortune Cards.

Meta World My City Fate
Image via Netmarble

The game has a total of around 10 Fortune cards and hence, players can get 2 of them and later choose 1 that will surely help them to come up with a great benefit. The card is also quite affordable and costs 6 points over the board. 

5. Mirage 

Mirage is also another card that every player will desire to keep in their deck. The card allows the players to install Bubbles on the block they select.

Meta World My City Mirage
Image via Netmarble

This will eventually prevent the opponent from buying the player’s properties and thus the opponent will not get any construction points from there. The card of Mirage costs 5 points over the board.

Final Thoughts

Meta World: My City is an outstanding simulation game launched by Netmarble. The cards present in the board game are an important factor for the players as they hold immense power and can even twist the fate of the players. Thus, follow up on this detailed Tier List and come up with the best deck of cards so that no one can stop you from winning. 

What are your thoughts on our Meta World: My City Tier List? Let us know in the comment section below!

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