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MGCM Magical Girls Dress Tier List for March 2022

Choose from only the best dresses of this month!

MGCM Magical Girls is a maiden-themed Gacha RPG on mobile by Gae Mobile Limited. In this game, players will have to work on managing a team of magical girls, to drive out the darkness and defeat the demons. What makes MGCM Magical Girls different from other mobile games is the different variations of dresses in the game instead of characters. Here is our MGCM Magical Girls tier list of UR rank Dress based on their stats and abilities to give you insight on what to pick for your party for March 2022.

MGCM Magical Girls Dress Tier List for March 2022

The tier list provided here should only be taken as a reference because the game has various modes and some dresses may outperform others or are suited for a very particular role. This is an overall tier list based on the character’s viability and overall usefulness in the game.

Overpowered (S+) Magica2022 Evo Iroha,
Magica2022 Evo Iroka
Demon Arachne’s Style HanabiFantasy Onsen Fairy ElizaDemon Arachne’s Style Akisa,
Magica2022 Evo Marianne,
Military Uniform Aka, Jailer Rakshasa Seira, Adorable Bikini Eliza
Western Cowgirl Lilly,
Midsummer Festival Cocoa
Strong (S) Phoenix Aka, Demon Arachne’s Style Seira, Valentine’s Day Patissier MarianneFantasy Onsen Fairy AkaHalloween Witch Cocoa,
Demon Lukosia’s Style Lilly
Demon Lukosia’s Style Hanabi,
Sacred Christmas Iroha,
Ancient Sage Hanabi
Sacred Christmas Aka
Good (A) Kawaii Warrior IrohaDemon Lukosia’s Style Seira, Magica2022 Evo Eliza,
Halloween With Kaori
Magica2022 Evo Kaori,
Demon Arachne’s Style Iroha
Authentic Maid AkisaDemon Arachne’s Style Ao,
New Spring Miko 2022 Lilly, Magica2022 Evo Akisa
Fair (B)Magica2022 Evo Lilly,
Fluffy Rabbit Seira, Hot Baseball Player Iko
Adorable Bikini Iroha,
Magica2022 Evo Iko,
Tamamo-no-Mae Cocoa
Magica2022 Evo Ao,
Sailor Swimsuit Kaori
Succubus Marianne, Royal Knight Armor AoJailer Rakshasa Cocoa, Magica2022 Evo Seira
Weak (C)Demon Lukosia’s Style AkisaKawaii Warrior Marianne,
New Spring Miko 2022 Akisa, Fluffy Rabbit Akisa
Ice Queen Eliza, Straying Kitty Iko,
Party Girl Lilly
Magica2022 Evo CocoaDemon Lukosia’s Style Eliza, Magica2022 Evo Hanabi

MGCM Magical Girls: Best Meta Dresses for March 2022

These are the Dresses with the most advantageous stats and abilities in MGCM Magical Girls as of March 2022.

Magica2022 Evo Iroha (Meta Fire)

With an overall high stats and her abilities Fearless Slash (Attack all enemies with a 50% chance to reduce their defense for 2 turns) and Flame Justice (Attack all enemies with a 75% chance to reduce enemy Move gauge by 50% and also reduce their resistance for 2 turns) that deals splash damage, this dress is the strongest out there for the Fire element.

Demon Arachne’s Style Hanabi (Meta Thunder)

This dress has the highest stats overall for Thunder. Also, it’s the ability of Magic Silk Capture (Attack all enemies and reduce their Speed for 2 turns with a 50% chance to stun them for 1 turn) and Summon Alagnevot (Attack all enemies with a 35% chance to inflict shock for 2 turns) really lets you control the battle.

mgcm magic girls dresses and characters

Fantasy Onsen Fairy Eliza (Meta Water)

The ultimate support and healer dress. Not only does it have an overall high stats, but it also debuffs enemies with its ability of Mist Blow (Attack an enemy with a 50% chance to inflict Miss Rate Boost for 2 turns) and Dream Cover (Attack an enemy with a 75% chance to inflict Silence for 2 turns). It also helps allies by removing debuff and heals them with Paradise Water (Dispel all of an ally’s debuffs and restore 100% of its HP).

Demon Arachne’s Style Akisa (Meta Light)

A tough opponent when dealing in battle. With its already powerful high stats, it is coupled with strong abilities Holy Waves (Attack an enemy and reduce its Speed for 2 turns), Sealed Silk Prison (Attack an enemy with a 75% chance of dispelling all of their buffs. Also absorbs 50% of their Move Gauge), and Magic Silk Labyrinth’s Temptation (Inflict Sleep upon multiple enemies for 2 turns). Enemies stand no chance for a counterattack.

Western Cowgirl Lilly (Meta Dark)

The most fearsome dress in the west. Carrying an overall high stats, this dress completely secures victory with its abilities of Quick Reload (Attack an enemy with a 50% chance to dispel one of their buffs), Bounty Hunter (Attack an enemy, the attack’s power increase according to own Max HP and also restore HP equal to 30% of damage dealt. The lower the enemy’s HP, the higher the damage dealt), and Fugitive (Reduce all enemies’ Defense and inflict Seal for 2 turns). You don’t wanna come around this one when you are out on the battlefield.

Final Thoughts

Of course with each Meta having different elements, their effectiveness will differ depending on the elements of your team and the enemy team have. Makes sure to equip Dresses of different elements to counter the enemy’s advantages.

What do you think about this MGCM Magical Girls Dress Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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