Minecraft Guide: How to make a Fletching Table in the game

An easy crafting!

Minecraft‘s appeal primarily revolves around its celebration of creativity and crafting. This aspect of the game enables players to experiment with an array of unique items, significantly enhancing the game’s depth and providing players with countless opportunities for exploration and improvement. One such item you can craft is a Fletching Table, which we will explain in this article the recipe on how to make Fletching Table in Minecraft.

Minecraft Fletching Table Crafting Guide


First, let us learn what does a fletching table do in Minecraft. The major purpose of the fletching table is to transform an unemployed villager into a fletcher. You should note that Fletchers are among the most advantageous villagers to trade with for maximum benefits. This block can be generated naturally in the villages. Next, let us move towards the items needed for Minecraft Fletching Table.

Items required for Crafting Minecraft Fletching Table

Before diving into the crafting process, you’ll need to gather the necessary materials and items. You shall need two items for the same, Wooden Planks and Flint. You’ll need four wooden planks, and the type you use will affect its appearance. You can choose from any material, be it oak, birch, spruce, jungle, acacia, or dark oak wooden planks.

fletching table requirements
Image via Mojang Studios

Obtain these by placing wooden logs in the crafting grid and converting them into planks. Additionally, you’ll require two flint, which you can easily get by breaking gravel blocks. Just locate a patch of gravel and mine it until you collect two pieces of flint. Once you get the two, you move to the Fletching Table Minecraft crafting process.

Crafting Process

To start the Fletching Table Minecraft crafting process, open your crafting table with the 3×3 crafting grid. Inside this grid, arrange the four wooden planks in the shape of a square to the left. The next step to follow is to position the 2 Flint in the top-left and top-middle slots of the crafting grid.

minecraft Fletching Table
Image via Mojang Studios

This way, you keep the entire 3rd column empty. Once you’ve set up the wooden planks and flint as described, the Minecraft Fletching Table will materialize in the crafting output box. Just click on it to obtain your freshly crafted Fletching Table, and that is all to know about the Fletching Table Minecraft recipe.

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