Minecraft Guide: How to make stronger and effective Enchant Items

Craft your enchantments with the help of this guide

In Minecraft players enchant items to make armous, weapons and tools. To make enchantments you need to have experience level, more levels you have the stronger enhancements you can make, and you will realize it soon after it’s done.

How to Enchant items in Minecraft

All kind of swords, bows, tools, armous, shears, fishing rods and flint-and-steel can be enchanted.

1. Collect experience points

By trading in experience level that is the green number above your toolbar enchantments works in Minecraft. Experience points are provided in several ways, but mainly it’s given when you kill mobs and from cooking or smelting things in furnaces. Experience points will be presented as XP.

Enchanted items in Minecraft
Enchanted items in Minecraft

2. Build an enchantment table

Enchantment table in Minecraft.jpg
Enchantment table in Minecraft

Materials required

  • Obsidian
  • Two Diamonds
  • A book

Remember book should have pages that are made up of sugar cane, leather or something for which you have to kill a cow or some rabbit.

3. Enchant your items

Finally, you need items to enchant and some LIPIS LAZULI in Minecraft. It’s a blue ore that you can find while mining.

Steps to enchant

  1. Give a right click on the table to bring up an enchanting interface.
  2. According to your wish place the item into the slot, and then you will be offered with three potential enchantments.
Enchanting interface
Enchanting interface
Item slots for enchantments
Item slots for enchantments

4. Higher level Enchantments

If you wish to get more powerful enchantments in Minecraft, you need to build bookshelves and place them near the enchantment table.


The maximum availability of enchantments in Minecraft is increased by each bookshelf as 1 or 2 levels. It can come up to level 30 with 15 bookcases.

Enchanted Books

You can enchant a book in Minecraft instead of enchanting an item. By using an Anvil you can apply saved enchantment to an item.

Enchanted books
Enchanted books

Players can’t use enchantments:

  • You have a lot of experiences to level but no items to enchant in Minecraft at that moment.
  • You want a fortune enchanted pickaxe and don’t want to waste diamonds on yet another silk touch tools.

5. Combining Enchantments in Minecraft

By using an Anvil, you can combine two items in Minecraft to Enchant.

Note: once an item is been enchanted, it can’t be further enchanted using an enchanting table.

Repairing Enchanted items

With an Anvil you can repair an enchanted item in the game and use it to your advantage.

Did this guide help you to enchant items in Minecraft? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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