Minecraft: How to create an end portal and kill the ender dragon

Travel to the end world with the end portal

The end portal is one of the most important things in Minecraft. Players can visit the end world to kill the ender dragon for good loot for their bases along with the Elytra. In this article, we are going to discuss the ways to create an end portal in Minecraft.

What is the end portal in Minecraft

An end portal is a naturally occurring generated structure that is used to travel into the End world. It can only be found in the portal room of a stronghold. The end portal is a way to the infamous End portal. It is the home of all Endermen and the boss of Minecraft, the Ender Dragon. Killing the ender dragon the first time gives approximately 68 XP levels. The ender dragon drops 10 waves of orbs worth a total of 1,000 experience points and another worth a total of 2,000.

How to create the end portal in Minecraft

Players can create the End portal both in survival mode and creative mode.

1. Survival mode

Minecraft survival end portal
Minecraft: Survival end portal

In Survival mode, the player must find a stronghold to activate a pre-existing end portal. As the end portal frame blocks cannot be obtained naturally it is activated when an eye of the ender has been placed in each of the end portal frame blocks. Thus it generates 9 end portal blocks within the structure. The eyes of the ender cannot be removed from end portal frames. Players can get the eye of enders by killing the Enderman.

2. Creative mode

Minecraft creative end portal
Minecraft: Creative end portal

In Creative mode, the player can build an end portal by placing 12 end portal blocks in a ring shape with a 3×3 open square and placing an eye of the ender in each one. To activate the end portal, the frames must be oriented correctly. The front face of each portal must be pointed towards the 3×3 area. This can be achieved by the player standing in the center of the portal area and rotating to place the frames in a ring around them.

Where to find end portal frame in Minecraft

Minecraft end portal lava
Minecraft end portal lava

End portals are found in the portal room hanging horizontally over the lava pool. A staircase that leads straight up to the portal and a silverfish spawner sitting on it. According to the World Seed, each end portal frame block has a 10% chance of containing an eye of ender. The frame has the highest probability of generating with only one eye of ender (37.7%), with probabilities dropping to 28.2% for zero, 23.0% for two, 8.52% for three, 2.13% for four, and a total of 0.433% for five or more.

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