Mini Football Beginners Guide and Tips

Build the strongest team that ever existed!

Put on your boots, and get ready to go onto the pitch with this casual mini-football game! Experience football like never before, in this fresh and easy to play football game as Miniclip released its new sports game Mini Football. Miniclip is widely popular for its casual sports games such as Basketball Stars and the critically acclaimed 8 Ball Pool introduces its new game in the sports series. Now it’s time for you to get the crowds roaring in the stadiums, score some amazing screamers, and build the strongest team that ever existed. This Mini Football beginners guide will surely help you strategize wisely in order to outrank your friends.

Gameplay Overview

The main target of a person who decides on playing Mini Football is to win more and more matches in order to buy better players with the time and keep upgrading them for increasing his or her respective team score. On winning matches u also are able to gain XP, coins, and other gift packs. The rules and guidelines to play this game are pretty simple more or less, hence do not worry and read the following article.

Introducing the basics

  • On the right hand of the screen, you will find the contextual buttons which mainly allow you to pass, shoot, sprint, tackle, or switch. All these movements that you do while playing the game, should be dependent on whether or not you are having the ball on your feet and in your control at that point in time.
  • Again on the left-hand side of the screen, you will find there is a virtual stick with whose help you can run in the game.
  • On the bottom hand of your main screen, you will see four slots that distribute prizes. On playing four matches at a stretch, you can win four power packs. You can keep playing after that but after the four prize slots are full, you cannot win any power pack.
mini football fun
  • When you start playing the game, on your initial levels, you will notice that the AI will not be too bright, so you have to eventually learn how to tackle them smoothly with ease or how to take them down with a well-timed slide.
  • In case you notice that your AI is getting too close to your goal, then you have to understand that it is time to take them down with a slide tackle; but you must be careful enough while doing this because if you mess this up, your player might get a yellow or in worst-case scenarios, even a red card.
  • As you are ready to goal, with the help of the virtual joystick, you have to first aim towards the goal. It is usually not difficult to score because the players generally follow a slow pace.

Scoring a Goal in Mini Football

  • You get the opportunity to take control of them only when your goalkeeper has successfully carried out his job and it is you who have to decide whether to pass it on to a player nearby or kick it out towards the middle of the field. It is advised that you take the second option while handling a high-level team because usually, it is less risky.
  • Go to the main menu and click on “PLAY” to start an afresh match. While starting a new match, you will have to pay an entry fee. The amount of this entry fee depends on the
  • a stadium you are willing to play at and the levels of your players. In the beginning, you will only have access to the Old Town Stadium. Higher the entry fee, the higher is the payout for winning the match.

Customizing your Team

Forming your team and customizing them is an essential part of the game. It might so happen that you are suddenly willing to change the name and country of the team that you have formed. In order to do so, just go to the main menu and click on the Equipment tab; then again click on the small pen icon which is just next to your team’s icon.

upgrading your team

For dressing up your players and team, go to the Equipment tab and select the suitable jerseys, shoes, etc. Also, this game provides you with Ultimate Team Packs from where you can earn extra players and other dress-up items for your team.

If you are willing to swap in players of your team and change any formation, then go to the Team tab on the main menu and do it accordingly. Check the Team Score from the Team tab and according to that make the formation. Again within the Team Tab itself, you can easily see who is the goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, or attacker. In order to sort your players out and to fasten up the process, you can jump from one category to another between the player

Upgrading your players

You can upgrade your team and its players in spite of having low-rated players. Most of the work can be done from the Team tab. After you have exercised your players’ skills on the field, you will get the upgrade option open to you. To carry it out, from the main menu go to the Team tab itself where you will get the scope to check which member of your team is eligible to get an upgrade and how much it will cost you.

mini football goal

The amount needed to upgrade a player can vary and might be a big amount too but you should always go for an upgrade because investing the coins here is a far better option because a better play will help you level up your team score.

Mini Football Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Manage your Resources efficiently


You can earn plenty of coins by just constantly winning matches and also you will get several missions on whose completions, you will get coins as rewards. Besides, you can also watch videos to earn coins for free.

in-game resources


On the left-hand side of the Main Screen, there is the Shop button. There you can get Gems through daily free gifts. Also, you can directly get 100 Gems in the first place itself if you log in to Mini Football through your Facebook account. Also watching daily ads will get you Gems for free and complete the achievements too. Through these Gems, you can also buy premium player packs.


By collecting more packs, you will earn more cards. Via these cards, you can achieve a duplicate of one of your existing team players or if you want, you can also get a new player. This will allow you to improve your team and level it up.

2. Play according to your team’s strengths

A properly, wisely decided team formation is the key to a team’s success; a well-planned formation is very essential for high-level play. As you level up, you unlock new formations. In the beginning, you will have no choice except for the classic 4-4-2 formation but gradually on unlocking new formations, try them out as you get access to them to check if it is suitable for your team while playing against various teams and opponents.

mini football celebration

3. Time your Tackles carefully

Using side tackles is like a do-or-die situation. Matches can get pretty ugly at times if you do not properly use this option. Especially while playing matches on even higher levers. Even though the AI referee is pretty lenient, yet you need to be careful because you might end up getting a yellow card or even a red card at times. A good side tackle can make you win, and even a slight careless one can make you lose. So stay aware to choose the situation wisely where you can use this and keep a practice of it.

Overall, Mini Football is an extremely intriguing and interestingly ground-breaking virtual game that is mainly designed for football freaks who want to get a handy experience of forming teams, arranging and customizing their players, and winning matches through various real techniques to increase the level of the game and upgrade its players in order to keep up the team score.

If you are one such football enthusiast then we suggest you install this game and try it out. It might seem a little hard in the beginning but once you understand the tricks, it will eventually be pretty easy to go on smoothly in the game.

That’s all for today’s Mini Football beginners guide. Did you find our Mini Football beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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