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Mission Zero is a brand new competitive action game by the Chinese mobile game developing giants NetEase Games and focuses on gameplay fueled by stealth and finesse. In the game, players are pitched against each other in two versus four formats, and the first group to complete the objective wins. Mission Zero also comes with a variety of characters for each group or faction and here we will take a look at those characters.

Introducing the Characters in Mission Zero

Now, if you have been keeping tabs on this game you will be familiar with how the factions in the game work. Even if you do not know, it is really simple. The players are divided into two factions called Sirius and Mobius, with Sirius having four players in a round while Mobius gets to play with two players per round.

Mobius Faction

1. Gabriel

Gabriel, Mission Zero
Image via NetEase Games

Gabriel is a member of Mobius and takes on the appearance of a typical American cowboy. Born in the wild West of America, Gabriel was raised in Sicily and has a mechanical right arm as his primary contraption. His standout skill is pursuing, which makes him an excellent character to pick in order to chase and intercept the Invaders. And maybe his intimidating looks play a part in it as well, who knows?

2. Aya

Aya, Mission Zero
Image via NetEase Games

Aya‘s strength revolves around her being quick and nimble-footed, that is, being a pursuer who is able to intercept the Invaders on behalf of Mobius. She utilizes the use of a baseball bat as her primary weapon and is the one to pick in a rat chase against the Invaders. She is paired well with a character that has decent scouting skills.

3. Pando

Pando, Mission Zero
Image via NetEase Games

Pando is a unique character in Mission Zero who appears wearing a full-body panda costume, or maybe he is actually a panda. Pando belongs to the Assault class of Mobius and is therefore supposed to cater to those players who are looking to take on a role where they will stay in the thick of stuff, and in head-to-head action. Although his ability to fight compromises other skills such as scouting and support.

4. Murphy

Murphy, Mission Zero
Image via NetEase Games

Murphy has well-balanced stats in the scouting and pursuit sections which makes her very good at encountering Invaders who have been forced to retreat and defeat them with adequate support. She is also good at taking on disguises and killing enemies in a covert manner, thus making her good for surprise attacks

5. Vanessa

Vanessa, Mission Zero
Image via NetEase Games

If anyone tells you to imagine a Mobius combatant, Vanessa is surely not the type of character that springs to mind. But do not let her pacifist looks fool you, she is arguably the best support character in the game and is extremely adept at providing support and cleaning up enemies after her fellow Mobius teammates. Although she has shortcomings when it comes to scouting abilities.

6. Tyrann

Tyrann character Mission Zero
Image via NetEase Games

Taking on the appearance of a furry comes our sixth member of the Mobius faction, namely, Tyrann. One can argue that Tyrann is one of the better characters in the game. He excels in two of the most important skills of a Mobius member, scouting and pursuit, and has enough brute strength to hold his own against the Invaders if need be.

7. DroneMaster

Dronemaster, Mission Zero
Image via NetEase Games

When it comes down to pure stats across all the areas of skill, DroneMaster takes the cake as the best character in the game who is on the side of Mobius. DroneMaster is an android created by the tech geeks of Mobius to act as a scout, but he gained sentience sometime later and became a full-fledged member of the faction and a deadly asset to his team.

8. Hickster

Hickster, Mission Zero
Image via NetEase Games

The first word that comes to the mind of many players upon hearing the name Hickster is the word trickster, and it is not far from his actual character. Hickster is a magician turned soldier for Mobius and boasts a dazzling arsenal of moves. He is great for support as and shines when played in a tactical manner instead of head-on combat.

Sirius Faction

1. Kerwin

Kerwin, Mission Zero
Image via NetEase Games

Kerwin is the first member of the Invaders group, belonging to the faction Sirius whose primary aim is to take down the Mobius faction. Kerwin specializes in technology and is adept in decrypting codes, thereby making him extremely handy for infiltrating the Mobius and bypassing doorways and other places secured using any form of technology.

2. Hayato Kurokawa

Hayato Kurokawa, Boxer, Mission Zero
Image via NetEase Games

Hayato Kurokawa, who also goes by the name of Boxer, can be said to be the muscle of the faction of Sirius. His strengths are completely focused on the sole skill of fighting, neglecting other fields. This makes him nearly unbeatable in head-on fights but often leaves him vulnerable in other situations due to the character’s lack of skills aside from fighting.

3. Mie Maeda

Mie Maeda, Mission Zero
Image via NetEase Games

Mie is built for stealth and support. She has quick feet, much like Aya from her rival faction Mobius. Mie is suited for chases and her ability to travel quickly gives her an edge when it comes to getting away from Mobius players on the chase and is therefore a good getaway character if the need be.

4. Anna

Anna is arguably the best character when it comes to picking one from the Sirius faction. She is near perfect in intelligence and support and is an accomplished fighter as well as a strategic character. Anna can efficiently handle Mobius members and provide support to her teammates or hold her own as per the requirements based on the situation which makes her extremely well-rounded.

5. Izumi

Izumi, Mission Zero
Image via NetEase Games

Izumi, the final member of the Sirius faction is much like a watered-down version of her fellow faction member Anna, due to her similar yet slightly lacking stats, but she kind of makes it up for her superiority over Anna in the decrypting department. She is like a jack of all trades and is the character to go for if you are looking for someone who can do bits of everything and can be useful in every situation.


So that is it for our list of characters available in NetEase’s upcoming game Mission Zero, which is currently in the beta testing phase. The characters are part of two different factions, Mobius and Sirius and we might see more characters get added to these two factions in the future, before or after the release of the game to the general public.

Did you find our guide on the complete list of characters in Mission Zero useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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