MLB 9 Innings 23 Beginners Guide and Tips

Your guide for a clean Home run!

MLB 9 Innings 23 is a recently released officially licensed free baseball game by Com2uS. The game allows the players to take the head coach’s responsibility and guide their squad to victories across various competitions. Being an officially licensed product it adds a diverse roster of players to the game and an impressive 600 hitting and pitching forms. In this MLB 9 Innings 23 Beginners Guide we will try and break down the game and provide newcomers with some tips to ace the game.

MLB 9 Innings 23 Game Mechanics

The game, MLB 9 Innings 23 aims and succeeds in delivering a 360 baseball gaming experience with players acting as managers and controlling the game as individual in-game baseball players too. The gameplay is pretty simple where the batting side has to time the baseball bunts to hit the ball at the correct time in order to land a home run whereas the pitching side has to adjust the spin and pitching length to strike out the batting side.

Image via Com2uS

The way it all works for the batting side is that the players have to make sure that the ball is hit in a timely manner, the better the timing of the impact the better the chances of landing a homerun. While batting there are 2 options for striking the ball, one is the Left Bunt and the other Right Bunt, which basically implies from which side of the bat is the player going to hit the ball resulting in a different trajectory of the ball on the field.

While batting, make sure to swing the bat once the ball is between the projected spot located on the screen. Any swing which is mistimed will result in a strike and 3 consecutive ones will result in dismissal. Once the ball is hit depending on where it has landed players will have to time their runs to score and be safe from the pitcher at the same time.

MLB 9 Innings 23 Beginners Guide, MLB 9 Innings 23
Image via Com2uS

Things on the pitcher’s side are pretty simple as well, the pitcher can decide which type of pitch to make before each delivery. There are several options like a curve, 4 Seam, Slider, and Changup with each offering different types of pitches in the game.

It will be the responsibility of the pitching side to make a decision regarding what sort of delivery should be made for the batting side. The pitcher can also adjust the swing of the ball before each delivery mid-air to trick the striker and get him out.

Manage the squad for maximum team chemistry

Being an officially licensed product of MLB, the game boasts of having Approximately 2,000 MLB star players and 600 types of hitting & pitching forms, all perfectly implemented in realistic, full 3D graphics. This makes it an important job for managers to choose the team from the best individual talent available at their disposal.

However, things are not as simple as they may seem, as each player on the roster may bring something different to the squad and may affect the team chemistry in a different manner, as a manager, it will be the responsibility of the players to balance it well.

Image via Com2uS

Each character card contains all the required information for the players to make the decision regarding which player should make the final cut to the team, there is Speed, Reflexes, Power, and many such decisive stats in the game.

There are also different tiers to compare the cards from a general point of view, there are 5 tiers: Normal, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. The rarity and grade of cards keep on increasing as you keep on moving up the tier.

Master team management to have a better shot at tournaments

The game offers card types for which the players can be recruited into the team. There are in general 10 different types of player cards available in the game. Following are the types and their benefits when included in the game.

  1. Basic Player: These are as the name suggests, basic players, which are given as standard when someone makes a new account in the game. These players are only upgradeable to a certain extent and can’t gain skill experience points. It will be highly advised to progress further in the story and get new players as soon as possible to have a better career in the game.
  2. Live Player: These players are the current roster of players in MLB. Some of these players have a form-based rating system where the overall rating is influenced by how that specific player is playing right now in real time. Live players generally speaking are better in terms of quality and skills upgrades. The players get more skill experience points compared to other cards but can be affected by the live performances in real-time matches of the respective players.
  3. Player of the Month: POTM players are the real deal in the game, they consist of the stars of the month who outperformed the rest of the players. These player cards generally have very high stats but are relatively fewer in number making it harder to recruit them to the team. Apart from this the chances of hitting a home run and striking someone out also increase with the POTM cards. The buff to the stats however only last for that specific month after which they turn to their previous versions
  4. Prime Season: These players are the ones who outperformed other players all season long and hence have higher stats than the rest. The difference between the prime season cards and POTM cards is the fact that Prime Season cards have permanent buffs while the POTM ones are temporary. Apart from that, both cards are equally unique and both can significantly boost someone’s chances of success in the game.
  5. All-Star: All-star players are the ones who in their career have been a part of the all-star matches and teams. These include the current as well as the legendary players for the users to select their squad.
  6. Signature cards: Nothing special about these cards except for the fact that they are signed by the official players. Thus marking them special in the game as collectibles.
  7. Vintage: These contain only the roster of players who have already retired and don’t participate in the sport now. They are retired MLB players and are known for bringing a nostalgic feeling to the roster.
  8. Legendary Vintage: These are the greats of the sport, they generally have a very high card and their buffs are permanent. Their skills start at Level 3 by default and their most effective Team Set Deck Effect is applied regardless of the team.
  9. Vintage Signature: Again, nothing too special about them except for the fact that they are the retired players having the signatures of the respective players on the cards, they are known more for being collectibles rather than performance cards.
  10. Supreme: They are the real deal in the game, they are the cards for the GOATs of the sport. Their stats are maxed out and make them the best cards possible in the game. Their condition (CON) is maxed out upon using a Condition Drink and the effects of gear are doubled. However, having them on the roster is the issue as they are very rare and extremely hard to get your hands on.

MLB 9 Innings 23 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing multiple hours in the game following are the tips and tricks we would like to share with the players with our MLB 9 Innings 23 Beginners Guide to help them with the basics of the game.

1. Adjust the lineup based on the game modes

Lineups in the game if arranged according to the game modes can give maximum benefit to the players in the game. In total, as of now, there are 3 types of lineups present in the game, namely League Lineups, Battle Lineups, and Club Lineups. Lineups in general can be controlled by accessing the Team Management tab in the home menu.

MLB 9 Innings 23 Beginners Guide, MLB 9 Innings 23
Image via Com2uS

Speaking generally, League Lineups are better for Exhibition Mode, League Mode, and Arcade Mode while Battle Lineups work well for Ranked matches, PvP matches, and Clutch Hits Mode. Lastly, the Club Lineups are best when Club matches and Club Challenges are being undertaken by the players. Having this combination of lineups and modes will grant extra experience points and ease in playing for players.

2. Having set decks can give a collective boost to the team

Having a set deck in the game can allow players to get some extra boosts and bonuses in the game. However there is a catch, in order to have this bonus the players included in the deck must have something in common, it can be either the rarity of cards in-game or teams in real life. The players can see what combinations work out for rewards and bonuses through the team management tab in the game.

MLB 9 Innings decks
Image via Com2uS

Generally speaking, it allows some boost to the stats of the characters when equipped in the same deck. Batters can get a boost to their power stat which is single-handedly the most decisive stat for a batter while pitchers can get a boost to their speed and reflexes resulting in better chances of striking out the batters.

3. Train your existing lineup for better chances of winning

Training is taken very seriously in MLB 9 Innings 23 and rightly so, it helps to unlock the true potential of each and every player available on the roster. One thing to remember before training player is to keep their position in mind. For example, if you are training a batter, then Power should be the main attribute to train for that specific player with contact and eye coming as the second and third most important attributes. However, if it’s a pitcher then Power would be replaced by Speed, Velocity, and Left on Base timing hence training these stats would be more beneficial for the player.

Image via Com2uS

Training is done through spending in-game resources, hence proper management of resources is necessary to make sure that by the latter stages of the game, the training of the players can be hassle-free and be done easily. Completing quests or winning leagues would also come in very handy in terms of stockpiling resources in the game for training purposes. Point number 4 can also help in managing the resources in the game which can then be used for training the players in the game.

4. Watch advertisements to get some freebies in the game

Advertisements help the players collect not just in-game resources but also some equipment and gear for their team in the game. These are free-to-get rewards that should not be missed by the players, they are available to be redeemed once every day. Players can access them through the rewards section present in the upper right-hand side corner of the screen on the main menu.

Image via Com2uS

Players can revive silver and gold currencies along with in-game tournament tickets, equipment, and other useful rewards with each advertisement they watch. These rewards can make a difference later on in the game and should not be missed.

5. Recruit new players to add diversity to your lineups

When players will start the game they will only be provided with the basic set of players in the game with whom it becomes really hard to land a homerun or get a clean strike. Hence it really becomes a need to buy new players with better stats and higher rarity to get a better record and win tournaments. This need can be accomplished by recruiting and signing new players in the game. Through the team management tab in the game, it becomes possible for the players to actually sign some legends of the sport.

MLB 9 Innings 23 diversity
Image via Com2uS

Being an officially licensed product of MLB the game offers a huge variety of players in the game, some are from the current era while some come straight from the Hall of Fame. Players have a huge roster of players at their disposal to select their squad from and recruiting players is the best way possible to get some epic and legendary cards.

Final Thoughts

MLB 9 Innings 23 does a great job of providing an immersive and well-detailed baseball experience for the fans of the sport. Being an officially licensed product really does help it in delivering the complete experience to players having the freedom not only in building teams but also in playing baseball with the game offering unique pitches and swings to add up to the experience.

To conclude, we hope that with this MLB 9 Innings 23 Beginners Guide, we were able to guide players with the basics of the game and make their MLB journey easier.

Did you find this MLB 9 Innings 23 Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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