MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight: Tips to earn Bucks in the game quickly

Tips to farm Bucks quickly in the game!

Like most simulation games, MMA Manager 2 runs on money, or Bucks as it is titled in-game. This is the main currency that is involved in transactions for all players. Whether you’re buying new gym equipment or hiring coaches, you need Bucks. However, as easy as it is to spend, it is as easy to earn too. Bucks can come from fights, daily rewards, or claiming objectives. In this article, we cover all these ways to earn Bucks and how to maximize this gain.

How to earn Bucks in MMA Manager 2 Ultimate Fight

1. Login regularly

MMA Manager 2 has a ton of login rewards to claim every day and it is very worthwhile just to try and open the game daily to claim these free rewards. The gym Cash Stash is the main one and this offers quite a bit of money. Just click on what should look like the entrance of the gym, this should be tagged with an image of a coin. The better the gym, the more Bucks on offer. There is also an option to increase the reward by 50% by watching an ad, and this is definitely worth doing.

MMA Manager 2: Cash Stash
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The next daily reward is from each individual fighter. Navigate to the Roster menu and there may be a Bucks reward in the Division column for each fighter. Depending on what Division they are fighting, the reward increases. The more fighters, the more Bucks, so try to keep the Roster up to its maximum limit where possible. This is another opportunity to maximize the rewards fairly easily.

2. Work through the Daily Objectives and Achievements

You can’t have a simulation game that doesn’t feature some form of challenges for players to work towards. In MMA Manager 2, there are two types of challenges. The Daily Objectives are self-explanatory – these are challenges that refresh daily and are usually short-term and quite easy to work towards.

MMA Manager 2: Daily objectives
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Achievements are milestone-type challenges. The earlier achievements are ticked off quite easily and serve almost as a tutorial/introduction to the game, but they get a lot longer. These offer hefty rewards though and it’s a good idea to look through and see what the achievements require, and then implement those activities in normal gameplay.

3. Keep an eye on the Events

There will often be ongoing events in MMA Manager 2. These usually involve a series of objectives to complete within a time frame, and they are a way to keep the content in the game refreshed. The challenges aren’t especially difficult to approach either, so it is relatively quick and easy to claim the rewards. Some of them can be as easy as logging in each day.

MMA Manager 2: Events
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In addition to the currencies earned by the objectives themselves, there may also be a progress bar such as the one shown above. As objectives are completed, the progress bar fills up. At certain milestones, there are further rewards to be unlocked, slowly building towards the final big reward. These sets of challenges are certainly ones to keep an eye out for.

4. Watch advertisements for extra Bucks

MMA Manager 2: Ads
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In the top right of the main menu, where the currencies are listed, there is an option to watch an advertisement, to earn both Bucks and Credits. Each day, there are 2 advertisements available to watch for each option and they are definitely worth going through. Depending on the gym, the level of rewards can increase too. Watching ads helps the developers too, so it is a way of giving something back to the people that brought this game to us!

5. Grind through the Campaign Fights

One of the end goals in MMA Manager 2 is to dominate the MMA scene, and this requires winning as many fights as possible. Campaign fights are a good place to start, as they offer decent rewards and the first batch is fairly easy to work through. Over time, the fights will get harder but the rewards will subsequently improve too. In addition to Bucks, winning fights can also earn Prestige and Credits.

MMA Manager 2: Professional league Divisions
Image via Tilting Point

Professional League fights and Fight Clubs are the other fight modes and these are also great ways to stack up the Bucks. In particular, with the Professional League, winning fights here helps that specific fighter up the divisions, which in turn boosts their daily Bucks reward.

To claim this reward, see the first tip in this article. Sparring is the 4th mode available in MMA Manager 2 and whilst this doesn’t directly impact the finances much, these are quick fights with little on the line. It doesn’t really matter whether it results in a win or a loss, so these fights are a quick and safe way to tick through certain objectives.

Did you find our guide on how to earn more Bucks in MMA Manager 2 useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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