MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight: Tips to earn Prestige in the game quickly

Tips to farm Prestige Points quickly in the game!

Progression in MMA Manager 2 is easily tracked using a currency called Prestige. The more Prestige you have, the better the quality of gyms you can work with and the better the standard of fighters the gym attracts. Put simply, in this game, Prestige is essentially just a twist on the usual XP/Levels system. There are a variety of ways in which one can collect Prestige points and unlock all the perks that come with it. In this article, we look through each of those ways, as well as tips to maximize the gain.

How to earn Prestige points in MMA Manager 2 Ultimate Fight

1. Fill up the Gym with Equipment and Decorations

A big part of MMA Manager 2 is, of course, building the gym and stocking it up with equipment. It’s a good idea to keep the space full as each piece of equipment gives a handful of Prestige points. There are limits to how much of each piece of equipment is allowed, so if there are any spare spaces dotted about, decorations are a good way of fixing that. Not only do they brighten the place up a bit, easy to fit in, but also contribute a bit of Prestige as well.

MMA Manager 2: Filling the gym
Image via Tilting Point

It’s a good idea to get to know the cooldowns for this. Each item in the gym gains a certain amount of Prestige each hour and will stop increasing once a set limit is reached. Try to log in often and at intervals to keep resetting the cooldown, which will then maximize the amount of Prestige you can obtain.

2. Keep on top of the Daily Objectives

MMA Manager 2: Daily objectives
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Each day, the game will set a series of objectives to complete. These can range from completing fights to conducting training for fighters. There will be a fresh set of challenges each day and it is a good idea to keep on top of these regularly. Not only will completing Daily Objectives give Prestige points, but they will also award Bucks, Credits, and more. Doing all the objectives can sometimes take a while, but they are definitely worth it.

3. Work your way through the Achievements

As opposed to the Daily Objectives, Achievements are the more long-term challenges. The first few are relatively easy to tick off though they start to get longer later. Generally, most achievements can be done just by playing the game normally.

MMA Manager 2: Achievements
Image via Tilting Point

However, it’s still possible to speed this up by grinding through training sessions for example. The longer the achievement takes to do, the better the rewards. In addition to Prestige, achievements can award Bucks, Credits, and Focus Points too.

4. Keep an eye on the events

There will often be ongoing events in MMA Manager 2. These usually involve a series of objectives to complete within a time frame, and they are a way to keep the content in the game refreshed. The challenges aren’t especially difficult to approach either, so it is relatively quick and easy to claim the rewards. Some of them just involve logging in each day or earning a certain amount of Bucks.

MMA Manager 2: Events
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In addition to the currencies earned by the objectives themselves, there may also be a progress bar such as the one shown above. As objectives are completed, the progress bar fills up. At certain milestones, there are further rewards to be unlocked, slowly building towards the final big reward. These sets of challenges are certainly ones to keep an eye out for.

5. Grind through the Campaign fights

One of the key parts of MMA Manager 2 is, of course, the actual MMA itself. Working through fights earns a fair bit of Prestige, and it is one of the best ways for that. Campaign fights are the main mode, and especially at the initial levels, it’s possible to sift through these quite quickly. With multiple fighters, it’s possible to break into multiple fight categories, so it can be a good idea to work with each fighter at a similar pace.

MMA Manager 2: Campaign fights
Image via Tilting Point

Campaign fights earn Prestige, as well as quite a few Bucks, and even a couple of Credits too. Although Sparring doesn’t directly earn any rewards, they are usually quick practice matches against random opponents where there is little on the line. If there is some objective that requires completing a bunch of fights, Sparring is a good way to get through that quickly.

Did you find our guide on how to earn more Prestige points in MMA Manager 2 useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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