Mobile Legends 2023 Collector Skins: Complete List and How to Get Them

New Collector skins in Mobile Legends have arrived!

The Collector series of skins started in Mobile Legends during the month of July 2020. The skins can be obtained by using Grand Collection Tokens, Aurora Crystals, or Diamonds to make draws in the Grand Collection Event in the shop. Previously, this event was named “Epic Showcase”. Each Grand Collection Event Lasts for around 21 days and new skins are released almost every month. In this article, we will talk about the complete list of Collector skins in Mobile Legends in 2023, and learn about the ways to obtain the Collector skins.

Mobile Legends 2023 Collector skin Event: Event Rules

  • Participate in the event to draw rare items and skins from the prize pool, including the new Collector skin featured in the current event.
  • Players can select a Super Prize from the given options for each prize tier. A permanent skin is guaranteed in the first 2 Super Prizes drawn.
  • The Super Prize drawn is guaranteed to be one of the Super Prizes you have selected.
  • A Super Prize is pre-selected by default for each prize tier. If you haven’t selected Super Prizes manually, the Super Prize will be one of the pre-selected Super Prizes.
  • You can tap Draw 1X to perform a draw. 1st draw cost 10 Diamonds. From the 1st to the 18th Draw, each draw performed increases the cost of the next draw by 10 Diamonds. 19th to 24th draw cost 190 Diamonds each; 25th to 30th, 250 Diamonds each and 31st to 36th draw cost 310 Diamonds each.
Mobile Legends 2023 Collector Skins event
Image via MOONTON Games
  • The first draw every day is 50% off.
  • Each Grand Collection Token or Aurora Crystal can deduct 1 Diamond from the draw cost.
  • Prizes drawn would be removed from the prize pool.
  • Duplicate skins drawn will be converted into corresponding numbers of Grand Collection Tokens(400 for Epic Skin, 200 for Special Skin, 100 for Elite Skin, and 50 for Basic Skin).
  • Unused Grand Collection Tokens will be removed at the end of the event.
  • On average each draw grants a 16% chance to enter the Super Prize pool.
  • Drop rates of different Super Prizes (from the lowest tier to the highest): 40%, 30%, 20%, 5%, 4%, 1%.

Super Prizes

  1. Super Prize 6: Avatar Border, Grand Collection Lucky Bundle, Large Horn, Magic Dust, Ticket.
  2. Super Prize 5: Battle Emote, Grand Collection Lucky Bundle, Large Horn, Magic Dust, Ticket.
  3. Super Prize 4: 3 Basic Skins.
  4. Super Prize 3: 3 Elite Skins.
  5. Super Prize 2: 3 Special Skins.
  6. Super Prize 1: 3 Epic/Collector Skins.

How to get Free Grand Collection Tokens

Mobile Legends 2023 Collector Skins free grand collection tokens
Image via MOONTON Games
  • Log in to the game: 40 tokens.
  • Make a purchase in the Shop: 80 tokens.
  • Recharge any amount of diamonds: 60 tokens.
  • Recharge 50 diamonds: 75 tokens.
  • Recharge 100 diamonds (Not including the bonus diamonds): 90 tokens.
  • Spend 100 diamonds in the “Grand Collection” Event: 120 tokens.

Total: 465 tokens.

Mobile Legends Collector Skins 2023: Complete List of Collector Skins

1. Dyroth “Naraka Flames” skin

Event Duration: January 5th –  January 25th

Dyroth had just received a few enhancements which had added him to the meta-hero pool. This is Dyroth’s 4th skin release after his launch. This skin has a really great design and some extraordinary skill animation.

2. Natan “Tidal Lord” skin

Event Duration: March 5th – March 25th

This is Natan’s first Epic/Collector tier skin. Since his release, Natan has become one of the most popular Marksman in the game. This skin has beautiful aquatic theme animations. With the release of this skin, it can be expected that players might start picking Natan more frequently.

3. Cyclops “Yokai Warlock” skin

Event Duration: April 10th – May 1st

The 3rd Collector Skin for 2023 is of Cyclops “Yokai Warlock” skin. The skin design is somewhat similar to that of the Exorcist Skin Series. Although, Cyclops is one of the best single-target mages. It has fallen out of favour recently. The pick rate of Cyclops has dropped significantly. This collector skin can be expected to increase the pick rate with the Whale Cyclops players. Players might have to spend about 3,500 Diamonds to get this skin.

4. Clint “Crimson Blast” skin

Event Duration: May 6th – May 26th

The collector skin for the month of May 2023 is Clint “Crimson Blast” skin. Clint has been the meta pick since his revamp. The long-ranged passive and the burst capability have helped Clint to counter other marksmen heroes. Even in the Esports Tournaments, Clint has remained one of the most favoured marksmen. Hence, along with the pro players, other Clint users might also try to get this skin.

5. Paquito “Blazing Tiger” skin

Event Duration: June 5th – June 25th

Paquito “Blazing Tiger” skin is the new skin to be released in Mobile Legends, in the coming month of June 2023. With a black matte armour with red streaks, Paquito is having its first Collector skins. The abilities will shine more brightly, enhancing her further skills.  The majestic tiger apparitions with each skill are now summoned with each ability strike. The Knockout Strike conjures massive tiger claws beneath his target.

6. Ruby “Prismatic Plume” skin

Event Duration: August 31, 2023 onwards

Ruby’s seventh skin, Ruby “Prismatic Plume” will be seventh in its game, with a very new demeanour. Ruby provides a very commanding and strong aura with her latest skin, unlike the older skins. There are some visual changes for her, followed by changes in the scythe and dress.

What are your thoughts on the Collector skins released in Mobile Legends in 2023? Let us know in the comments section below!

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